[Review] Goodsmile / Comic Gum’s pearl black Ryomou Shimei

Again I’ve been putting this off for so long lol. I got this lovely Ryomou Shimei in nearly a month ago, which brings my total Ryomou count to two now ^^ Somehow when I first started collecting figures I was totally attracted by Ryomou Shimei, even though I’d only seen a few episodes of Ikkitousen. After a few months of figure collecting, I finally get my second figure of her and am reminded of why I’m attracted to her in the first place. :3





So as most people probably already know, Ryomou Shimei is a character from the manga/anime series Ikkitousen by Shiozaki Yuuji. There are plenty of young, nubile girls that are fit for some sexy figures, but for some reason Ryomou Shimei is the only one that has really caught my eye. Kanu Unchou is a hottie and all and I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t find too many of her figures to be that attractive. There are a few here and there including Alter’s recently released Kanu, Goodsmile’s Gothloli version, as well as a few figures from Griffon (kitty and china dress), but I just feel that they don’t capture the sort of sensuality that I get from Ryomou Shimei figures lol.

So here we are with my second Ryomou figure (the first one being Orchid Seed’s amaloli Ryomou, which I shot some pics of before but never put them up here… hm…), and I gotta say I’m in love with her all over again ( ´▽`).

Figure stats:
Maker: Goodsmile & Wanibooks’ Comic Gum
Producer: uArt
Sculptor: French Doll of Cerberus Project
Scale: 1/7
Release: March 08


The one thing that stands out to me about this figure: her legs. Hot damn she’s got legs! They are a bit longer than her top half and look a tiny bit disproportionate, but that does not bother me, because her legs are beautiful lol. Her stockings have a glossy paint job on them which make them stand out a bit. When I first saw pictures of her, the glossiness of the clothing kind of put me off, but after seeing them in person, they are not so bad and give off a nice shine. It’s kinda hard to tell from these photos, but the white portion of her top has a pearlescent finish.


Ahh of course the panties ( ●’o’●)
They sculpted her so you can’t miss them on this figure. Her skirt is wonderfully short, just enough to peep at the goods underneath lol.


I like the sculpt for her face and hair. Weird thing to say, but I like the shape of her hair in the back. Her eyepatch looks molded into her face, but there’s a thin piece of string to make it look like it’s holding the patch in place, and it gives it that nice little accent.

Her left arm is a lot more flexible than the rest of her so you can pull it back a little bit to hook the end of the handcuff to her hands. At first I thought her arm was detachable so I was messin around with it, then I realized I could just move it enough to get the handcuff to clear the fingers lol. There weren’t any instructions, and I’m still somewhat new to figures so can’t tell what can or can’t be taken off 😦


One of the first things I noticed when I looked at her in the box was that wow she is kinda big. I was pretty sure she wasn’t a 1/6 but she is just about as big as MaxFactory’s 1/6 Shiranui Mai (which you can see in one of the pics above in the background!). Later checked and found out she is a 1/7 scale. Maybe Ryomou’s official stats make her taller than Mai on a 1/1 scale? *shrug* lol

There’s a little scuff on her right shoulder that I think can be just cleaned right off, but I wonder if it’s some guy’s fingerprints during the painting process? lol



Personally I like this figure. She was one of my first preorders when I got into figure collecting, and I’m glad I got her. She may not be for all though since her pose is a bit plain (just standing there), without much of a facial expression (plain, but somewhat cute face), but I think the sculpt quality is right up there with the best (no surprise since Goodsmile usually makes some great looking figures), and the paint job, though basic, does the job right.


There were a number of places that had her in stock for a while a few weeks back, but they are mostly sold out now. Last place I checked that had some in stock is Hobby Search.


I took most of these two or three weeks ago, when I’d decided to get a photo session going and have her up here. I wasn’t really completely satisfied with how the shots came out, so I decided to take some more shots before putting them up. I ended up setting up three times for her (trying out different places and lighting) and the pictures above are a combination of those pics. Anyway after all that I got lazy again and have been sitting on the pics till now…

These are mostly a collection of uninspired shot angles since this was the first time I tried shooting with a tripod, and I thought it was actually more tiring than handheld since adjusting the tripod can really get in the way of wanting to go for that angled shot that you want, especially if you’re shooting plane is lower than the lowest the tripod can go lol. Unfortunately I’m not very steady with my hands so usually not a whole lot of the neat angled shots I like come out very good, and then I get lazy setting up all the stuff again and…well it’s a vicious circle lol. Just finally glad that I got this stuff up. I took shots of other stuff too that I’ve been sittin on so maybe I’ll get those up soon as well… -_-;

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