[Review] Shuraki Trinity Box-04: Nida Schuetlich

Ahh and after nearly half a year in wait, my first ever figure preorders finally reaches my grubby little hands from KidNemo Company! Her name is Nida Schuetlich, and she is also the first figure from Goodsmile Company X Red Entertainment‘s collaboration figure series/world Shuraki Trinity to hang out with my other figures. She was designed by Yamashita Shunya, and was translated very well to pvc by Hagii Shunji.





Figure stats:
Maker: Goodsmile Company X Red Entertainment
Series: Shuraki Trinity
Sculptor: Hagii Shunji
Original design: Yamashita Shunya
Scale: 1/8
Extras: Small storybook, drama CD, interchangeable gun parts, knife, knife hilt, bare arms, hat, battle ripped top and skirt
Release: May 08
Availability: ToysLogic | KidNemo


On opening the box, I thought damn she has a lot of parts. She’s got the most extra parts out of any other figure I have so far. She came dressed as you see above, except without the knife hilt in its sheath; Had to put that one on myself. I think she may also be one of the most detailed figures I have. Her clothes are all nicely made and show lots of buttons, creases, and whatnot. She’s got a very purdy face (imo) and a deliciously short skirt for a military looking girl lol ^^


Above is the default configuration for her gun. It’s about 6″ long (rough measurement) from butt end to bayonet tip. It’s neat that they put in little clear plastic pieces for the scope lens. Nice touch.


I wasn’t really impressed with her lingerie when I first saw it during her production stage over on Danny Choo’s page when he visited their offices. Didn’t seem…well…”sexy” enough compared to the three previous figures released. I was wrong to think that though, cuz she looks very nice in her lingerie too. Her boobs aren’t burstin out a la Char or have wedged up panties like Meifeng, but she is sexy in a more classy way. I like pokers (visible nipple outlines lol) and low, hip riding panties, so she gets a total thumbs up from me. Nice purple black/color combination and the frills are nice too. One thing though; Is it me or is her ass kinda flat? (; ¯3¯)


In a couple of these pictures is her gun in the longest configuration available which, as you can see, is taller than her. It measures close to 10″ (Nida herself on the base stands about 8.25″ tall). Though she has detailed clothing that looks complicated to get off, it’s actually pretty easy. It has seams where her top clasps together, but it definitely makes things easier than trying to squeeze and pry tight fitting clothing off of other figures (which may end up rubbing some of the paint together).

The thing I like most in the figure is her face. Goddamn she is so cute! I love the way her eyes look, which can totally melt you at certain angles (I like pictures 30 and 31 the most). I also like the way her mouth is formed, which can be beautiful by itself too (I tried to show through the shots of her body, where the top is cut off right above her mouth. I dunno…I thought it was nice lol).


Since she arrived, she’s now the figure I like to look at the most lol. Goodsmile has made another quality figure here. There’s just one thing I’m kinda worried about though. I read in some forums that people are wondering if she will ever lean. Her right heel doesn’t quite touch the base when it’s pushed in all the way, and that gives the figure a kind of learning forward look. If you try to push her heel down to touch the ground, the rest of the figure straightens up considerably, so I dunno if this will be a problem in the future. Maybe I should just display her with the knife in her hand instead of the gun so it doesn’t drag her down? lol


I didn’t take any shots of inside the book or listen to the drama cd yet, but may at a later time. Inside the booklet are introduction to some characters, some design sketches, a couple story scene illustrations, a two page spread (which isn’t that big, the book itself is only about 6″ x 8″ large), and an illustration of Nida in casual clothing (looks like classic Shunya style paperboy clothing). Overall though not a bad set considering a lot of figures these days are priced around how much I got her for total back when I preordered her last December.


Lighting in the pics are a bit harsh. Shadows too dark and lights too bright lol. Sorry…still workin on that… I am proud of the fact that I just shot the pics two days ago and have put them up though, instead of waiting a couple weeks to a month lol.

6 Responses to “[Review] Shuraki Trinity Box-04: Nida Schuetlich”

  1. June 14, 2008 at 7:21 am

    nida looks wonderful in uniform and with that big sniper rifle.

    but the visible nipple outlines seems too big for my liking.

  2. June 15, 2008 at 7:07 am

    She’e definitely sexy with that lingerie. But i don’t really like Shunya’s illustration style at the first place (eyes and lips :P).

  3. June 15, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    nice white bg there, eventho it’s not perfect, it’s still nice 😀

    Still haven’t take my needa photos. I’m going to take picture of all my shuraki this july 😀

  4. June 15, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    maybe she’s got puffy nipples? lol

    I’m not a huuuge fan of Shunya, but I do find his illustrations attractive in a different kind of way. It looks like he’s much more influenced by western fantasy and features, which provides a sort of different view since he applies it to anime and such. (i.e. – I’ve never seen an Ayanami Rei as different as Shunya’s made her)

    hehe thanks. It’s not perfect but it’s close enough for me haha. If I were looking at the pictures by themselves without being displayed against a true white background, I would’ve never been able to tell. Like I could see where the difference is when viewing in the browser, but when I went to edit them, I couldn’t even tell where I needed to edit. Eventually I just started seeing all white and decided to just screw it lol. I only know how to do basic edits anyway, and if I tried to lighten it up a little more, I think the figures would’ve been a little overexposed. I guess that’s where I need to work on the lighting set up and all lol.

    The background is lit pretty unevenly and I think the figure was too close to the back, but I’ve only got a very small amount of space, so gotta work with what I’ve got…

  5. 5 AS
    June 19, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    Ahhh, very nice on the background. I never had a interest in her, I think her clothes are a bit plain compared to the other Shuraki figures, but still nice nonetheless. I love the gun though ^^, wish I could use it with other figures lol.

  6. June 19, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Her clothes really are pretty plain vs the other girls (maybe with exception to Mishima), but on the flipside they are very nicely detailed I’m pretty impressed.

    She is my only Shuraki figure so far. I’m impressed with the quality so now I’m sorta lookin for the others lol. Mei Feng seems like a nice get…I love the shade of green for her hair!

    You probably wouldn’t find too many figures who can handle Nida’s gun, but you could probably use other people’s weapons for her. Goodsmile’s Mikatan blog has pictures where they interchange parts all the time lol.

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