[ero] Tsukiakari no Raspberry, March 1st official release! *1/31 Update*

Well that countdown ended a bit quicker than I thought it would, but hey good news for the fans right? As in the update to my last post about this, the heart that was growing bigger said a promotional movie will be released on Valentine’s Day (2/14). Well today the heart hit maximum and the site opened up again, to a wonderful new overhaul displaying pics and scenes from Tsukiakari no Raspberry, with an official release date of March 1st! Even better yet, there is enough material in the “game” (visual flash novel) that will fill up an entire dvd! Yup, the product page for Tsukiakari reveals that it’ll be a whopping 4.7GB large! That’s roughly 4x the size of their previous work, which in turn was just about 2x larger than the first TsunDere! That’s some nutty advancement there!

Tinklebell Homepage


Tinklebell’s new main page


Inside the new site is a new header banner for Tsukiakari no Raspberry, which you can click on to go to the brand new product page, which currently only has information on characters and a small number of screenshots. There are only two characters that are currently introduced (out of 12! Though a few of them are Orie’s friends and were pretty minor characters in the first TsunDere) and are, unsurprisingly, the two main characters: Himesaki Orie and Fujimoto Haruna. The others presumably will be revealed as the release date marches closer. Clicking on the screenshots page will take you to a page with a very cute picture of Haruna winking while eating a raspberry, and three small screenshots you can take a look at.


Tsukiakari no Raspberry’s new product main page. A whoppin 4.7gb!

The character introduction and screenshots page


Other than that, there’s not much else information that has been revealed as of yet. Everything should be coming along nicely in the weeks leading up to the release though. On the main page in the lower right corner there is a sample of the promotional movie that will be making its debut on 2/14, and though you can click on the download button, it’ll just take you to the movie download page for all of their products, with Tsukiakari greyed out. If you haven’t seen any of the Tinklebell games though, you should check out the other promotional movies since they’re pretty neat.

Omake: As somewhat of an easter egg, in that preview of the promo movie, you see Orie and Haruna watching a movie at the theaters, and the movie they are watching is “Darkness.” It uses the same shots that Tinklebell used for its splash pages a long while back, which you can see in my previous post here. It also seems like the minor characters, Orie’s classmates that didn’t get any action in part 1, seem to get into the thick of things this time.


Music Box’s new images


Aside from Tsukiakari, there is also a new teaser banner for Tinklebell’s other work, Taiyou no Orugo-ru (Music Box of the Sun). Clicking on the new banner will take you to its page, but all that is there are two more teaser images, with the second one having a message at the bottom of the image saying “We’re working hard on it.” It seems this title will be a shoujo vampire love story. I wonder how long it’ll be before we see some more of this one? lol Nah I shouldn’t poke fun at them, Tinklebell is awesome and I hope they keep on makin some good stuff for us to enjoy!


2/14 & 3/1…Can’t wait! Tinklebell banzai!

P.S. Oh yea…the artist who draws all the illustrations for Tinklebell is named Kazuma Shou. I knew it started with a K lol.


1/31 Update:

Tsukakari’s page has been updated to include another character introduction for one of Orie’s classmates, Hyoudou Anna. Along with that, the story page has also been put up featuring an adorable picture of Orie talking about the events of part 1 and a little bit of her feelings for part 2.

2 Responses to “[ero] Tsukiakari no Raspberry, March 1st official release! *1/31 Update*”

  1. January 30, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Oh ho~
    Well, I’ll be watching out for this when it comes closer to the release date :3

  2. February 22, 2008 at 10:55 am

    hello to all I call myself edgardo, I would like to know when it leaves the new one of
    thank you for their attention , please if they give me the answer I will thank them to him a lot of east it is my mail: ed_exe83@hotmail.com

    ah and if they want some of the games warns me I have almost all I accept the new one

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