[figures] Second series of Yamashita Shunya designed Dead or Alive prize figures announced!

The second series of Yamashita Shunya (nice new Oneechanbara top image btw) designed DOA prize figures have been announced, and they are Ayane and Kasumi in swimsuits! (oh god so sexy)









In some ways I am glad that I didn’t end up getting the Yamashita Shunya designed Kasumi Sega prize figures. Though the original illustrations were so good and was originally excited for the figures, I felt that the final product didn’t really captivate me in the same way. On the other hand, I have a bit of nostalgia with the Dead or Alive series as the first DoA was my very first playstation game, admittedly driven to purchase by testosterone. Well that’s sort of in the past now. It’s now time to look towards the future and at these beauties:



The doe-eyed illustrations for this second series again have really got me (in fact already I’m quite smitten with them. Both Ayane and Kasumi. Shunya my man you are a genius among geniuses.), but I’m a little apprehensive about how the figures will turn out. I will probably still keep a look out for them though and knowing me and figures lately, I’ll probably end up being first in line for preorder when they are open to the general public! lol

The figures are taking reservations at Rakuten (I don’t really know what kind of site this is but it’s Japanese); a set of two figures for 2400 Yen. Release is set tentatively for 9/2008. They look to have the same general measurements as the previous figures at 18cm tall, and come with a beach style stand.

Incidentally, the series one figures mentioned above (Kasumi P1 blue and P2 white versions) are back in stock for a short time at Play-Asia.
P1 blue costume version with ponytail
P2 white costume version with untied hair

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