[Review] Queen’s Gate Alice & Iroha books

Another set of pictures that I took a month ago but never got around to putting them up till now. This isn’t as much a review as it is just a photolog/photo sample of what’s inside these Queen’s Blade/Gate books. “Gate Opener Alice” and “She who repays a debt Iroha” are the only two Queen’s Gate books that I have, as I wasn’t really that interested in Nijihara Ink. These two books are illustrated by two of my favorite artists, Alice by Niθ and Iroha by Iidzuki Tasuku.





Gate Opener Alice (Niθ)


I’m in love with Alice *_* lol. Niθ is one awesome artist, and I really enjoy the illustrations he made for this book. Out of the two books here in this post, I like this one better. The way those cute little panties get wedged…ah…I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying that lol. DFC? *ducks under a barrel* lol.

I can’t wait for her figure to come out! Looks like the figure is comprised of pictures 6 and 8. ( ¯▽¯)b



She who repays a debt Iroha (Iidzuki Tasuku)


However, that’s not to say that Iroha’s book is bad. Iidzuki Tasuku is no less awesome an artist than Niθ (just take a look at his site and browse through his gallery and I’m sure you’ll agree). It just seems that there is less variety in the kinds of poses and levels of (un)dress in this book than in Alice’s book. Alice’s outfit also helps a lot in finding ways to um…expose the character lol.

A neat little thing though that the Alice book doesn’t have, is that this one came with a clear plastic bookmark of Queen’s Blade’s Tomoe, illustrated by Eiwa.




Alice: Amazon JP | J-List
Iroha: Amazon JP | J-List

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