My first ever figure pre-order!

Well after weeks of deliberation I finally decided to make my first foray into collecting figures for real (to the extent of my budget lol). My first purchase after this decision is the fourth character from the Shuraki series of figures, made by Goodsmile Co., and her name is Needa Schuetlitch.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what the Shuraki series is, other than that it’s a collaboration between Red Entertainment and the good folks at Goodsmile Co. Needa is the fourth in this series (out of five so far), and is designed by Yamashita Shunya, and sculpted by Kensaku Kekka (not sure if that’s how you pronounce his name right).

What first attracted me to this figure is the face. Though I’ve seen many Yamashita Shunya based figures before, this is one that has truly captivated me from the get go. I think it’s just something to do with the eyes that just looks right. I’m thinking her mouth has a little play in this as well. The combination of those two, and in the hands of the talented sculptor who has really taken Yamashita Shunya’s design to heart, have really kept me coming back to look at the same pictures of her over and over again. Her face is just really so damn cute! haha

As with all of the previous Shuraki figures, Needa will come with a set of her own shredded “battle-worn” clothing, as well as a few weapon attachments. The weapons that pictures have shown so far are her giant gun, which I believe can be modified to be a shorter barrel gun but with the same bayonet thing (or rather, basically a giant dagger that might as well have been taped on), and also a short sword. Also the same as with previous figures, she’ll also come with some sort of drama CD that probably covers Needa’s backstory and maybe fleshes out more of the story behind Shuraki (I think anyway), as well as a 24p illustration book (presumably illustrated by Yamashita Shunya himself). Oh yes, she is also cast-off-able (which you can see in the link below). Oh yes indeed….. :]

Some quick figure specs:
Scale: 1/8
Height: approximately 21cm
Material: PVC
Designed by: Yamashita Shunya
Sculpted by: Kensaku Kekka
Released by: GoodSmile Co.
Release Date: March 2008 (April for most import shops to get them in)
Places you can look out for her: [Play-Asia], [KidNemo], [ToysLogic]

All the pics in this were yanked straight from Amiami.
You can see pics of Needa with her clothes cast-off at DannyChoo’s site. (She even has some cute lingerie underneath! lol)

Can’t wait to finally get her!

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