[Figures] More awesomeness to look out for in the coming year (Megahouse and Niθ heavy!)

Good news from Heisei Democracy, who’s gotten a hold of a preview of the upcoming June issue of Hobby Japan, courtesy of 2ch’s board for hobbyists. Lots of nice figures including Queen’s Gate’s Gate Opener Alice boost (adult) version, a painted Queen’s Blade Melona, and some Code Geass trading figures from Bandai. More stuff after the jump.





So to start things off, Megahouse’s hobby house has updated their release schedule with their new additions to be released in July and August.

Amiami.com preorder listing (already sold out!!)
more pics available at links

First up is a figure that I’m eagerly anticipating myself, and that is the Gate Opener Alice (named for being the one to open up the legendary hidden treasure, the “Queen’s Gate,” thus also opening the way from her/our world to the world of Queen’s Blade). She is the first character introduced from Queen’s Blade alternate universe/spin-off series Queen’s Gate. I guess I could say I’m partial to Alice since she is designed by Niθ, who is one of my favorite artists. In any case, she is definitely going up on my preorder list, and will probably be my second Queen’s universe figure after alternate dark colored Queen’s Blade character Yuumil. She is a dlc to boot (normally), so she can keep Yuumil company for a little bit, then talk about how she can boost into an adult and flaunt her full, developed breasts in front of Yuumil’s face (short explanation below). Alice is sculpted by Akatsuki and should be in for a late August release.


Amiami.com preorder listing
more pics available at link

Next up is another Queen’s universe character, the Assassin of a Thousand Faces Melona. You know at first I wasn’t really a fan of her design by F.S., but I must admit that this figure looks kind of neat. Her hair is a mix of a kind of metallic and translucent pink, which looks great in the sample pics here, and her face is looking really sweet which is a similar quality I found attractive about QB’s Cattleya figure (both courtesy of sculptor Yamachichi from Heavy Gauge). I’ll keep her in mind when the time comes to preorder. Just like Alice, she should be out in late August.


Amiami Ibuki page
Amiami R. Mika page
more pics available at link

Still on MegaHouse, two new Excellent Model figures from their new CAPCOMANIAX series are born and out of the womb (i mean they’ve got some paint to them now): Street Fighter 3’s Ibuki, and Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3’s Rainbow Mika.

Ibuki looks pretty cool teetering on her tippy toes on top of some rooftop ornament, which makes me wonder how did they make her figure stay up and stable like that? R. Mika on the other hand is well grounded on the floor, and boy she is all woman lol. I never really played as Mika in Alpha 3, but I wouldn’t mind getting pummeled by one such as her. Actually it would probably feel rather good gettin body slammed by her (´ 3`)

Both Ibuki and Mika should be out in late July.


more pics of boosted Alice through links

Finally moving on with the Hobby Japan update, you see there that Melona is featured again in painted form. How cool is that hair/goop right? Also the figure on the left there you see may look familiar. That’s cuz it’s the Gate Opener Alice’s “boosted” form. Basically she can transform into an adult for short periods of time to attack, as you can see in the illustration from the book in the image above. I suppose you can think of it like Maya Natsume from manga/anime series Tenjou Tenge. She’s sculpted by Yamachichi, but unfortunately seems to be only a Hobby Japan magazine mail order exclusive, possibly from the June issue which hits stands (in Japan) on 4/25. Some comments made over at HD though mention that Play-Asia may get her in, as sometimes they are able to get mail order exclusives on their site.

The girl on the right with the horns on that page is named Erea, and she’s a character from Nitroplus/Gonzo’s currently airing anime series Blassreiter. She’s designed by Niθ (as are the rest of the characters and I think mechanical as well on the show), and is sculpted by Kibayashi Norio. I may pick her up just for being a Niθ design. 😡 She should be out in August.


larger pictures at site, including rider + bike together

Also from Blassreiter will be this action figure and model bike. They are called Joseph and Garm, respectively. The bike looks particularly wicked as it’s full of detail and futuristic style (styling I believe by Niθ. So much of his design goodness today!). Joseph can be paired with the bike as a rider as well. Joseph is due out in July (with another character from the series, Gert, planned for production as well), and the bike in September. Everything mentioned above will also be produced by MegaHouse.


