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[Figures] Goodsmile goodies shown at Akihabara event

Earlier today (Oct 5 Japan time), there was some sort of event held by Dengeki Bunko in Akihabara called the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival, a light novel publishing label (Shakugan no Shana, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Spice and Wolf, ToraDora, etc). There, Goodsmile Company (who recently completed their website migration to Danny’s new platform) had set up a booth with goods based off of various titles published by Dengeki Bunko and then some. AkibaHobby has their report of the booth.



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[Figures] Goodsmile’s english website, ready for action!


Great news for overseas collectors of figures! Figure maker/seller Goodsmile Company, in conjunction with Danny Choo, has opened up an english version of the Goodsmile company webpage! According to Danny, we english speakers get the first taste of what their new website will look like, as a new webpage will be rolled out for the Japanese site at a later date. Looks and feels a lot like Danny’s own site, which is fine by me, since it just makes it easier for me to get around lol. Though some who have commented on the website have said that they wish it weren’t so similar. It is running on Danny’s custom built web platform, and Goodsmile seems to be quite fond of it, but Danny’s mentioned that it does have support for different themes, in case they decide to change things up.


The english page has of course, english descriptions of all the figures Goodsmile is currently producing or marketing for other companies. There is also a column set aside just for Danny as he’ll be writing daily (I think he’ll try to) updates there relating to Goodsmile stuff. Danny’s already got a feed set up for that, which you can access on the right side where the RSS feed blocks are. I’ve titled it “Goodsmile Company – Danny’s Corner!”


Don’t know if this means Goodsmile will start to extend their marketing reach to regions outside of Japan, or if they’d just like to spread the knowledge, but whatever it is, I think it’s off to a good start. Goodsmile does have their own online shop on the japanese site (which was home to a few exclusive stuff, including Lineage II’s Dark Elf rerun, and several WonderFest exclusives). Whether this new english page could lead to international orders is still unknown, but Danny says to stay tuned (I hope this means he’ll have good news) so….stay tuned!


You can check out the english page here:

[Figures] Beautiful Lineage II Human Mage

Preorders have gone up at japanese shops for Goodsmile Company’s Lineage II Human Mage. She’s a follow up to their Female Dark Elf, which was a limited number GSC shop exclusive (I think at least their second run was). Beautiful work I must say for both. I think it also helps that the source material is already very attractive work in the first place, but the sculptor for the human mage (and maybe for the dark elf too?), Nakao Yoshimasa, really did a great job with the sculpt. The Dark Elf may have been an exclusive, but this is one figure that I’m not gonna let slip through my fingers. :O



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[Figures] Kara no Kyoukai’s Ryougi Shiki

I just watched the second Kara no Kyoukai episode/oav thing last night, and though I have no real clue as to what’s actually going on, I sure do like the way it looks lol. Ryougi Shiki is one of the main recurring characters (so far) in the series. She’s got a little bit of crazy going on, has an artificial left hand, fights ghosts, and does it while wearing a kimono with a red leather jacket all the time.





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[Figure] Zero no Tsukaima Louise nendoroid

Unfortunately it looks like it’s a Hobby Stock exclusive! :( A joint production between Hobby Stock and Goodsmile Company, this Louise is based off of the upcoming 3rd season of the Zero no Tsukaima anime series (though I guess it doesn’t really matter which season she’s from. Louise is equally cute in all of them!). Release date is yet to be determined.





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[Review] Shuraki Trinity Box-04: Nida Schuetlich

Ahh and after nearly half a year in wait, my first ever figure preorders finally reaches my grubby little hands from KidNemo Company! Her name is Nida Schuetlich, and she is also the first figure from Goodsmile Company X Red Entertainment‘s collaboration figure series/world Shuraki Trinity to hang out with my other figures. She was designed by Yamashita Shunya, and was translated very well to pvc by Hagii Shunji.




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[Figures & Books] Yamashita Shunya banzai!

Yaaay a bit of good news for the great japanese sci-fi/fantasy artist Yamashita Shunya. Later in the year, there will be released a couple of new figures designed by the man, as well as his second artbook collection entitled “Wild Flower.”






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[Otaku] New releases, preorders, and previews

A number of things dropped in the past couple days that I’m looking forward to. First off Akibablog reminded me that the new book in the Queen’s Gate series has been released. Akiba Hobby has posted a sample review of Kotobukiya’s Sennin Narika. From Heisei Democracy and comes a listing showing that GoodSmile Company’s Hayase Mitsuki in swimsuit is available for preorder now. And lastly, a one shot of an interesting looking Kanu Unchou figure (in Three Kingdom’s era armor), which should be hitting later in the year.



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[figures] some KimiNozo love! Hayase Mitsuki

Just saw this over at Heisei Democracy. A couple days ago there was some Figure Maker’s Exhibition in Akihabara, where figure makers could show off their latest works to the industry journalists without all the hustle and bustle of public crowds like at WonderFest and similar events. A few figures that were prohibited from being photographed at WonderFest were open to journalist cameras apparently as well. GoodSmile Company showed off this Hayase Mitsuki figure in a bikini from a series that I don’t see many figures made from (or maybe I’m just too late into the scene), Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. The last figures I remember seeing from KimiNozo were Suzumiya Haruka kneeling in a white bikini with a wide brimmed straw hat on also from GoodSmile (first half of a bikini set hm?) and a CharaAni figure of Haruka’s sister, Suzumiya Akane dressed in some samba outfit which is quite revealing. Since I really love this show (One of my top 3 all time favorites in fact. <3 Mitsuki!), I will most likely be getting this bikini Mitsuki. I’ll need to think about picking up bikini Haruka, and maybe eventually samba Akane too lol.

More pics available at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of KimiNozo, the second episode of the KimiNozo ~Next Season~ OVA was pushed back from a February release and should be coming late this month. The cover for the first pressing limited edition of the dvd looks great! (more Mitsuki <3!)




[figures] GoodSmile & company @ WonderFest Winter 2k8

With the Winter 2008 Wonder Festival a little over a month away, companies have started announcing their limited edition offerings that will only be available during this event. Unfortunately for most of us that means we might not be able to get any of these, since they are made in limited quantities. I’m sure though if you’re lucky enough and keep a good look out, you might spot on occassionaly on ebay or on yahoo auctions japan, though you’ll have to use a third party intermediary service to go the YAJ route. Or I suppose if you’re lucky enough to know somebody going, you could have them try to snatch one up for ya. ANYway…Goodsmile Company has a page listing their limited edition offerings for the event. They’ve got a few nendoroids, a couple character figures, a figma figure, and a couple mech offerings.

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