[figures] Completed versions of a few WonderFest releases. *updated*

A couple days back in the valentine’s post I mentioned a little about the resin kits (of interest) that Griffon will be selling at WonderFest. Today they updated their page with sample pics of what the completed versions of their Queen’s Blade Echidna and Ikkitousen Teni look like. Unfortunately still no completed look at Tomoe. Even though she’s only on display at the event, it’d be nice if they displayed a completed look. Another figure that’s just been completed is Reflect’s new Cammy.






*Update* Akibahobby has a complete look at this Echidna figure right here


Hmm somehow overall I feel a bit underwhelmed by their completed looks! The prototype sculpts looked great, but the completed versions just….I dunno. I think it may be the painting on the face. For me, I think for a figure a huge portion of what makes or breaks it is how the face is sculpted/painted (I tend to pay particularly close attention to the eyes, then the shape and placement of nose & mouth). I’m not saying that these are bad, they’re still quite good, but say compared to something like Max Factory’s Shiranui Mai, these don’t seem to look as good lol. That’s just me being overly nitpicky though. I’ll need to give myself some time to think about whether overall I like the Echidna figure enough to get when it eventually makes it to coldcast form lol. I still wish I had gotten a hold of Megahouse’s Echidna figure…



Reflect’s Yoshizawa Mitumasa also updated his blog today to include new pictures of what his WonderFest release of Cammy Ver. 2 (with a tinge of Yamashita Shunya design in her, but not sure if it’s actually him) looks like completed. Again me and the eyes. They look beautiful in a certain aspect in that they are well defined and beauuuutifully painted, but I dunno…does it look like she’s a little cross eyed? I remember that the prototype looked a bit better in the eye department.



I think it’s cuz he decided to shrink down the size of the irises of her eyes a little from his work in progress to the final product. Still though, as expected of Reflect, the sculpt is so clean and well done!

As with most of the other figures I’ve received recently though, these figures probably look much better in person than mere pictures show, so I’m still gonna keep a lookout for these figures lol. Hope they’ll all eventually make it to PVC or some other completed form.

1 Response to “[figures] Completed versions of a few WonderFest releases. *updated*”

  1. February 21, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Four figures (Echidna, Teni, Mizuho, and Kanu Unchou) which exclusive to WonFes really are expensive. Over JPY 9000 for each figure.

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