[figures] limited wonderfest & new releases

Heisei Democracy‘s got an early two scoops of raisins on the contents of this month’s soon to hit the streets Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby magazines!


Of particular interest to me are the figures in the Queen’s Blade universe. The 2008 Winter Wonder Festival will see the sale of a limited color edition of the previously released (and re-released in alternate black color scheme) Queen’s Blade Echidna PVC, from Mega House. Along with Echidna, there will also be a limited color edition of the recently released Airi at the WonderFest. I think she’ll be coming with a limited clear file folder featuring an illustration of Airi, drawn by character creator Takamura Kazuhiro.


In other release news, Nijihara Ink from the er…”English Study Aid” turned anime series Moetan, and also a character in the alternate universe Queen’s Blade spin off, Queen’s Gate, sees a 1/8 scale cast-off-able release from Craze, sculpted by T’s System. Preorders will start in early March, with release expected to be in July. Full of all sorts of loli goodness, that one is. Also of excitement is the announcement of yet another player in the Queen’s Blade universe, some elf warrior named Arein, created and illustrated by Matsuryuu. I wonder if they’ll ever release books for Shizuka and Yuumil, and if Arein will head straight to figure form like them?


Outside of the WonderFest, Griffon will have a few Ikkitousen PVC figures for release in March and April. Lookin forward to the Ryomou Shimei Maid and China Dress versions! Also from Griffon are pre-painted resin models of Reina and Nanael in April, and Nix and Echidna in May. I’m quite fond of Echidna and eagerly await what she’ll look like painted.


For more preview coverage of releases to be found in the upcoming Hobby Japan and Dengeki Hobby magazines, head on over and say hi in his post Heisei Democracy. Good lookin out.

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