[Cherry Girls] “Ohh I see~” Short Comic & Column 4-1


Behind the scenes with the brothers!? A heartwarming comic about their ordinary day, with “Ohh I see~” minicolumn brought to you by Rio-kun and Tomo-kun!



★ “Boys Like Maid Clothing!?” Comic & Column 4-1
Comic: Nagi Ayame / Illustrations: Kasukabe Akira / Text: Hiroe Natsuki
August 15, 2008


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Hiiii everyboodyyyy! Cherry Girls shopgirl(boy), Rio here♥
Today’s finally the start of Comiket (at the time of writing anyway)! Come see us at the Big Sight ok? ♥♥♥



Mmmmm…which one should I wear…
Maybe I should just stick with the orthodox kind…
But the striped panties that I always wear is too boring……


“You’re sure up late trying hard.
It’s not healthy to think too hard about something you know.”



Uweeeh, but but~~!
My teacher’s finally coming tomorrow, but I can’t decide which panties to wear. Tomo-nii, help me decide~~…


“…Are you planning to show off your underwear to your teacher?”




No waaay.
My teacher isn’t the kind of person to get excited about that!

…But but, a maiden’s supposed to know what to wear underneath western styled clothes right?♥
Since you don’t understand, you’ll never snag a boy you know?


“Maiden…well, I’ll just leave it at that.
—— Anyway, I’ve never thought about snagging anything.
If you want that kind of advice, why don’t you go tell Yuki?”


Booo—…Yuki-nii is Yuki-nii you know?
He’ll say, “This doesn’t mean I agree to your going out with a boy. I’ll support you, but that’s as far as I’ll go.”
…or something like that, so he wouldn’t help me pick out any underwear!


“Hmmm——that does sound like him.
Alright, I’ll help you out so show me what you’ve got on.”



Yaaay! Then here lookie look Tomo-nii.
Here’s the first one, the pretty☆string panties♥


“It’s definitely cute, but it doesn’t give off any different impression than usual. And if the string comes undone during work it’ll be a big problem.”


I, I guess you’re right…
The~n, how about these frilly lowleg panties??
……Yaa♥ It’s so small it feels like I’m gonna spill out♥♥


“What’s…wait I’d better not ask.
Visually speaking this looks better, but——it’s inappropriate to call them “lowleg.”


Eh? These aren’t called lowlegs?


“Shorts and panties that are worn low on the hip are naturally called ‘lowrise,’ but the term “lowleg” for these has spread only within the doujin industry and moe media and nowhere else.”


Ehhhhh, is that true!?


“——Also, it’s not just underwear, but other kinds of bottomwear that ride low on the hip are all lumped together and all categorized as “lowrise.”
“Lowrise” is a word that comes up when talking about things designed to ride low on the hip, but it’s not a characteristic noun like “T-back” or “G-string” are.


Then then, don’t these panties have a name?
These ecchi panties just like those Strike Something girls wear that show off the butt!?



“It’d be correct to call these lowrise shorts, but…even then, they’re pretty extreme and wouldn’t be considered normal.
This kind of clothing is what’s called ‘scanty’ in Japan, and is a pretty rare sight.
——First of all, what those girls wear in that anime aren’t supposed to be panties.”


Oh! Tomo-nii, you sure know a lot about weird stuff~…
You don’t even wear any panties!


“…more importantly, where did you get those panties? You didn’t get a hold of another strange mail order catalog again did you?”


Mm-mm, I got these from Momma.
When I told her that the person I like would be coming, she said “Well then, you’ll have to put on that fighting spirit♥’ ♥♥♥”


“She’s the same as always…
——hey, what’s this label say?”



Label? Lemme see lemme see…
hey, Nao-nii’s name is written here….!!!!


“…Did Nao-nii wear these when he was about your age…?
Come to think of it, I think I heard him say something like ‘I stopped right when my butt got out of shape’ before…”


So hey aren’t these hand me down panties…!?
I really love Momma, but she’s a bit carefree…she’s just like Nao-nii.


“…If you can’t wear them, then I guess that’s too bad——
Maybe I’ll sell these to Yuki.”



No no as a person that’s a terrible thing to do~~~!!!


The next update (Comic and Column 4-2) will be on Friday, 8/29.
Look forward to it♥



Original page: “Boys Like Maid Clothing!?” Comic & Column Vol. 4-1

20 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] “Ohh I see~” Short Comic & Column 4-1”

  1. August 19, 2008 at 4:27 am

    bit of a Strike Witches mention, which I just started watching last night lol.
    Don’t quite get when Tomo says that what they’re wearing aren’t supposed to be panties. Some of them look like they’re wearing bloomers, but the others sure look like they’re rockin panties to me haha. Maybe I didn’t translate it right? *shrug*

    Oh well…interested to see how things pan out in the next chapter of the story!

  2. 2 Celberos
    August 19, 2008 at 7:23 am

    That comic makes me some weird feeling again…same feeling as Yuki.

    Nao is the best :d Next week is surely fun!

    Thank you for the translation, suneo.

  3. 3 Sarumanu
    August 19, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Lately, it’s been seeming like Tomo’s been the most normal.
    Yuki’s been falling for Nao and getting all perverted.

  4. 4 Herumi
    August 19, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    Awwwwww, I melt on the floor because of SW reference. I always thought at least Yoshika’s piece was swimming suit but… I don’t know enough vocabulary to really start arguing on that. All and all lovely chapter again.

  5. August 20, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Just saw ep 7 of Strike Witches last night, and I get what Tomo means now by “they’re not supposed to be panties” lol. In the show everybody calls them “zubon,” which in japanese means pants. So no, they’re not panties, they’re pants lol.

  6. August 21, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    THANK YOU!!!!! I knew it was something like Bokusatsu!! Or at least Boku-something with Tenshi in the title!!! Thank you!!!
    And it is such a cute figure! I love chokers! I dont see enough figures wearing chokers lol

    And is that Yoshika-chan I see?

  7. August 21, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    hahah you’re welcome ^^
    Now that you mention it you’re right I don’t see a lot of figures with chokers either. Something I’d like to see more of definitely lol

    And nope, that’s one of the characters of this Cherry Girls story cosplaying as Yoshika haha. That’s actually a boy and his name is Rio lol.

  8. August 21, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    TRAP!!!! lol.
    I know nothing of these Cherry Girls yet lol.

    And lol, there is more than one pantsu shot in the episode, just far less than usual far as I can tell.
    I dont think the boys will be a recurring thing though. Shame…
    Low-riding boxer shorts….:shudder: that just reminds me of my brother and his WAY TOO LOW riding boxer shorts and jeans(pants/trousers)…. It’s not nice….

    :tut tut: Ep 7 was just pure fanservice lol. But if it gets the viewers. Maybe they’ll make more.

  9. 9 nameless fairy
    August 22, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Every episode of Strike Witches is pure fanservice.

  10. August 23, 2008 at 2:41 am

    lol true that. It’s good entertainment.

  11. 11 Ichigo69
    August 27, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Yeah, there’s a really good reason that the nickname for Strike Witches is “Pantsu Witches”

  12. August 29, 2008 at 11:36 am

    I’m not sure which has more fanservice. Strike Witches, or Cherry Girls… Also, I would SO watch it if there was a cherry girls anime.

  13. 13 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    June 8, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    I loled so much when i saw Rio dressed like Yoshika!! Perfect Match!! X3

    Still Sanya is my fav!! Also Yoshika ain’t bad!!

    By the way have to love Yuki’s expression on the comic!! X3

  14. 14 mewmew
    June 22, 2009 at 3:37 am

    i beleive in america we call those booty shorts

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