[Review] Happoubi Jin’s Illustration Collection “Sweet Body” Artbook

I didn’t hear of Happoubi Jin until I randomly came across a short doujinshi work of his titled “Hole In Love,” sold during the winter Comiket 67 in 2004. What attracted me to it was of course the cover image. The young woman on the cover sat slightly slouched in a chair with most her back towards the reader against a yellow background, as she nonchalantly draped her arm over the chair’s back to look at the reader while sucking (drooling?) delicately on a strawberry. The slope and shape of her visible breast showed off an attractive plump and a certain presence of weight (that certain slope has become one of my favorite styles of breasts in ero material ever since Hirano Takeshi got me into the style in his first eromanga). Strands of her hair flowed down the nape of her neck, and her eyes….oh boy the eyes. Such a gentle look that sucked me right in as if saying “I’ll take good care of you.” Yea…I was hooked. I looked through the doujinshi, and found that I liked what I saw. Yup I was definitely sold on this guy.


Since then I’ve been sort of on the look out for Happoubi Jin’s work, and though I don’t have an entire collection, I can definitely appreciate what I have found. Happoubi Jin has a certain style that just fits so well with my tastes, no matter what he decides to draw, whether it be a sweet imouto, the caring oneesan, the childhood friend, the sultry housewife, and right up to the downright sexy teacher (no idea if these are actually the types of characters in the games he works on, I’m just describing from what I see in this artbook). The delicious body proportions and gentle curves just all meld together so well that personally I don’t know if anybody can resist their charms lol.


three of my favorites from the book…


Instead of having a go at researching about Happoubi’s beginnings and past works, Heisei Democracy has already put together a pretty good look at the artist’s roughly 10 year career here.


This artbook was released in May of 2007, and it collects many of his original, game, and other miscellaneous works throughout his career dating all the way back to 1997. I hadn’t seen much of his works pre “Hole In Love” before taking a look at this artbook, but you can definitely tell where he started out from, and how his style evolved in the early 2000’s and eventually settled into his current style. The book is made up of 128 pages printed front and back on thick, high quality paper. Pretty much the entire book is filled with illustrations, aside from one page of comments from Happoubi Jin himself about some techniques he used on select pieces of work. A little more than half the book is comprised of his most recent original illustrations within the past few years, followed by roughly equal parts game and other works spanning his entire career. The book is bound with a nice smooth cover flap, although nice, on my book has already collected some rub off from being squeezed in between my other books on my shelf. (You might be able to see some of that in the cover image below, right above the cover girl’s luscious breasteses)


Two more of my favorites….oh who am I kidding…they’re all my favorites!


Now I guess this is enough of me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about when I analyze and describe his style, when really all I wanted to type out was “He draws very sexy girls. I likey very very muchy.”… (yea I’m a terrible writer and give in to many moments of non-thinking). I’ve taken pictures of my book to show off what I’m trying to convey up above, since I’m pretty sure pictures speak much much louder than whatever crap I was tryin to pull out of my ass up there lol. Now behold! Happoubi Jin!

Note: I know the quality of the pics suck, sorry. Took these with a non-image stabilizing digital camera with one hand trying to hold the camera steady with the other holding the book open as much as I would dare without damaging the spine and without getting a page full of light glare. The dark bars on the left side of some of the images is the result of that. I also lightened some of them up a little bit in an image editing program cuz it just so happens that I had no idea what I was doing with my camera.


The cover


Basically, to sum things up, this is a pretty high quality book as expected of Japanese published artbooks, and I would have absolutely zero problems in recommending this collection of art to somebody who either likes Happoubi Jin or just likes nicely illustrated anime ladies.


Where to get:

Amazon Japan






5 Responses to “[Review] Happoubi Jin’s Illustration Collection “Sweet Body” Artbook”

  1. February 3, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Ah yes, I remember seeing some of this artwork before.
    Now I got a name to put to it, thanks~

    The art is indeed likey very very muchy~ XD

  2. August 8, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    The points you contributed here are really priceless. It was such a fun surprise to get that looking forward to me once i woke up now. They are usually to the point plus easy to grasp. Thanks a ton for the innovative ideas you’ve shared in this article.

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