[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 3, Chapter 2


These are the four pretty brothers who work at the Maid Cafe “Cherry Girls”: Nao-kun, Yuki-kun, Tomo-kun, and Rio-kun. Usually they are hard at work as maids, but in reality they are still school students. Their work as maids at the cafe is actually a secret from the school!

Let’s take a peek into their school life shall we? ♪



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 3, Chapter 02


Di-ng Do-ng Di-ng D-ong…
The chime that signifies lunch break echoes throughout the school.
But somewhere in that school, Yuki-kun hides quietly in a corner of the gym storehouse. Staying hidden inside the normally unused Vaulting Horse, his persistent pursuers go by.



Yuki: “Uu…why did I have to come across them in this situation…
They chase me around everytime class ends and break begins…
Every one of them are nothing but perverts…”


Yuki-kun lets out a big sigh…
Without thinking, he looks inside his pants. In there, with a large arrangement of frills, a tiny, girly pair of panties are on…


Yuki: “…with these on, I’m perverted enough myself…
Seriously, why didn’t I notice…”


“At this rate, even if I’m wearing girl’s clothes or underwear, I wonder if I’d probably start thinking nothing of it…
If that happened, I wonder what I’d be like? Wonder if I’d be able to be cute like Nao-nii…”

Yuki-kun clutches his knees anxiously in the small space inside the vaulting horse. His delusions swell up in a haze inside of him…

“Those guys…the guys from my class, they said…that they thought I was cute, so that’s why they came after me huh…”


Yuki: “J…just a little bit…I guess it would’ve been better to show them…
It’s not like they’re going to stop coming after me…and not like anything is going to happen between us guys…”


Tomo: “…What are you doing here?”




Yuki-kun is startled!
Tomo-kun peeks in from the gaps between the steps on the vaulting horse. In a rage, Yuki-kun busts out of the vaulting horse and springs upon Tomo-kun!


Yuki: “Y, you bastaaard!!
You made me wear something strange this morning!! Thanks to you, all day I’ve been–“


Tomo: “I beg to differ–I may have presented you those panties while you were still half asleep, but the one who put them on all the way was you.”


Yuki: “Shutup, don’t give me that bullcrap!!
You’re always making everything my fault!”


Tomo: “Eh?”


Yuki: “Do–do you hate me or something?”


Tomo: “Th, that’s…”


Tomo-kun has a blank look on his face.
His cheeks turn red ever so slightly, and his eyes waver around uneasily.


Tomo: “…I…don’t hate you.”


Yuki: “Then, why are you always bullying me?”


Tomo: “–Because it’s fun.


Yuki: “……
Ok, I got it. You’d better clench your teeth you bastard-“


What with Tomo-kun’s uneasiness fading away and his calm declaration, Yuki-kun readies a clenched fist…



Tomo: “Fufu–there’s no need to have such an oversensitive reaction. You yourself weren’t opposed to dressing like a girl at all when you were little.”


Yuki: “Guh!? Where did you hear that…!!”


Tomo: “For you to have stopped dressing as a girl…that’s right, it was that “public pool locker room incident,” wasn’t it?


Yuki: “Gyaaaaah!! Gyaaaahh!!
Stop it stop it! I’ll kill you if you say anymooore!!”


And just then…


Nao: “Yuki!! Are you here!?”


Yuki: “Nao-nii?”


The one who rushed into the gym storehouse was Nao-kun. After hearing of Yuki-kun’s predicament from his classmates, he’s searched all over school for him.


Nao: “Ahhh thank god you’re all right…!!”


Yuki: “Wah! N, Nao-nii, don’t hug me so suddenly…”


Nao: “But! If something had happened to you…I…”



Yuki-kun goes limp from Nao-kun’s overflowing brotherly love (?). At that moment, Tomo-kun camly speaks up…


Tomo: “But Nao-nii…How in the world did you find us here?


Nao: “I was searching nearby when I heard Yuki’s voice.
–Oh that’s right!! The two of you, the boys who are searching for Yuki heard his voice too!”


Yuki: “A, are you serious!?”


Tomo: “Those guys are searching for you in a frenzy–they’ll be rushing here any second now.”


Nao: “W, we have to do something to deceive them…”


Tomo: “–Yuki, do as I say. Nao-nii, let him borrow your clothes.”


YukiNao: “Eh? Ehhhhh!?”


Some 10 seconds later…

Just as Nao-kun had said, Yuki-kun’s classmates heard his voice and came busting into the gym storehouse. Yuki-kun seems to be wearing a girl’s gym uniform for some reason…



“Hah…hah…we’ve finally found you Yuki…!!”
“You’ve been waiting for us in that outfit…that must mean that you’ve thought it over and are finally ready for us huh!?”


Nao: “Yuki? Um…there’s no one by that name here…”


Tomo: “Are you sure you’ve got the right person, Senpai?”


Yuki: “…”


“What are you talking about! Don’t you see Yuki’s right there!”
“Fufu…are you really trying to disguise yourself that much?”


Nao: “Eh!? T, that’s, um…”


Tomo: “Nao-nii…looks like we’ve been found out. Even if we try to hide it now it’s pointless.”


Nao: “B, but Tomo-kun!”


Tomo: “Senpai–this person certainly is ‘Yuki’.”


Yuki: “!!”


Tomo: “But–this person isn’t the Yuki that you know. Come now Yuki and greet them.”


Yuki: “Nice to meet you…I’m Yuki’s cousin, Yukiko♥”


The boys that have been chasing after Yuki-kun are taken aback at Yukiko-san’s cute introduction!

W, What did you say–!!?


