[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 5, Chapter 2


The “boys” that work at the maid cafe 『Cherry Girls』 have made it to the Autumn Festival. At the 『Yukata Couple Contest』 being held there, there are a pair of boys participating——The person that the second eldest brother Yuki-kun is coupling with is…the eldest, Nao-kun!



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 5, Chapter 02
September 21, 2008 (Sunday)



<emThrough Tomo-kun’s suggestion, Yuki-kun ended up entering the Autumn Festival’s 『Yukata Couple Contest』 as Tomo-kun’s “girlfriend.” However, because the “boyfriend,” Tomo-kun, was disqualified, he quickly went to find a replacement. Among the audience, he finds that “replacement,” and that person is…


Nao: “(normal voice)I, I’m…*cough cough*!!
(manly voice) I’m Yukiko’s boyfriend——man…”


Yes, it was Nao-kun!
Having changed into a male’s Yukata and entered on stage gallantly, the audience lets out a sigh of amazement…

Even the announcer lady has hearts in her eyes.

“T, this is once again, how do I say it…
Another beauty that you could completely mistake for a girl has appeared!”


Nao: “To be acting like Yuki’s boyfriend…
Heehee, it’s a strange feeling isn’t it.”


Yuki: “Uu…sorry, Nao-nii…I didn’t think this would happen…


Nao: “Don’t worry about it Yuki.
Even like this I’m a boy, so if it has something to do with playing ‘a boy,’ this is nothing♪”


Yuki: “I…I think you might have the wrong idea…”


Nao: “Don’t worry, it’ll be ok.
I’m gonna be an even more lovey dovey ‘boyfriend’ to you than Tomo-kun was♥”


Yuki: “Y…yea…
(s, shoot…it feels like this has gotten a little out of hand…)”


——Watching them from the audience is the shadow of a figure wearing glasses. That figure is of Tomo-kun, who’s now switched positions with where Nao-kun was standing before.


Tomo: “It looks like——it’s going well with those two.”



(I’m the one working behind the scenes after all…
Yuki’s probably more happy with Nao-nii being his partner anyway)

thinks Tomo-kun with a bitter smile. At that moment——


Rio: “I fo——und you Tomo-nii♥♥♥


Tomo: “!!”


Tomo-kun turns his head around after being huggled from behind. He sees Rio-kun with his friend Kazu-kun.


Rio: “Geeeez, I’ve been looking for you.
What’re Nao-nii and Yuki-nii doing??”


Tomo: “——Rio huh. Those two are just handling some minor business…
Who’s that?”


Rio: “This is my friend, Kazu-kun.
Kazu-kun, this glasses guy is my big brother Tomo-nii♥”


Kazu: “U, umm…
What’s up.”


Tomo: “………
Did Rio do anything to you?”


Kazu: “Huh!!? N, n, no, he didn’t do anything!!”


Rio: “Gyawaaahhhh!!?
What the heck are you talking about Tomo-niiiii!!?”


While the three were talking about that, “Yukiko-san” and Nao-kun cleared the next judging round. They’ve cradled each other in their arms, and fed each other shaved ice…

As if they were a real lovey dovey “boyfriend and girlfriend,” the men and women in the audience get weak at the knees.

…And just like that, all that was left was the final judging round. As they were preparing, Yuki-kun and Nao-kun were relaxing back stage.


Nao: “Now, take my hand, Yukiko.
——just kidding, ahaha♥
This is kinda strange…usually you’re the one protecting me, but now I’m escorting you!”


Yuki: “T…that’s…
Wow, that really looks good on you. The yukata for guys.
It makes you look like a different person and really cool…or something.”


Nao: “Teehee——thanks♥
But a compliment like that, it sounds like you’re beating around the bush~”


Yuki: “S, sorry!
I, I didn’t mean that in a weird way…”


Nao: “Mm-mm, it’s ok. I don’t usually dress like this this, huh… Maybe my being a more normal big brother like this…made you happy a bit?”


Yuki: “No way!
I…about you I——“


Nao: “…? What…about me?”


Yuki: “……I…umm…”


…what about him? What about me?”


Yuki-kun couldn’t help but ask himself about the feelings that have filled his heart from always being around Nao-kun. What are those feelings indeed…?


“I don’t get it…!
Why do I get this flustered everytime it comes to Nao-nii…?
Nao-nii is…my beloved big brother…”


Nao: “Yuki…?”


Nao: “……”


At that moment, an announcement came flying from the stage.

“Now then, time to ramp things up! Next is the final judging round!
And what the judges will be looking for is——this!!”

Upon seeing the judging criteria that was written on the flip card, shouts of cheer and joy stir through the audience. The people with Rio-kun are also surprised at seeing what was on the card!


Rio: ” ‘Lovey dovey kissing!
The couple that has the most loving kiss out of all the other couples will win’ …!?
Does that mean Nao-nii and Yuki-nii…have to pucker up!?”



Tomo: “——This is bad…”


Nao: “W, what are we gonna do, Yuki…!
At this rate, you and I are…are going to kiss…!?”


Yuki: “I, it’s either one thing or another…!!
But if we drop out here, the prize right in front of us…!!”


“Now then, let’s have the next couple come up!
Entry Number 12, Nao-kun and Yukiko-san, please come up and show us your passionate love♥”


NaoYuki: Already!!?


