[Street Fighter] SF OMG?!

So I just read that a company called Daletto, formed by Capcom and Games Arena, will be publishing an online title based around Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise called Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation. As the title may suggest, it’ll be an online game, and the kicker is that all controls are relegated to mouse only. This means movement, jumping, punching, kicking, special moves, and though it’s not mentioned, presumably blocking as well.

An interesting thing to note is that it looks like Daletto is also partnering up with Revoltech action figure makers Kaiyodo to cross promote the game and a brand new line of Revoltech figures based around the title. In the game the characters themselves actually look like Revoltech characters as well with their revolving joints, as you’ll notice with Chun-Li here in a camo themed outfit.

Who wears short shorts?

At the time of announcement, seems only four characters will be making an appearance at the start; classic street fighters Ryu & Chun-Li, as well as two characters from some novels written by chinese author Jin Yong – Hiko & Tiran. More characters are probably expected to be released eventually.

As an online game, Daletto is planning to distribute the game free of charge online, and support it via microtransactions, not unlike many free mmorpgs out there. The special items that you’ll be able to buy seem to be body parts. I think the game is trying to promote freedom of creativity here by letting the user mix and match body parts, as you can see in the screenshot here of a character with Chun-Li’s head and bust, but with Ryu’s arms and legs. Not sure if new characters will be released as a set to buy, or if they’ll be free of charge.


More details and pictures can be found from these sites:
Revoltech Express (Japanese)
4gamer.net (Japanese)

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