Amiami preorder listing for Tougi Shiro
Amiami page for the Tama-nee in the preview image above (girl with the red hair)
Amiami preorder listing for Hoshiful’s Kusuhara Kotone
Amiami preorder listing for Hoshiful’s Hoshikawa Ruka (blonde girl)
more pics at link

The second page here shows some nice things of interest as well. Third in line from the erogame Fortune Arterial and Wave’s DreamTech figure series is Tougi Shiro (following Sendou Erika and Kuze Kiriha). Shiro looks so cute, and I’ve been considering Kiriha for preorder, so I may or may not pick these Fortune Arterial characters up.

Up on the upper right of that image there is one that catches my eye; The light brunette girl on the right, Kusuhara Kotone from the F&C erogame Hoshiful. Something about that look and pose is calling out to me…

And also on the bottom, some prototype looking trading figures from Bandai, based on Code Geass. After starting on the first three episodes of Code Geass R2 last night, I’ve come to realize how much I like Karen Statfeld/Koudzuki Karen. If these are out I hope that I’ll be able to pick up that Karen figure. I hate dealing with trading figures though for import since I think they’re too expensive to be hoping for non-duplicates. Just my luck the last time I got trading figures, I ordered two and managed to get the same figure. -_- And I have nobody to trade with! Anyway…the Geass figures are supposed to retail for 472 yen each in July.


This is only my first year getting into figure collecting, but it’s already so overwhelming! Is this how it’s been like for all you other figure collector’s that have been collecting for a couple years or more? lol There are two more scans of previews and some more details over here at HD.

4 Responses to “[Figures] More awesomeness to look out for in the coming year (Megahouse and Niθ heavy!)”

  1. April 24, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Wow thanks for the update since I hardly keep track of figures except through blogs like yours that do the legwork (yeah I am lazy, on top of that I cannot read Japanese).

    I should think at first there are many that seem “OMG I MUST HAVE” but gradually after getting quite a few you start to slow down and think more about how you should spend your money. That is to say, in other words, you are to be more critical in your choices about what you want and what you think you want, and what you should buy in the end so it does not end up busting your finances.

    So getting reviews before you buy the figure, or at least having a strong enough passion in the figure or figures you want may be quite the deciding factor(s) in getting one, but it would be best if you thought it through seriously and decide, hey, is this figure actually something I really want/need to display/get/have?

    One figure per month is something rather heavy already, I should think. But if you like them and you have the money (that is, you already set aside finances), why not? Just be sure if you can to ensure if the product will be in good order (ie. through reviews, or at least trustworthy figure maker that you have faith in).

    After looking at the previews I guess there really are none from the ones listed here that I think I want to buy at all. I got to see when Elea turns up in Blassreiter and stuff before I decide, but right now, her eyes throw me off in the figure.

    Hope I helped!

  2. April 24, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Haha yea I’m still in that phase of “omg I want everything I see.” Got to start picking out things I like and don’t like about certain figures and go with ones that rub me the right way. As it stands now, the loli Alice is the only definite get out of all of these other figures here in this post. Everything else – Melona, Ibuki, Erea, Shiro, Kotona….they’re all on my “should I or should I not list” lol.

    Thanks for your input and advice! 😀

  3. 3 Blink
    April 28, 2008 at 12:46 am

    I have been collecting for several years now (was quite into gashapon/trading figures before the scaled figure PVC market really took off)and from my experience and that of other seasoned collectors it is true that you do eventually slow down.
    As panther mentioned you become more critical. Another thing is that you may find you develop and refine your specific taste. You can see through all the trends and marketing hype and base your judgement accordingly. Of course if you have the finances you can become of those collect-everything-types.

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