[anime] RightStuf sale!

Right Stuf has one of their famous 10 dvds for $50, or 25 dvds for $100 on ADV Film titles! RightStuf has these every now and then for different studios including Funimation, Geneon (in the past now…or I guess until their stock runs out), etc. I was able to score the entire series of Gungrave and Koi Kaze for $50 last year when they ran one of these for Geneon titles! Great since they are within my top 10 favorite anime titles. You can pick up entire series, or flesh out your collection if you are missing some volumes of a particular series here and there.

So basically, most of their ADV titles are on sale. All you need to do is add 10 or 25 dvds into your cart, then during check out enter in one of the two codes below, and the total will be marked down to either $50 or $100! Best part is no tax except in Iowa, and free shipping with this promotion. 50 is 50, 100 is 100.

10 dvds for $50 code: ADVsuper10
25 dvds for $100 code: ADVsuper25

Ends February 6 and can be used as many times as you want, just place separate orders.
Head on over to http://www.rightstuf.com and click on the “Super Saver” banner at top to see the full list of eligible titles.


Here are some nice suggestions to get the collecting juices started lol

Vol. 01 | Vol. 02 | Vol. 03 | Vol. 04 | Vol. 05
Vol. 06 | Vol. 07 | Vol. 08 | Vol. 09 | Vol. 10
Vol. 01 + collector’s box | Vol. 07 + collector’s box




Chrono Crusade
Vol. 01 | Vol. 02 | Vol. 03 | Vol. 04 | Vol. 05
Vol. 06 | Vol. 07





Evangelion Platinum (last dvd out of stock! Perhaps good for filler or collecting the box…)
Vol. 01 | Vol. 02 | Vol. 03 | Vol. 04 | Vol. 05 | Vol. 06 | Vol. 01 + box





Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU
Vol. 01 | Vol. 02 | Vol. 03 | Vol. 04






Go head over to RightStuf and have fun picking the goods out. Things might go out of stock quick, but sometimes they’ll restock certain titles and add new titles, so if you don’t find what you’re lookin for, try checking back!

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