[Figures] Griffon’s Gothic Punk Hinamo…err…Asahina Mikuru

Figure maker Griffon follows up their Gothic Lolita Suzumiya Haruhi with a Gothic Punk Asahina Mikuru! Her outfit reminds me a whoooole lot like Hinamori Amu from Shugo Chara, which is an anime series so cute it’ll make your eyes bleed kittens. I guess since Hinamori is a bit goth-punk herself it comparison can’t really be avoided…






Images from Amiami. Check out some more there.


Griffon Enterprises
1/7 scale
Sculptor: Yamamoto Masahiro
Release: Latter half of Oct 08
Price: 8925yen; ~$85 USD


I love these gothic Haruhi girls, and seeing this Mikuru makes me want to solidify my decision to get Griffon’s Haruhi…BUT there’s one thing I’ve had an issue with Griffon, and that is the way this sculptor sculpts the face. Not sure if it’s the small little nub of a nose, or how close the mouth is and how it’s always in that same semi-circle smile on a lot of Griffon’s other figures, or a combination of everything, but it just doesn’t quite make the face look proportional…

Haruhi seems to have avoided that since her mouth is in a wide open smile (also sculpted by Masahiro). He has sculpted a lot of Ikkitousen figures for Griffon in the same way though. What’s weird is that I felt the same way about Griffon’s first Ryomou Shimei maid, sculpted by Hiro. Guess he was trying to stick with the recent “feel” of Griffon and went for a look similar to how Griffon’s other sculptors were doing…

In any case I am still considering picking up both Haruhi and Mikuru, and in the future possibly Yuki if she is made.



Though if she does come around to complete the set, I hope they don’t go with that plaid blue/red color scheme, because I think it looks hideous. I would be fine with another black/white color scheme… I do love that tiny tophat thing that she’s wearing though. 😛

2 Responses to “[Figures] Griffon’s Gothic Punk Hinamo…err…Asahina Mikuru”

  1. 1 Leon_Evil
    January 31, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    where can buy this?

  2. January 31, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    looks like a lot of places have sold out of her already, but it looks like HobbySearch (click here) just restocked them.

    KidNemo (Click here) also seems to still be taking orders for them, though they won’t be getting them in until next month.

    Good luck!

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