[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 6, Chapter 1


There are “boys” that work at the maid cafe 『Cherry Girls』. More wonderful and charming than girls, what kind of effort (?) do these “boys” put forth privately? Tonight, those boys happen to be holding a secret gathering.



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 6, Chapter 01
October 11, 2008 (Saturday)



Nao-kun and his brothers work at the maid cafe 『Cherry Girls』, which is owned and run by their mama and papa. Going out onto the shop floor as “maids”, these boys haven’t known anything other than being fashionably stylish. Of course, this also includes what they put on underneath those maid clothes…♥
But picking out underwear everyday takes quite a bit of effort doesn’t it?
Right then——


Rio: “Kyahahahaha♪ I loooove picking out underwear♥♥
I wonder what I should wear tomorrow~♥
Striped panties are nice, but these polkadot ones are nice too…umumumumu”


Yuki: “H, hey, don’t just strip and throw them around.
Ah geez, don’t be running around naked either!!”


Tomo: “Seriously——
If our ‘Masters’ saw this mess, they would inevitably be disappointed.”


Nao: “Ahahaha…well I guess this part of us makes us boys♥”


The brothers hold these secret meetings for picking out underwear from time to time. Late into the night, they gather in Nao-kun’s room and things get rather lively like a pajama party.



Tomo: “——Hurry up and pick out what you want too, Yuki.
I’d be fine with picking something out for you as well.”


Yuki: “I, I can at least do that much by myself.
Geez…why do we even have to go through the trouble of picking out our underwear…”


Tomo: “——You should know the reason why.
When people take a peek underneath, you wouldn’t like it if they saw some unsightly pair of trunks, right?”


Yuki: “What’s wrong with guys wearing trunks?!
Besides, if that’s the case, why do we even have to wear bras? Not like anybody can see anyway.”


Tomo: “That’s because——“


Rio: “It’s a maiden’s duty to know how to dress underneath these clothes, right~?♥


Tomo: “——Absolutely. Well said.”



Yuki: “We’re not maidens!!!


And so, Yuki-kun is uninterested in picking out underwear…
Out of the four brothers, Yuki-kun is the one who’s always wishing, “I want to be a normal guy!” For him, these “secret meetings” make it ve~~~~ery hard for him to realize such a wish.


Yuki: (Why are they so absorbed in women’s underwear…
They couldn’t possibly be showing them to people everyday?!
If they’re so involved in this, they’re gonna start being girls right down to the way they think…)


…but, Yuki-kun’s restlessness and being on edge today is because of a different reason.


Nao: “Hmm…I wonder if this is good…
Ah♥ Or maybe I should go with this one——Ehehe♥♥”



Shutting out the clamor of Rio-kun and the others, Nao-kun is picking out his underwear unusually at his own pace. Holding a pair of underwear against his body in front of the mirror, his eyes seem like a maiden’s more than usual.
——It seems somehow that his cheeks have become slightly red too!
It’s no wonder that Yuki-kun has been a bit interested in what’s going on.


Yuki: (Nao-nii looks like he’s having fun…
Come to think of it, didn’t he say something about meeting with somebody tomorrow?
I haven’t seen those panties before, I wonder if he bought them just for that…

——hey, what the heck am I thinking about!
Nao-nii’s privacy is none of my business…)


…Ever since the night of the festival, Yuki-kun’s been obsessed.
It seems he’s been thinking way too much about Nao-kun.


Yuki: (But, the underwear that he’s got right now…it’s really risque…!
Why does he want to look like that even though he’s a guy…)


Nao: “Hey guys…what do you think of this?
Do you think it’s too daring??”


Yuki: “Eh?! Ah, uh, umm…”


Caught off guard, Yuki-kun gets flustered from being asked about his thoughts so suddenly.
While he searches for the right words, Rio-kun goes crazy over his brother’s sexy underwear.


Rio: “Kya–, Nao-nii’s so cuuuute♥♥
Black with the pink frills…it’s pretty eroero~~~♥♥♥”


Tomo: “I think it looks good——
Though it’s a bit of a radical choice for you.”


Nao: “I, I thought so… It’s a bit ecchi isn’t it?
You know, I saw my horoscope a little while ago, and it said wearing something like this might not be bad every once in awhile…♥♥
It seems this’ll up my luck in love♥
And also in money, and family…”


Yuki: “Luck in l, love?!”


Nao: “? What’s wrong Yuki?”


Yuki: “N, no…nothing…”


Buuuu, Buuuu….
The sound of a cell phone’s vibe fills the room. Nao-kun rushes for his own cell and checks to see if it was his.


Nao: “Ah, I knew it——♥
Guys, I’m gonna go take this call.
Don’t worry about me and keep on doing what you’re doing.”


Nao-kun puts his pajamas on and scurries out of the room.
Shortly after, an excited voice is heard through the closed door.


Nao: “Hello?
——Yup, it’s me♪ Mm-mm, nothing really. I was just thinking about tomorrow…”


Yuki: “……”


Tomo: “……It’s a guy.”


Rio: “……Yup.”


Yuki: “Waaaah?!
W, what are you guys talking about…
Hey we shouldn’t be doing this anyway, listening in on Nao-nii’s phone call!”


Tomo: “You’re one to talk——
You’re wondering about the way Nao-nii’s been acting today too, aren’t you?”


Yuki: “Eh?
Y…you guys were too?”


Rio: “Of course!!
Since since, Nao-nii was totally not himself!
Before going out he bought such ecchi underwear and was so excited trying them on…
The one he’s meeting with tomorrow…it’s deeeeeeefinitely a guy.”


