[Cherry Girls] Prologue


The rumored cafe in town “Cherry Girls”
4 maids work there, but they are actually the owner’s “sons”
There’s no way such cute girls could be guys, you say?
No wait, there’s no way such cute girls could even exist!



This is a small cafe in a certain metropolitan area called “Cherry Girls.” Inside, 4 maids are preparing to open up shop once again.


Yuki: “T…there’s no way! I can’t do this!”


Nao: “B-but you have to Yuki. It’s almost time to open up and greet the customers!”


Yuki: “But…! This…if I’m walkin around in this freakin short skirt…m-my panties or whatever are totally going to show…!”


Nao: “Oh but you made a promise didn’t you? On your days off from school you’d help out with everybody and welcome all the ‘Masters’.”


Yuki: “That! I ain’t callin them that! I’m only doing it if they’re “Customers!” No way I’m calling guys who’re eager to come just to see a bunch of guys dress up as girls Masters!”


Tomo: “You’re one of those guys dressed as girls you know. You look pretty good in that outfit.”


Yuki: “The hell did you say!? …and by the way don’t be addressing your older brother by first name.”

(In japanese and other east asian cultures, a younger brother is supposed to call his older brother “Oniisan” or some variation of the word. The older sibling can call the younger one by name.)


That’s right, every one of the maids at this shop are boys…
“Cherry Girls” is a cafe where the owner’s own sons are made to dress as female maids and act as waiters!

The ones that serve the customers — Masters, are
The eldest son “Nao,” the second oldest “Yuki,” the third “Tomo” and the youngest child “Rio.”


Nao: “You really do♥  I really think it looks good on you…Black looks cool and so wonderful on you♥ You’re so lucky Yuki, you look so good in your outfit…”


Yuki: “(… *shock* …)
I….i….it’s n-n-n-not like I wanted to dress up like this on my own!”


Rio: “Ahahaha♥ Yuki-nii’s sooo cute when he’s about to go mad!
Hey hey, but I’m the cutest though right? Onee-sama☆”


Nao: “Teehee♥  You’re right Rio…
But it’s not “Onee-sama” it’s “Onii-sama” ok?”


Yuki: “It’s cuz you’re always acting like a girl…”


Tomo: “Well, these outfits are all designed by me so of course they look good… Or don’t you have any self confidence about how you look Yuki?”


Yuki: “Say what!? What are you tryin to say?”


Tomo: “You don’t have any self confidence do you? That’s why you’d feel embarrassed about facing the customers like that… If you were a guy, having your panties or legs seen shouldn’t be anything to get embarrassed about right?”


Yuki: “Uu… what are you, stupid!!? I’m a guy of course I’m not embarrassed about that stuff!”


Tomo: “Then…there’s no problems with that outfit right?”


Yuki: “Yea, not a damn problem! Let them peek at my skirt or whatever.”


Tomo: “…How simple minded.”


Yuki: “I heard that! As my little brother you’re always so…urrrgh!!”


Nao: “Geez! Stop fighting you two! Listen to your big brother!”


Yuki: “Uu…”


Tomo: “… … …”


Nao: “Let’s work hard together ok? This store is precious for papa and mama, so we have go out there and put our hearts into it.”


Yuki: “But why do we (the sons) have to go out there as maids and serve the customers… Though we’re trying to prevent the shop around from being closed, aren’t there a bunch of other ways we could have done this?”


Nao: “Hmm…well mama said ‘Let’s do it♥’ so we’re doing it♥”


Yuki: “If mom told you to die, would you go off and freakin kill yourself!?”


Rio: “Geez~! Yuki-nii and Tomo-nii, stop your arguing ri-i-i-ght there! We have to open up the shop n-o-o-w!”


Yuki: “*sigh* alright alright.”


Tomo: “…I wasn’t trying to pick a fight.”


Nao: “Ok♥ everybody line up… Come on Yuki♥ Don’t be embarassed get closer♥”


Yuki: “A…alright I got it I got it! (whoa…Nao-nii smells really good…)”


Nao: “We’re gonna greet them now ok? 1…2…”


Welcome to “Cherry Girls”!


So it looks like the title of the Cherry Girls project will be “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” or somewhere along those lines (in japanese “Otoko no ko ha meido fuku ga osuki!?”). Staff working on the project is listed below. Cherry Girls is shorter though so I’ll be categorizing everything under that title. As I said in a previous post, each new chapter will be released on the Friday of every week. I have no idea how long it will go on for, but I hope it goes on for awhile so I can continue collecting Kasukabe Akira’s nice artwork lol. A short comic presumably illustrated by him is also to be expected to follow.


Original page: Hobby Channel’s exclusive new original serialization starts!
Original Concept: Hobby Japan
Illustration by: Kasukabe Akira
Story text by: Hiroe Natsuki
Editing work: Pulpride

4 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] Prologue”

  1. 1 nekoecho
    March 16, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    oh ho ho Epic!

  2. 2 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    May 8, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    hmmm this reall seems promessing!!

    Go Nao kun!!

  3. 3 Kimiake
    February 24, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Yuki is so freakin cute!!!!

  4. 4 Maei13
    August 18, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Awesome & Adorable! Great Combo, lol. 🙂

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