[Games] Final guest Soul Calibur IV character…for now?

Well I’m way late with this, what with the game being released in store next Tuesday 😛 But anyway, the last guest character that I’ve come across comes from popular anime artist Hisayuki Hirokazu, who’s done character designs for the Mai-Hime anime series, as well as a few Queen’s Blade characters.






Her name is “Kamikirimushi.” Can’t really figure out what the last part of her name means, but the first part is pretty straightforward and means “Slayer of Gods” or something to that effect. Anyway, she carries around a big ol’ stone club of sorts, similar to something Benkei would wield from the ps2/ps3 Genji titles, except without so much girth. Anyway check out some shots of her in action below:

Preview of her in a japanese magazine


As you can guess, the images above are from IGN.
Soul Calibur IV is released next Tuesday! (officially in the US anyway lol)

2 Responses to “[Games] Final guest Soul Calibur IV character…for now?”

  1. July 25, 2008 at 3:48 am

    Correction. SC4 is already out in stores in certain areas and some people already had it nearly a week or more. I already have been lol’ing at their random changes.

    By the way, this character is a clone of NM. In fact, all bonus characters are confirmed to be clones of the original movesets. Also, you can customize even standard characters’ costumes, down to undergarments (for when armor breaks off), so the game is looking really cool if you are not into competitive SC4.

  2. July 25, 2008 at 4:21 am

    haha well it *should* be in stores next Tuesday in the US if retailers pay attention to the street dates. But yea I’m sure there are a number of people who were able to get their hands on a copy early. I preordered my copy online from Amazon though, and their estimated ship date says August 4th -_-

    And ya that’s what I’ve heard too, that the guest characters have basically the same move sets as the “real” characters, which is good I guess, since this way there won’t be too much of a problem with balancing issues as a lot of people have worried about. Though it is slightly disappointing since these characters are unique to the Soul universe. It would have been interesting to see how different each one played. As for the character creation mode, I always enjoy creating characters in MMO’s, so I should have fun with just being able to customize a character hehe.

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