[Figure] Kanu Unchou nya~

Announced a few days back to be present as a garage kit at the final iteration of the World Hobby Festival Ariake (the 18th one) is a 1/7 scale Kanu Unchou “Nekomimi” (kitty ears) version from Griffon Enterprises. They’ll have 70 kits at their booth sold at a price of 8800Yen each. Akiba Hobby has a look at a completed kit in their sample review.






images from AkibaHobby. Check out more pictures in their sample review here.

As you can see she’s got the whole kitty set up with her ears, tail, and kitty paw gloves. She even has chibi kitten Chouhi Ekitoku hanging off of her and kitten Ryuubi Gentoku napping within Kanu’s hair. They’re all dressed in sailor school uniforms and are really cute together with an ample sexy aura emanating from Kanu, thanks to a sculpt by Akiyama Akio (who also sculpted this racy little number). ^^ But I think if this ever made it to PVC I’d have to put her in the “not really considering but may be possible” list so I can focus on the figures that are higher up in priority 😡


None of Griffon’s other offerings for WHF Ariake 18 really interest me, except for this 1/7 garage kit that they will be having on display only. The character Uesugi Kenshin from the Alicesoft erogame Sengoku Rance. Sculpted by Ikeda Youichi, this looks great so far even in prototype form, and would love to see this painted hopefully soon. I’ve been disappointingly misled by Griffon’s prototypes before though, and even though this is as of yet still just a garage kit (or possibly a coldcast, seeing how it’s from Griffon’s R-Line), maybe I shouldn’t expect anything from it just yet…

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