Yuki: “I, i, isn’t it normal for guys to meet up with guys!
Getting excited over underwear…what’s that got to do with anything!”


Tomo: “——Just calm down.”


Tomo-kun whispers with a curious smile over Yuki-kun’s shoulder, who had quickly turned away from them.


Tomo: “You know what I’m trying to say——
You’re thinking the same thing, right?”


Yuki: “……”


Yes…those “assumptions” are noisily bustling about within his own heart. Nao-kun makes even a boy like Yuki-kun’s heart beat wildly after all, his own younger brother no less.

One or two————“boyfriends” wouldn’t be out of the question.

Beside Yuki-kun, who had been rendered speechless, Rio-kun is nervous and excited.


Rio: “Hey hey, what kind of person do you think Nao-nii’s boyfriend is?
Nao-nii’s always told us about everything no matter how small it was…
Do you think he’s the kind of person that you can’t really talk about?”


Yuki: “Y, you’re overthinking things!”


Rio: “Mm-mm, he’s gotta be going out with him in secret!
Like, a married man with a wife and kid.
‘Can…can I take the place of your wife? I, even though I’m a boy…I can do the same things your wife does.’
…he’s totally doing something like that!!”


Yuki: “Don’t get any stupid crazy ideas about your own brother!!
There’s no way that could ever happen!”



Tomo: “No——
It’s somebody that Nao-nii is seeing behind our backs. It can’t be as simple as that. For example maybe…he was called out by the owner of a competing shop in the neighborhood——how about that scenario?”


Yuki: “…don’t call it a scenario.”


Tomo: “In order to crush their rivals, they planned to threaten us, the shopgirls(guys), with some kind of leverage, and in order to protect us, Nao-nii went over to them on his own——.
‘You can do whatever you want with me…so leave my younger brothers out of it…'”


Rio: “Wawawawawawa…t-t, that’s serious…”


Yuki: “Oh geez, don’t scare Rio!”


Hugging Rio-kun closely, Yuki-kun yells with authority at Tomo-kun.
…Of course, even Yuki-kun himself is concerned.


Yuki: “Is there even a person out there who would happily pick out clothes to go out for somebody who threatens them?
…I trust Nao-nii.”


Tomo: “Fufu——I was just kidding.
If you’re so worried, why don’t you just ask him directly?
We’re talkin about a guy who can’t keep a secret from anyone…he’ll happily tell us all about this ‘person’ he’s meeting with.”


Yuki: “Y…yea you’re right.”


Tomo: “Well——if he doesn’t give us an answer, we’ll have no choice but to tail him for the day tomorrow.


YukiRio: Tail him?!


Nao: “…huh? What’s with those serious faces?”


YukiTomoRio: WAAAAAH!?


Nao: “?”


Turning their heads around, they see Nao-kun there, who had returned.
In that moment, they stopped breathing…
Just as Yuki-kun was about to open his mouth to say something, Tomo-kun breaks the silence first.


Tomo: “Um——Nao-nii.
You were…sounding pretty happy on the phone huh.”


Nao: “Eh? Ah…I, I guess.
Sorry, was I too loud?”


Tomo: “Um…
We were just kinda wondering what the person you’re meeting with tomorrow is like.”


Yuki: “C, could it be your, umm…boyfriend?”


The moment he heard that word, Nao-kun’s face *poof* turned red.


Nao: “O, o, oh come on!
That’s…for me…a boyfriend…(mumbling…)”


While beet red, Nao-kun stuffs his cell phone firmly underneath his pillow, fluffs it up, and sits on it. He continues in a flustered voice.


Nao: “Oh don’t worry about me, don’t worry!
Well then, let’s continue picking out our underwear♥♥”


YukiTomoRio: ………………


The three made their decisions in their hearts.
“…Let’s tail him.”
But…is it ok to be doing that?


The next update (Story 6, Chapter 2) will be Friday, Oct 24.
Look forward to it♥



Original page: “Boys That That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 6, Chapter 01

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  1. October 12, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    *nosebleed* *faints*

    I wonder if photobucket will delete those pics LOL

  2. 2 Sarumanu
    October 12, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    Heh, I think you should be ok.

    Really fast translation this time around.
    Thanks as usual!

  3. 3 Celberos
    October 13, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    I think I see Nao-nii’s…well, you guys know that. lol

    Great translation as always. Thank you very much!

    PS. Nao-nii in this chapter is sooooo cuuuuuuute!!

  4. October 13, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Nao is pretty bulgy. I guess it’s pretty big ❤

    Yuki is still my favorite.

  5. October 15, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Nao’s got the goods and the looks? haha

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    October 17, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Wow it is starting to really heat up!

  7. 7 mewmew
    January 1, 2009 at 2:16 am

    lol i ❤ nao’s underwear i would so wear them but yuki’s are way cute too!!! ❤ lol im a girl i swear!

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    June 9, 2009 at 8:55 am

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Yuki…… you are crushing my heart!!
    You are sooooooo sexy!!

    Okay for a boy like me this is fustrating!! I want to be a crossdresser but…
    i ain’t so pretty!! Dam!! If i was like any of these boys…. *drools*

  9. 9 mewmew
    June 22, 2009 at 4:03 am

    its easy to look pretty, daisukiAKAsuzumi, just shave, pluck ur eyebrows, and lower ur voice. im sure ur really pretty any way. ^_~

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    nhhhaaaa thanks!! *hugs tigh*

    But i kinda crossedressed a few times and the results…. uuuuuuhhhh…. *going down*

    And it’s hard to lower my voice…

    Still!! I am trying!! The feminine side rules!! *burning eyes*

    Mewmew you really area a kind one!!

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