[Ero] New Queen’s Blade characters added

Well as I always say, any Queen’s Blade/Gate news is always good news. The Queen’s Blade website recently updated their page to reflect the newest additions to the QB lineup. Their announcements were covered in the January and March issues of japanese hobby magazine Hobby Japan, and now they’ve officially made their way into the roster, complete with background story, profile, and of course the all important 3 sizes. Their books are scheduled to go on sale on 6/20.





The profiles are full of all sorts of crazy kanji that I’m not familiar with, so right now I can’t really give a full rundown of who they are. As a learning tool for japanese though, I’m going to *try* to translate this at a later time, and will update this post here. (key word being try here…)

What I did glean from the information provided (with the assistance of the terrible google translation lol) though is this:


Arein profile page
She is created by Matsuryuu

Arein is an elder elf warrior from deep in some elven forest and has lived for more than 1000 years. She’s got a harsh way with words, but commands respect among her fellow elves. She has a pre-existing relationship with the elven mercenary Echidna (though can’t make out if it’s good or bad). She also came across the half-elf Nowa in the forest, and stuff happened and she’s come to really care for Nowa (I think) . The other elf village elders decided to send off Nowa to the Queen’s Blade tournament for some reason or another (which I can’t make out, maybe cuz she’s a bastard child of an elf and human or something), and Arein wasn’t really down with that, so she went after Nowa.


Aldora profile page
She is created by Kantaka

Even with the translation tool I couldn’t make out most of the crap it was tryin to spit out for Aldora.

Aldora is the current reigning queen of the land through the Queen’s Blade tournament for two years running now. She’s a smart girl and has a knack for politics, and is pretty good at governing the land as queen. She’s some sort of half demon born from the seed of a holy man (?) and a devil woman. The dude hangin out behind Aldora is a demon named Dermois (or something like that). He possesses her, and is a kind of source of power for her I think. He made a pact with her a number of years back, which caused Aldora’s body to remain unchanging (so she looks like a loli). I also think he’s in love with her or something. There’s some sort of backstory with her wanting to find her long lost younger sister, and using her power as Queen to search for her blah blah. She sealed her own left arm up because it’s crazy powerful.


I’m gonna spend some time to try to translate this stuff mostly for my own benefit in trying to learn more japanese lol. I’ll try to update this post if I ever get it done, but don’t expect it to appear tomorrow or anything lol. Somebody will probably have it all done somewhere before me anyway.

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