[ero] Queen’s Blade Steel Princess Ymir gamebook finally coming

After a year or more of some sort of delays (assuming), the Steel Princess Ymir finally gets her own game book coming Feb. 15, one day after Valentine’s Day in Japan for 1,500 Yen. There will also be a version of the book with an alternate dark clothing color scheme cover that will be sold online only by Post Channel Hobby Shop. (limited to 200 copies) I don’t imagine many people would be able to get one but just thought some people might have wanted to know lol.








Whew….I don’t even remember how long ago this loli firecracker was announced as a new character in the Queen’s Blade universe. Had to have been more than a year ago? Let’s just say she was originally slated to be a Series 6 or 7 release, along with Nyx and…possibly Airi or Nanael. I completely forgot….though I’m pretty sure Nyx was one of them. I just remember I was interested in one other character at the time when they were first announced. Anyhow, delay after delay, Ymir ended up getting pushed back into a later series, and before her game book was released, had a figure released of herself in a similar pose to her original illustration by Mibu Natsuki (review with great photos of the figure here). She’s since then been pushed into the most recent character series, standing alongside Melona and Claudette, even bypassed by another character who’s seen the release of a figure before her own game book, Shizuka.

ANYway, setting all that aside, what’s important now is that her game book is finally getting released lol. They must need to tie up loose ends with at least one character before fleshing out their new character, Combat Instructor Arein. (whom I’m quite looking forward to)


Where to get:

Amazon Japan

Price: 1,500 Yen

2 Responses to “[ero] Queen’s Blade Steel Princess Ymir gamebook finally coming”

  1. February 11, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    hehe, thanks for the link.

    I’m also looking forward to Arein, she looks so nice~
    So that’s 2 characters I’m looking forward to from Queen’s Blade.
    I don’t collect the books, but I’m surprised to find out Ymir is only just getting her own now~

  2. February 12, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    hehe ya I’m also really lookin forward to Shizuka’s book because I like the illustrator. Arein’s purdy :3 She’s got a kind of tsundere look lol

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