[Games] Project DIVA w/ Hatsune Miku

An upcoming game for the PSP by Sega of Japan, starring everybody’s favorite leek flailing virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. The game is called “Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA” (or maybe it’s the other way around), and it is most appropriately a music game, a rhythm game to be exact. You can see what it’ll be like in the trailer below. The PSP’s face buttons (O, X, , △) will appear on the screen in a sequence, and each one will have a timer hand on it that’ll spin around 360 from the top, and once it reaches the top that’s your cue to hit the button to the tune of a Miku song. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s all I saw in the trailer. In addition to the rhythm game, you can also earn customization items for both Miku and her room. I’m assuming whatever clothing or accessories you customize her with will appear while you’re playing the game, though don’t quote me on that. Project DIVA’s scheduled for release sometime in 2009. I’m a fan of rhythm games (with only mild interest in Hatsune Miku), so I’ll probably look out for this one 😛


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1 Response to “[Games] Project DIVA w/ Hatsune Miku”

  1. October 8, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I don’t know much about Miku except that she’s from the Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series… But I have her Nendroid which is just adorable ^_^

    I’d like to get that game… hopefully it’ll be released in English XD

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