[Figures] Kotobukiya Blanc Neige & Noir Clalaclan

Akibahobby has a sample review of Blanc Neige, and Shining Tears/Wind blog Shine na Blog has revealed that Kotobukiya will be releasing an alternate dark color scheme for the first figure in their Shining Wind series of figures, Clalaclan Philias. Both look deliciously pleasing ^^







As most everybody who’s been following Blanc’s progress is probably thinking, she’s looking great, especially with her mantle off ^^. Akibahobby has plenty of pictures from every angle of her with and without her mantle, so go check it out! If you haven’t already gotten your preorder in, maybe you’ll reconsider after seeing these pics 😛



The Shining Tears and Wind game producer Sawada Gou has updated his blog revealing that there will be a sort of reissue of their first Shining Wind figure, Clalaclan Philias. Except this will be an alternate color version and will also have the careful eye of character designer and artist for the series Taka Tony looking over things.

As you can see Clalaclan will have a noir color scheme this time around, so things will look a bit darker than her pearl white version. The blog says that her skin tone may be a little more pale compared to the first release version, and her hair color will probably be changing a bit as well. I think it’s saying they might change her overall look to be less bright (including that hair color maybe). Though the base in the picture is white, they say that it will also probably be changed to something darker to match her new color scheme.

At the bottom it says something about the quality of the plastics used for the body/skin has been improved starting from their Kureha figure, to make skin look more “transparent” or “clean.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I guess I’ll take their word for it when they say it improves on the quality a bit. I have no Shining series figures yet from Kotobukiya (Elwing and Blanc Neige will be my firsts), so I don’t have any visuals on quality of their previous figures. Maybe they mean it’ll look more like nice moisturized skin and less like cold hard plastic lol.

I’ve wanted to add Clalaclan to the other two Shining Wind figures I will be getting in the coming months, so I may keep a look out on this. Her color scheme kind of threw me off at first since I’ve only seen her in pearl white in all of the illustrations and pictures I’ve seen of her in the game & anime, and in the anime she comes off as a very gentle person which suits the white color perfectly. Sometimes though a new color scheme can bring a nice fresh contrast to the standard colors you’ve seen day in and day out.

Preorders are up now!



Kotobukiya’s Kotoblog has updated with a sample picture of a slightly updated version of this noir Clalaclan. They say the skin tone and eye print has been refined a little bit. She certainly does look a little more pale in comparison to her white version. The picture of the head piece on the blog is a repaint of the original mass production figure. They couldn’t get the actual piece that they wanted or something in time for the blog posting, but by the figure’s release all will be as they envision this new dark princess.

2 Responses to “[Figures] Kotobukiya Blanc Neige & Noir Clalaclan”

  1. May 25, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Not interested in Clalaclan, but that is a nice dark color. Already preordered Blanc Neige, been waiting forever. Too much love for her.

  2. June 3, 2008 at 7:20 am

    I pre-ordered Blanc Neige the moment I saw her up for grabs.. LOL

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