[Books] Queen’s Gate new book — Shiranui Mai

As if there were any doubt that she’d make an appearance! When Iroha was introduced (or I guess officially Nijihara Ink….well technically Alice was the start of it all when she literally opened up the Queen’s Gate…) to the Queen’s Gate world I think she opened up the…uh…floodgates for this kinda thing. We’ll probably be seeing many more anime characters (something like Ikkitousen or Sekirei are probably the perfect candidates, though we already see them with little clothes to begin with lol) and game characters (one or few of many DoA girls?) in the future. Might see a few original characters pop up here and there, though maybe they would better fit within the Queen’s Blade universe instead.




As the image from the Queen’s Gate page says, she’s planned for a Halloween release (October 31). She’s illustrated by Izumi Mahiru (of circle Mahirutei). Mmmm this should be quite nice…

In case anybody didn’t know, Shiranui Mai is a character from SNK’s fighting game series Fatal Fury and later on in King of Fighters. I never really played SNK fighters before so that’s about all I know. The rest of what I know is that she’s got some large boobs, she’s outgoing, she looks great in a kimono, and at the beginning of some fights she says “Me boincy!” (actually, she says “Nippon Ichi,” as in “Japan’s #1,” but when I was a kid I could’ve sworn she was sayin the former).

The title of her book is simply, “The Crimson Ninja, Shiranui Mai”



The cover that’s been finalized (maybe?) for release, as provided by Amiami.

3 Responses to “[Books] Queen’s Gate new book — Shiranui Mai”

  1. September 1, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Ohh me wantie. I always played Mai at the arcade.

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