[figures & games] Limited edition “study hall jess” figure for Mana Khemia package

Mana Khemia I think belongs to the Atelier Iris series of games on the PS2. RosenQueen has a special limited edition offering (limited to 1000 sets only) that only they have, which includes the game and limited edition goodies including a 1/8 scale PVC figure of one of the heroines in the game, Jess, in some kind of alchemy school uniform garb. I dunno who makes the figure, but the best part is that the entire package including game, goodies, and figure only costs $50. I’ve never played the series before, so I dunno if the game is any good, but I guess if the figure is worth it, just think of paying $50 for the figure and you get the game and other goodies for free lol.

Here’s what this special RosenQueen only set includes:

  • Mana Khemia™: Alchemists of Al-Revis (PS2 game)
  • Soundtrack (comes with mini poster)
  • Bundle Set Box
  • Exclusive Study Hall Jess Figure (1/8 Scale PVC and ABS plastic alloy)
  • Special Collector’s Box

picture of the figure:

I think pretty much the only thing setting this apart from the “regular limited edition” set that’ll be sold everywhere else is the figure. I don’t know how many they sets they have left, but somebody on a gaming forum I go to says they only have about 300 left, so if you’re interested you might not want to dawdle on it for too long.

Mana Khemia will be released in late March, and you can preorder this special set here:

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