[Games] Two more Soul Calibur 4 guest characters

Yay more new “guest” characters to be introduced into Soul Calibur 4. Announced within the past week are Ashlotte, a character designed by the awesome artist Oh! Great (of Tenjo Tenge and Air Gear fame, as well as a number of hentai mangas under his belt), and Shura, designed by Oku Hiroya (author and artist of Gantz and Hen mangas). I’ve read people complaining about how they will tie these new characters into the main SC4 storyline, if at all? I’ve heard the Soul series has one of the best stories in a fighting game, but I haven’t even played (extensively) any of the Soul games, though I’ve owned Soul Calibur 2 and 3. Personally I don’t really care. I think these guest characters are a fun idea, and as long as they are fun to play with, then all is well with me.



Here’s the Steel Lady Ashlotte. Her name sounds kinda like Charlotte but with the “Ch” and “ar” sounds reversed. Maybe that was the inspiration eh? lol She’s got some kind of gothic victorian armor set going on there, which looks pretty interesting. I don’t really get the metal rods circling around her metal skirt though. How can that be at all comfortable or mobile lol. And how would you crouch? Anyway, her weapons also reminds me a bit of Angol Fear’s weapon, with some kind of ballast on one end, and a spearhead on the other, except Ashlotte’s weapon looks to be deadly from both ends here. Though I guess Angol Fear’s rounded side of her weapon could smash somebody’s skull in, so I guess they’re both equally deadly weapons. lol

Another thing about Ashlotte: Wow she’s got some legs. They look like they’ve got some cracks and some lights underneath, which are also on her forearms (armor is part of her body?) and her head. Kinda makes her look like a cyborg or something lol.



This is “The chaos that passes through” Shura (or something along those lines I think. Literally “The passing through of the thousand demon night march,” which maybe explains the large demon skull thing adorning her shoulder as a design element). Sounds fitting for a ninja girl who carries four swords around. Designed by Oku Hiroya, she’ll probably follow in the footsteps of characters with large assets such as HEN’s Chizuru and Gantz’s Reika. Oku’s design inspiration was brought about by designing a “character to rival Ivy.” Don’t know if that means story wise or what, but it looks like to me that he was goin for the body proportions lol. All good with me though, I’m a big fan of Gantz so this is pretty neat.


With a release date of just a little over 2 months away, I’m excited to see how many more of our famous artists will be called upon to design guest characters before the game is finished! Though since we’re in the age of downloadable content now with the xbox360 and PS3, I hope new characters will be released every now and then. I just wonder how far they would go with that since I don’t know if having a roster of say 100 characters (just sayin) would be desirable. I’ve seen those mugen games where people have squeezed in like 200 characters into one roster, and that just looked like a damn headache lol.

13 Responses to “[Games] Two more Soul Calibur 4 guest characters”

  1. May 18, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Ashlotte looks pretty much like a clockwork Amy (if you look at her chest she’s obviously an automaton) – not a bad design at all. I’m not impressed by Shura, not much original going on there.
    These are more like original characters by outside designers than guest characters, it’s Vader who really makes things a little strange in my opinion – what’s the point of having him without any other Star Wars characters to fight, anyway?

  2. May 18, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    You can afford not to care about the guest characters because you do not play the game in-depth like we do over at the Calibur Forums, Suneo. But having been playing the series competitively since SC2, I now seriously question how balanced they will make the game, because if they are spending this much time on guest characters and bonus designs, that can only mean they are taking out the time they could have better spent on making the game mechanics and design better.

    Star Wars was bad enough, now all these 4 guests obviously cater to otaku. I am approaching the game, when I do get a PS3 (which is maybe next year rofl, since no games really interest me except FF13, SC4 and T6 are just for kicks now), with an otaku mindset. No point trying.

    Only guest I would play is Shura though, she looks so badass and lovely at the same time. Stuff the originality shit, I would hit that.

    By the way, if you read the Calibur Forums, yes I am that same guy who has been lawling with the same name there in all 4 guest character threads. And what about that Ivy boob cover-up lolol.

    Artefact: Indeed. You already know though, Namco is trying to cut their losses with this game, after their severe failure with SC3. Not to mention, this is the last of their series.

  3. May 19, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    Well it’s not that I don’t care about the characters, it’s more that it’s not a real big issue with me whether or not they fit into the storyline of the game. You’re right though I’m at best a casual player of the series, and as long as the new characters are fun to play with, I wouldn’t mind them adding more characters like these. These characters are designed by freelance artists, so that takes a little bit of the load off of Namco while they decide how to introduce them into the game.

    I’m sure after 4 Soul games though, they (should) know what they are doing in terms of balance and gameplay mechanics, keeping some of the good old in, while trying to keep the game from being stale by adding in new things as well (like the finishing moves? Though I guess if one were to be an ass they could pretend that they suck and just come back with no problem and finish a weaker opponent off…I suppose it’s a double edged sword). There is the difficulty of trying to balance the power and moves of the unique weapons the newer characters are bringing in, though so far they seem to be based on weapons that are currently in the game (swords, spears, etc).

    I wonder if Namco will end up making downloadable updates to the game to balance characters and such, as well as possibly adding new characters? I know a lot of people would probably call that blasphemy and say that they won’t pay for an “unfinished” game, but honestly I’m not particularly against updates like that. To me it doesn’t strike me as any different than releasing different arcade updates as “playtests,” other than that it would probably reach a wider audience and they would receive more feedback more immediately with test arcades. Oh, and also so the people playing wouldn’t have had to spend $60+ on the game instead of just 25/50 cents to 100yen per play. There are advantages and disadvantages to arcade and home console though so I wouldn’t really know which one is a better way to do things.

    I mean WoW players don’t seem to mind that Blizzard completely redoes entire skill trees to balance the game, and they’re even paying monthly for it lol. Though perhaps it’s because they’re paying that they demand more balanced gameplay…

    If anything at least they are balancing the number of female fighters to male fighters lol. With Vader/Yoda though I think the males have the females beat by one or two.

    lol and yea I have seen the Ivy boob cover up. Such an outrage!

  4. 4 big jim
    November 18, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    I have the game, and Shura is a beast. She is by far the best character in the game. I havn’t unlocked ashlotte yet but I think she looks kind of stupid. She also looks easy to beat.

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