[Otaku and stuff] Play-Asia summer sale! 25% off in-stock items!!

Play-Asia is now running their summer sale, which will end in 10 days! ALL in-stock items (except for video game systems and new items released in the last 30 days I believe) will have an automatic 25% taken off!

edit: I stand corrected! Coupons CAN be stacked with this sale! I know cuz I just tried lol. I think I must have been thinking about the weekly special…

Play-Asia 25% off summer sale

Figure bargains below $10
Figure bargains $10 to $20
Figure bargains $20 and above



Here are some items that may be on some people’s get lists:


[To Heart 2] 1/6 Kousaka Tamaki in fishnet stockings, Newline; $90


[To Heart 2] 1/7 Kousaka Tamaki in frilly bikini, Kotobukiya; $41


[Jingai Makyou] Didi, Hobby Japan; $71


[Tengen Toppan Gurren Lagann] Nia, Amie Grand; $75


[Shuraki Trinity] Box-05: Rize, Goodsmile; $56


[Shuraki Trinity] Box-02: Meifeng, Goodsmile; $56


[Shining Wind] Elwing, Kotobukiya; $52

[Art of Yamashita Shunya] Arisugawa Shii coldcast bust, Kotobukiya; $60


[Art of Yamashita Shunya] Angela coldcast bust, Kotobukiya; $63


[Art of Yamashita Shunya] Noel coldcast bust, Kotobukiya; $60
(also the bargain of the week)


[Art of Yamashita Shunya] Karin coldcast bust, Kotobukiya; $67


[Sky Girls] Sonic Diver Reijin + Sakurano Otoha, Freeing; $56


[Queen’s Blade] Shizuka (limited white ed.), Megahouse; $60


[Art of Yamashita Shunya] Mirei-san red version, Kotobukiya; $30
(review here)


[Onegai Teacher] Kazami Mizuho pink wedding dress, Yamato; $11


[Togainu no Chi] Shiki military unif., Kotobukiya; $38


[One Piece] Shanks, Megahouse; $41


[Witchblade] Amaha Masane & Rihoko, Toranoana; $45


[Megachu] Jordh, Alter; $49


[Senko no Ronde] Baek Changpo, Maxfactory; $49


[To Heart 2 Another Days] Tonami Yuma, Kotobukiya; $41


[Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu] 1/4 Tsuruya bunny, Freeing; $98


[Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu] 1/4 Nagato Yuki bunny, Freeing; $98


[Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na] Feena Fam, Movic; $52


[Kaibutsu Oujo] Hime, Happinet; $52


[Idolm@ster Xenoglossia] 1/10 Amami Haruka, Wave; $34


[King of Fighters] 1/5 Shiranui Mai, Daiki Kougyou; $123


Dual Shock 3 controllers: Black US ver, $41 | White, $45 | Silver, $45


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: US version, $34 | Japanese version, $38


Call of Duty 4, US; $49


Assassin’s Creed, US; $35


Keep a look out for that figure or whatever else you’ve wanted! I’ll keep updating as I see more neat stuff!

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