[Figures] Some stuff to look forward to

Just thought I’d write somethin up to keep tabs of some of the more obscure figures that have been announced, but haven’t seen the light of day much or at all. Some of these were shown at previous hobby shows such as the WonderFest or CharaHobby shows, while others I’ve only seen announced on their sites with no details really set.

Update: added a couple more lol






The lovely swordmaster Busujima Saeko…

…from Inazuma’s manga “High School of the Dead”

From Kemeko Deluxe, MM and Kemeko.

Also from Kemeko Deluxe, Vanilla. Only seen up to ep 2 of the anime, and haven’t read the manga so don’t know when she shows up.

No details yet on release or anything of that sort (I think). Best thing to do I guess would be to check their site from time to time.

Images from GA Graphic


A new project from Native, the people that brought you the world’s first pvc figure with pube stickers, as well as the ever cute M-ko who, although about to be violated by tentacles, keeps a somewhat happy demeanor and even salutes. Obviously no details yet, but hopefully information will come about soon enough.

Image from Native’s webpage


New project from Questioners too. Questioners is new to the pvc figure stuff as far as I’m aware of, and their only release is the character Shiratori Amane, from G.J?’s erogame Anata no Shiranai Kangofu. Her character was designed by Toshihide Sano, and sculpted by Vispo.

This original character is tentatively called “Majoko-san” (or Magic Girl / Witch). Don’t know who she’s designed by, but the sculpt of the pvc figure will be done by Hamasaki Takeshi (King of Craft), who is probably most recognized by his delicious interpretation of MaxFactory’s Nishimura Kinu designed Shiranui Mai. Just based on that fact alone I’m gonna be looking out for this one, but the image looks quite nice too, so hopefully this should turn out to be nice.

Image from Questioners’ Majoko page


That’s all I’ve got for now, but there are definitely other figures that should be kept on lookout. Especially stuff from Alter like their gun toting Yoko, Shining Wind’s Clalaclan, Valkyria Chronicles’ Selveria, among others. None of those figures have had any info since WonderFest though, but it should all come in due time…


Update 10/29


Speaking of Highschool of the Dead, here is another, much more impressive looking Miyamoto Rei from Organic (the other by Toy’s Works. I hope Saeko comes out nicely.). First shown at the WonderFest a couple months ago, Organic has just recently announced a late January 2009 release for this PVC & ABS baby for 9,240yen :\ A bit expensive, but I guess you are getting more than your average pvc figure, what with the extended base and the dead female zombie with Rei’s weapon of choice through her head lol.

Images from GA Graphic and Organic’s homepage.


Toranoana’s rendition of the protagonist from Nitro+‘s erogame, Satsuriko no Jango, her name…or lack of…being Donne Anonime (Namae no nai Onna). With a beautifully dynamic pose, wicked outfit, and badass base, I hope some information is released soon about whether or not she will be a toranoana exclusive or not (probably is…). She doesn’t look as detailed or refined as Alter’s offering of her, but she is quite impressive nonetheless. Here’s to hoping more info is announced soon.

Images from GA Graphic

3 Responses to “[Figures] Some stuff to look forward to”

  1. October 29, 2008 at 4:22 am

    MY brother will cry in Joy when i tell him about Saeko.
    Those Kemeko/MM figures look nice too 😀

  2. October 29, 2008 at 5:20 am

    I heard good things about High School of the Dead, but Toys Works is bleh.

  3. October 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Toy’sWorks can be kinda hit or miss with me too. Actually most of their stuff looks ok, like the 3Kingdom’s era Ikkitousen characters, some of their Little Busters figures, their Aria figures, and even some of the trading figures. Others though are kind meh, including HSotD’s Miyamoto Rei (:(), and Clare from Claymore, which just looked kinda….*shudder*…

    The prototypes look good though, I hope the painting will turn out good also. I’ve been disappointed a number of times by nice looking sculpts at first, but not so nice paint jobs…not that the painting itself is sloppy or anything, just…doesn’t quite capture the look, or how i imagined the figure would look from looking at the prototype.

    Can’t speak much about the actual quality though cuz I don’t have any of their figures lol

    That doesn’t stop me from goin :O over Saeko though haha

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