Play-Asia Easter sale 20% off all in stock items until 3/31!

Well lookie what we have here! Play-Asia is running an Easter sale from now until 3/31 for 20% off all in stock items! If you’ve been waitin for that one thing to drop just a few bucks before pouncing on it, now would be your chance! No coupon code or anything needed, all in stock items have already been marked down! edit: Sorry though I said all in stock items, they mean all in stock items *except* new items that have been released within the past 30 days! Sorry! Still a ton of stuff to look for though lol.

Head on over to Play-Asia and check things out! ^^

They’ve added quite a few figures to their bargain section while I wasn’t looking, but most of them are already sold out! I can’t believe that so many went out so fast lol. There are still some nice grabs lying around though, so it might still be worth a look. Things get restocked regularly as well, so it’s all about keepin a good look out.

Btw, not just figures, but imported and domestic games, music cds, imported dvds/blurays, every category is on sale (for some who may not have been to Play-Asia before, they sell all sorts of things, and are quite legit. They don’t deal with bootlegs).

1 Response to “Play-Asia Easter sale 20% off all in stock items until 3/31!”

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