[Figures] Code Geass – Kallen and Viletta from CharaHobby 2008

So I mentioned a little while ago that B-Club’s polystone bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Viletta were going to make the jump to PVC, possibly in a different form/pose, but definitely with the same outfits. Well I guess they ended up pretty much being a direct copy of the B-Club versions, which is what I hoped for when the polystones were first announced…so huzzah! Bandai’s started a new line of figures called “emotion style,” and Kallen and Viletta will be the first to be released. Along with Bandai’s offerings, Alpha x Omega’s own bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Shirley made a painted appearance as well.




The Bandai figure pics borrowed from Moeyo’s C3xHobby coverage. Check ’em out, as they’ve got many more pictures of the lovely duo. More coverage and pics over at AkibaHobby as well.


Bandai’s “emotion style”

So. Viletta Nu. Sexy sexy. Even her name sounds exotic and sexy. Definitely need more figures of Viletta (slash tanned girls). I don’t know about the kind of quality Bandai has for figures, but as one of the only Viletta’s that I know of, and a not too shabby lookin one at that, this is goin in my definitely considering pile. She is 1/7 scale and is planned for a December release. I think they could have left her hair alone and made a straight 3/4 ponytail. I can’t really tell where her hair’s goin as it is.


Kouzuki Kallen. Same deal as with Viletta. These two figures are based directly (as far as I can see) off of B-Club’s original polystone versions. Also 1/7 scale and planned for December. Mmmm not sure about this one. One, she looks like a leaner unless she’s got a leg support (which I’ve seen on the polystone version). Two, not sure I like her face. She’s got quite a forehead, and I think I’m more a fan of her serious business face, rather than her student face.



Alpha x Omega (Alter / Megahouse)

These AxO pics from xenblog

These two here were shown in Hobby Japan magazine (released in August) in prototype form, and at the C3xHobby show painted. They are from Alter and Megahouse’s joint project known as Alpha x Omega. They’re 1/8 scale and scheduled for release in January of 2009. Kallen is sculpted by Inagaki Hiroshi. Shirley by Tanaka☆Senu. I’ll need more pics before I decide whether they go in the consideration pile or not… I don’t really like the sharp as a razor nose that Shirley has. Kallen’s pose is a bit funky, but I like her face. Both have nice bodies (but of course…must be that Britannian blood).

1 Response to “[Figures] Code Geass – Kallen and Viletta from CharaHobby 2008”

  1. September 6, 2008 at 11:14 am

    Viletta needs a better maker and a better pose, as well as a better overall design for the bikini outfit. :\

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