[Cherry Girls] “Ohh I see~” Short Comic & Column 3-1


Behind the scenes with the brothers!? A heartwarming comic about their ordinary day, with “Ohh I see~” minicolumn brought to you by Rio-kun and Tomo-kun!



★ “Boys Like Maid Clothing!?” Comic & Column 3-1
Comic: Nagi Ayame / Illustrations: Kasukabe Akira / Text: Hiroe Natsuki


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Helllooooooo! Cherry Girls shopgirl, Rio here~.
It’s hot it’s hot it’s so hot i could die!!



Hey hey Tomo-nii, I saw that lady wearing some weird sandals walking by earlier. She had lots of belts on, and some clothes like that T.M. Somethin-or-other used to wear in one of his old PV’s. What are those called?


“Those are called ‘Gladiator’ sandals. They used what Roman gladiators used to wear as a motif, and it seems it’s this summer’s sandal style.
…and how old is that PV you’re talking about?”


Ahahaha♥ Once you see those fashionable things out on the street it really makes you think ‘It’s summer!’ doesn’t it?
Just a little while ago it used to be all about NuBra‘s huh?


“You sure remember things for being just a kid…
They’ve completely established themselves here in Japan, but it seems when they first appeared, there was a continued shortage of them and it was kind of tough to get a hold of them.


NuBra huh…
If I wore that, I wonder if I could get some cleavage too…


“Are you still longing for big breasts…?
Didn’t you learn anything from your mistake last time?”




But but buuuut! I want to be cute just like a girl too. Allll the girls in my class have started wearing bras! I wanna wanna wanna take a step towards being an adult too!


“The so called first bra huh. I believe for the most part they start wearing bras anywhere from the 5th year of elementary school to their 3rd year of middle school, but… it seems when girls start wearing them before any of their other classmates, it’s unexpectedly an embarassing thing.”


Yup that’s right! I’ve heard it’s embarassing because they keep getting stared at~. It also seems like they’re a bit uncomfortable with themselves when they first start wearing them. But, if they have big boobs and go without a bra, they’ll just keeping bouncing around and hurt and you’ll have it tough!
Even if it’s too embarassing to tell your mama or papa, if your boobs start to get bigger, it’d probably be better if you started wearing a bra right away.


“What they call ‘swinging boobs’ are found in anime quite a lot though. That’s also risking your health. (It’s what they call a performance)”


Swinging boobies??
Tomo-nii, you know some weird stuff!


“…I’ll reserve my comments. By the way Rio, no matter how you might wish, our gender–well, we’re boys after all, not girls. If you’re thinking of showing your appeal to ‘someone,’ you’d best use your natural qualities to do it.”



Uuuu….I see! I got it now!
Don’t try to do the impossible right?
I just have to get a boy that’s just like our Masters to like me right?!






All right! I’m gonna try hard!
I’m gonna try hard to find that person and make him a pervert!!
Thanks Tomo-nii♥






Well everybody, I’ve got some things to plan out, so see you again!
Tomo-nii, I’ll leave the rest to you—♥♥♥






The next update (Comic and Column 3-2) will be on Friday, July 18th.
Look forward to it♥



Original Page: ★ “Boys Like Maid Clothing!?” Comic & Column Vol. 3-1

5 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] “Ohh I see~” Short Comic & Column 3-1”

  1. July 15, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Finally another column translated and out!

    Hmm Rio…dunno if you’re saying that consciously or if you’re having trouble distinguishing cafe life with normal life… :O

  2. 2 Sarumanu
    July 15, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Rio’s into men confirmed!
    So nice.

    Thanks for the translation!

    Also, Tomo sure is sneaky.

  3. 3 Celberos
    July 16, 2008 at 11:02 am

    ….Next chapter is a fan-service for Rio’s fanclub surely.

    Great translation again, thank you.

    Nao-nee should have more scenes in short comic…

  4. 4 nameless fairy
    July 20, 2008 at 11:44 pm

    needs more nao side stories

    Oh well, this will do for now in any case. Rio seems to be a favorite of the author, or perhaps he’s just responding to the fans.

  5. 5 Chrono Syndrome
    July 21, 2008 at 7:07 am

    Well, new chapter seems to be late -_-…

    >By the way Rio, no matter how you might wish, our gender–well, we’re boys after all, not girls.
    Heh, Rio just need operation ^_^.

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