[Ero] Otome Function lookin good

Mu Soft and SkyRocket’s new INO illustrated erogame Otome Function got a couple of small updates a couple days ago with some slight new character illustrations and teasers on how the game will work!

Otome Function






The character page was slightly updated with full body clothed shots along with the original character images. I’d like to add that one of my main attraction to this game is INO’s illustrations, and they are looking so very good right now. I love how each girl has a different breast type lol. In addition to that, the system is now sounding interesting as well with the kind of interactivity and animated format they’re teasing with.

Full image shot of the updated system page. Click on the image to go to SkyRocket’s page

From the top down it says:
If you feel them up too fast she’ll complain that it hurts, if you leave them alone for too long they’ll fall asleep… They’re those kinds of girls.

Storyboard sketches:
There will be a lot of animations

Sketch with the two girls (Nonoka and Rino):
This isn’t your standard ADV game where you proceed by reading text (but this isn’t an anime either)

Image at the bottom:
This is a troublesome game. But it’ll make you think in a way that’ll make playing the game interesting.

Then the little text by the arrows in the same image:
Top arrow: “You can fondle her left breast
Middle arrow: “You can fondle her right breast too
Bottom arrow: “You can pinch her nipples
To the right of the last arrow: “If you’re too rough on her…” “…sorry!
At the bottom: “They’ll bounce when you let go


On SkyRocket’s main page there is also a link to a fan survey on what they think should be included in the game. You can even add your own suggestion at the bottom. It’s been running for awhile now, but it seems they’re still taking suggestions. Some of the suggestions that’ve been voted on are being able to turn censorship on or off, an english translation, preggers stuff, loli stuff, and many many others. I’m pretty sure by now if you’ve thought of it, users have added it to the list lol. The most voted on has something to do with a horse vault (bonin from behind while she’s on the vault? I have no idea lol). Members of the staff (including INO) have made comments on some of the suggestions as well, confirming some things and considering others.


Everything sounds good to me so far. Looking forward to this! No release date for this yet.

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