[Otaku] Japanese robotic humanoid flyer dispensers

Well not really, but it sure looked like it lol. I saw this over at Akibablog and thought it was an interesting “performance.” Basically these two people were standing right outside the Akihabara train station as still as a statue with flyers in their hands. If anybody took a flyer, they would move like robots and ready another flyer in their hands. They were promoting some kind of doujin circle called BadEnd that produces their own voice drama surrounding a cast of interesting characters in a magic school. Can find more information and 4 chapters of a story they’ve put together in mp3 form at their site.




standing still…

somebody took a flyer!

getting right up next to the guy holding the flyer.


You can check out these and more pictures here.


These guys were out there for like 2 hours handing these flyers out. The first series of pictures you see on the Akibablog site show them in the same pose at first, 20 minutes later, then 15 minutes later, all in the same pose lol. Must have been tiring. Reminds me of the large scale “prank” group (they call it having “organized fun”) Improv Everywhere and their “Frozen Grand Central” project in New York City.

I wonder what would have happened if somebody tried to tickle them or jack that girl’s bags? lol

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