[figures] Inazuma’s HS of the Dead figure, Miyamoto Rei

Heisei Democracy has brought to light a new figure from Toy’sWorks. From the delicious art stylings of Inazuma (of circle Digital Accel Works) comes the character Miyamoto Rei from the manga High School of the Dead. Set for a May release, the figure comes with a cast-off ability, an exchangeable top with two different arm configurations (I think the upper torso, or maybe entire torso), and the extendable pole that she carries around as a weapon (though I don’t know if the pole will actually be extendable). There’s also some present thing going on that includes extra special parts, which are a set of breasts that are not indented by her pole (you can sort of see what I mean if you click on the image to the left to expand) and a pair of handcuffs. Dunno what that is about though, if it’ll be included as a special first production run, or maybe some manga special to be released when the 4th volume of the manga hits. In any case, since it’s an Inazuma work, I’m totally down.

Oh yea…HeiDemo also talks about some Claymore figure that’s released in June, also from Toy’sWorks. You can check it out at either the post at HeiDemo or at Toy’sWorks page linked up above. *waves it away in light of Rei* lol

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