[Figures] New Sangokushi ver. Ikkitousen figure & Alternate color Kanu

On the heels (sort of) of opening preorders of Toy’sworks’ Ikkitousen – Three Kingdoms era inspired Kanu Unchou, comes an alternate white dress/black panties version of that same figure. If you thought the Three Kingdoms era Kanu is hot, then you may also be happy to know that a second and third figure in the same vein are on their way as well. Info gleaned from Toy’sworks and Ganbo store.





It’s listed on japanese only store Ganbo store, though not sure if it’s limited to japanese online store order only… I don’t think I see anything that says it’s exclusive to the shop, so *maybe* it’ll show up at your favorite store if you’re into the alternate color, but I wouldn’t count on it. More (small) images from Ganbo store’s product listing. They even sell the two Kanus in a set (it’s just straight up 2x the price of a single figure though)!


The second figure coming will be Chouhi Ekitoku, from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny. No concrete details as of yet, or what she even looks like, but details should fall into place sometime in the coming couple of months (summer 2008).


The third character has yet to be decided upon, but it looks like it’s definitely in the works! Maybe it’ll be Ryuubi Gentoku to round out the trio from Dragon Destiny? (Which I’ve still not yet seen)

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