[Figures] Reflect’s Cheerleader Yoko

A couple weeks back, Yoshizawa Mitumasa (REFLECT), updated his blog to show off a bit of what he’s been doin lately: Yoko cheerleader version, based on an illustration from the Yoko Pictures Collection artbook! He thought the illustration in the book was pretty cute, so he decided to play with the idea of a Yoko figure. He’d like to make a Yoko figure for release, but as of yet that’s not in the works. This looks like a good start though if he decides to go ahead with it!





Cute ^^ But forehead looks a little big?


He also had a poll for what character he should create next, which had been running for awhile and I think just ended about half an hour ago (not sure though. Winner by a large margin is Ivy from Soul Calibur 4. The next two to round out the top three are Asuka from Evangelion and Noe from True Tears (one of my favorite series so far this season!).


we’ll be seein you…all of you soon?


Others further down the list included Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, Theresa from Claymore, Kokoro from Dead or Alive, Halibel from Bleach (!! We haven’t seen much of her in the manga yet, figure would’ve been cool), and even japanese idol Hoshino Aki was in the list lol. You can check out the poll here to see what he had available as choices. All in all there were 131 choices, 11 of which received 0 votes.

Yoshizawa’s also mentioned that he just recently finished Devil May Cry 4 as well, and has an itching desire to create a figure based on Gloria, the female devil hunter featured in the game (past games featured Trish, Lucia, and Lady), so we may see her sometime in the future as well.

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