Tomo: “Being stupidly energetic is Yuki’s redeeming quality–but he’s actually at home resting because of a cold today. Even so, he still wants to go for a perfect attendance record…”


Nao: “Because of that, we asked Yukiko-chan, who was taking a break from school herself by chance, to fill in for him.”


Yukiko: “Yup♥ That’s right♥”


“W, well his voice does seem a bit higher than usual, and it seems like he hasn’t been acting like himself either…”
“If that’s the case, then why don’t we have you take your tights off right here and now!”


Yukiko: “Eh!?”


“If you do that, we’ll find out if you’re a girl or a boy…and we’ll know if it’s the Yuki we know or not.”
“Fu fu fu…how about it, Yuki? You can’t do it can you!”


Tomo: “Is that so…
If that’s the case, I guess you should show them, Yukiko.”


Yukiko: “Ahhmm, well I guess it’s ok with me♥
Just a little peek ok?♥♥”


Yukiko-san places her hand on the hem of her bloomer happily!
The boys are shocked at seeing this!

“Uwaaaaah! Stop! This is indecent for a girl!!”
“T, the Yuki that we know isn’t this shameless… This definitely isn’t Yuki…”
“Damnit, girls are scary–!! We’ll remember this–!!”

The boys run off with tears streaming down their faces…
But then if that’s the case–where has Yuki-kun gone off to?


Tomo: “Fuu…everybody went back.”


Yukiko: “….(ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump)”


Tomo: “–What’s wrong, ‘Yukiko-chan’?”


Yuki: “DAAAAAAAAA!! The hell are you making me do damnit—!!!


Tomo: “Fufu–but thanks to that, you weren’t found out, right?”


Nao: “That’s great, isn’t it Yuki?♥ It looks like we’ve made you overdo it a bit.”


Hahaa, Yukiko-san was Yuki-kun after all…
This was all part of Tomo-kun’s plan. But, where did that “voice that seemed to be a bit higher than usual” come from…
Well, Tomo-kun picks up a cell phone up near his feet. It seems this may hold the answer.


Tomo: “Nice job to Rio too.
–That was a fine performance for being over the phone.”



Rio: “Ehehehe! How was it How was it? Did I sound like a girl?”


Yuki: “Yea, as expected from you.
Uu…to hide myself, I had to do that in front of my classmates…”


Nao: “Oh you can take that gym uniform off now Yuki…
I just finished class in them so it stinks of sweat doesn’t it?”


Yuki: “T-t-t-t-that’s not true!!
It doesn’t smell at all, or rather, it smells nice…”


Tomo: “–You’re pretty much a pervert yourself, aren’t you?”


Yuki: “Shutup!! Speaking of which, this was originally you’re damn fault!!”


Tomo: “–You just love to exaggerate things.”


Yuki: “What did you say!?”


Nao: “Geez, both of you stop fighting already!
…Actually, Tomo-kun you were really more worried than you thought, so you came to check on Yuki, right?”


Tomo: “T, that’s…
I’ll reserve any comments.”


Yuki: “Hahaaa, you went through the trouble to do that for me…?
If only you were always that admirable, you’d be more popular even at the cafe ♪”


Tomo: “S, shutup!”


That was a dangerous moment, but it seems like everything turned out all right this time…perhaps?
By the way Yuki-kun, are you ok without changing out of those panties?


The next update (Story 4, Chapter 1) will be on Friday, August 8th.
On August 1st, Hobby-channel will be delivering some information about the summer Comic Market.
Look forward to it♥



Original page: ★ ‘Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?’ Story 3, Chapter 02

10 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 3, Chapter 2”

  1. July 21, 2008 at 4:16 am

    Ahhh wow I managed to get most of this done over the weekend this time….mainly cuz my buddies were nowhere to be found to go check out The Dark Knight ;( Got to wait till next week for them…

    Oh well…good for you folks 😛 Enjoy!
    Looks like Yuki is safe for now…but it doesn’t seem like Tomo is ready to give up his form of “brotherly love” yet lol. Long wait for the next story :\

  2. 2 Sarumanu
    July 21, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Speedy translation this time, great work!

    It seems everyone’s into Nao now.
    And it’s great that high school boys think girls are icky.

    Shame there’ll be nothing more for 2 weeks…

  3. 3 nameless fairy
    July 21, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    I saw dark knight, it was pretty damn good.

    Great translation, great story, good to see new content so steadily.

  4. 4 Chrono Syndrome
    July 22, 2008 at 10:17 am

    One strange thing: Yuki really wears ribbon at school ?

  5. 5 Sarumanu
    July 23, 2008 at 1:43 am

    He didn’t have them on in the last chapter. At least that’s what it looked like (but his head was turned, so he may have).
    It isn’t Nao’s either though, since he still has it on.

  6. July 23, 2008 at 2:04 am

    hm…a curious observation lol
    Maybe Tomo keeps some spares for this sort of occassion? o.O

  7. 7 Celberos
    July 27, 2008 at 8:24 am

    Nao-nii is so cute!! lol

    That ribbon, I think it belongs to Nao-nii as you can see from her…er, I mean “his” hair.

    Nao-nii’s hair is binding only one side. Girls may not use only one ribbon to bind their hair in style like that.

    Thanks, Suneo. 😀

  8. 8 Minime23
    November 3, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    this should be a manga

  9. 9 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    June 8, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    My beloved Yuki in a gym outfit??…. Muh fuh fu fu fu fu…..
    *perverted grin*

    again another job well done!!

  10. 10 Cherry Love
    April 4, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    I think the ribbon might have come from Rio’s uniform! O: ^^

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