With no time to protest, they were pulled to the center of the stage.
While the two nervously look into each other’s eyes, the crowd holds their breath and watches them…

In the midst of this bizarre atmosphere, the two exchange a few words under their breaths…


Nao: “A, are you ok? Yuki…
Have you…kissed before?”


Yuki: “N, No I haven’t…I don’t have anybody for that anyway…”


Nao: “Ahaha, me too…
But still, for your first kiss to be with a boy…with me even…
It’s not what you want is it…”


Yuki: “I-I, It’s ok! That’s totally fine!!
And besides we’re…you know…we’re just brothers…
I mean, you hear of those stories of drunk guys kissing each other or something too anyway, right?!”


Nao: “Don’t push yourself Yuki…
For your first kiss to be with a guy…
You, you can’t let it be that way…!”


Yuki: “N, Nao-nii…”


Even though I’m totally fine with it——
Yuki-kun can’t even say that in his dreams.
The two stare at each other through the silence so still that their heartbeats could be heard. The announcer speaks up with a question.

“I, is anything wrong, you two?
If you don’t hurry and kiss, your time will run out?”


Yuki: “Guh…
…I, It’ll be ok if it’s with you…”


Nao: “…Eh?”


Yuki: “If it’s you…I’ll…give you my first…


Nao: “Yuki…”


Now Nao-kun’s turn to answer, he holds up Yuki-kun firmly by the waist.


Nao: “I’m sorry, Yuki…
Think of the one you like——and bear with it for just a little bit…!”


Yuki: “————!!”


“I love you”——
Those words echo through Yuki-kun’s head like a bell.
And as Nao-kun pulls Yuki-kun near, their lips come closer together————!!





Nao: “——Yuki? Yuki?”


Yuki: “M, mmm…Nao-nii…


As Yuki-kun came to, he realized that he was lying down by the riverbed, away from the festival grounds. The only one next to him was Nao-kun, who had given his lap for Yuki-kun to rest on.

The hustle and bustle of the festival were far off, and they were surrounded only by the sounds of the water and bugs around them.


Yuki: “I, w…why am I here…”


Nao: “Fufu…did you forget?
You got a bloody nose and fainted, you know?
Then I carried you on my back and brought you here.
…Rio-kun and Tomo-kun said ‘Take your time you guys♪’ and went home. They’re pretty weird huh♥”


Yuki: “S, so um…we…”


Nao: “Teehee——yup. We didn’t get a chance to kiss I guess.”


Yuki: “……


That’s unfortunate…or maybe it’s a relief…
Yuki-kun’s feelings in his heart are a bit complicated.


Yuki: “…Sorry, Nao-nii…”


Nao: “Eh?”


Yuki: “I’m…so pathetic…
I should have been fine, but I still got so worked up, and eventually lost it…
And to top it off I was fortunate enough to have you carry me here…”


Nao: “Fufu, what are you talking about♪ I’m you’re big brother! You’re supposed to let me spoil you even more.”


Yuki: “Nao…nii…”


Nao: “Oh that’s right. Here…a present for you.”


Yuki: “Eh?”


Nao-kun brought out a large plastic bag. Inside were some hard apple candies, cotton candy, mitarashi dango, a crepe, and more…
Inside that plastic bag were a lot of sweets and snacks from the food booths at the festival.


Yuki: “Nao-nii, this…”


Nao: “Yuki, you like sweets don’t you?
But if you were with Tomo-kun and Rio-kun, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them much while walking…
So, I bought a lot for you.”


Yuki: “Ah, so that’s why earlier…they left without saying anything…”


Nao: “Well I ate a lot of stuff too♥
You can sleep some more if you want…I’ll feed my cute ‘girlfriend’ like this♥”


Yuki: “!!!
N, no I’ll get up! I’ll get up!!”


Nao: “Kya…Yuki you’re getting another bloody nose! You need to rest some more.”


Yuki-kun and his rather unusual Onii-chan.
It looks like their future outlook may be full of difficulties…


The next update (Story 6 Chapter 1) will be Friday, 10/3
Look forward to it♥



Original page: “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 5, Chapter 02

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  1. September 26, 2008 at 2:05 am

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    Haha yea definitely too bad that nothing happened… We want stuff to happen…!! Not just being teased all the time lol. But I guess there is a border that this series can’t cross haha.

    Yea I saved that picture and thought about making a post to let everybody know that the chapter wouldn’t be released till a couple days later, but I was too lazy to do even that -_- I’m also pretty sure that that’s Nao-kun with his cotton candy from the previous chapter 😛

  8. 8 Sarumanu
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    That’s kinda what I like about the series too, despite what I may state sometimes.
    The fact that things don’t really get anywhere.

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  11. 11 Leif
    September 27, 2008 at 4:28 am

    Well I must admit I was unsure whether it is Nao-kun or Rio-kun on the picture. The brown hair and blue eyes are those of Nao-kun (Rio-kun have red hair and brown eyes). But the hairstyle with the flower and the kimono (simplificed) are those shown on Rio-kun in the first chapter (Nao-kun have longer hair). But of course Nao-kun could have had a similar kimono and hairstyle which we were not shown – or perhaps the drawing were just made of an another person than usual who was not full familiar with the serie…

  12. 12 alice
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    Thank you for the translations! This series is still too much for my poor tired heart.

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    I really liked this chapter so you have my gratitude!!

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