[figures] some KimiNozo love! Hayase Mitsuki

Just saw this over at Heisei Democracy. A couple days ago there was some Figure Maker’s Exhibition in Akihabara, where figure makers could show off their latest works to the industry journalists without all the hustle and bustle of public crowds like at WonderFest and similar events. A few figures that were prohibited from being photographed at WonderFest were open to journalist cameras apparently as well. GoodSmile Company showed off this Hayase Mitsuki figure in a bikini from a series that I don’t see many figures made from (or maybe I’m just too late into the scene), Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. The last figures I remember seeing from KimiNozo were Suzumiya Haruka kneeling in a white bikini with a wide brimmed straw hat on also from GoodSmile (first half of a bikini set hm?) and a CharaAni figure of Haruka’s sister, Suzumiya Akane dressed in some samba outfit which is quite revealing. Since I really love this show (One of my top 3 all time favorites in fact. ❤ Mitsuki!), I will most likely be getting this bikini Mitsuki. I’ll need to think about picking up bikini Haruka, and maybe eventually samba Akane too lol.

More pics available at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of KimiNozo, the second episode of the KimiNozo ~Next Season~ OVA was pushed back from a February release and should be coming late this month. The cover for the first pressing limited edition of the dvd looks great! (more Mitsuki <3!)



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