[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 7, Chapter 2


『Cherry Girls』, the maid cafe with only boys. Previously, the self proclaimed “shopgirl (?)”, Rio-kun, had an embarassing punishment delivered to him by Tomo-kun in front of all the Masters. In order to exact revenge on him, Rio-kun got Yuki-kun mixed up in his scheming… What is Tomo-kun’s “weak spot”?? Tomo-kun, will you be ok?!



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 7, Chapter 02
November 21, 2008 (Friday)



Tomo: “(Geez —— I have problems even when coming home.
I lost them but it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.)”


Tomo-kun’s day as a maid starts as soon as he returns home from shaking off the girls trying to pry into his private life. There are quite a lot of people who want to know more about the cool and mysterious Tomo-kun.


Tomo: “(It’s too bad, but our family business is a secret——I hope you guys can stay away.
Besides, I’m not interested in normal girls.)”


——that said, Tomo-kun starts to change himself into a “girl” in his room.
While thinking about Yuki-kun and the others who’ve already gone out onto the floor…
Suddenly, his hand stops.


Tomo: “… Not cute——huh”


The awkward moment with Yuki-kun from before…looks like he’s still concerned about it.
Even so, with a steady hand Tomo-kun continues to change——


Tomo: “…Hm? Something is squirming around in my clothes…”


Elsewhere, inside 『Cherry Girls』.
Nao-kun has gone out for shopping, so only two people are out working on the floor…?


Rio: “Mm~~hmhmhmhm….
Tomo-nii, I wonder what kind of face you’ll make…it’s about time you found out about the little surprise I put in your uniform…♪”


Yuki: “…Rio? What’s wrong??”


Rio: “OooOhh!?
Nothing, I’m fine!! I’m toooootally fine♥♥”


Yuki: “(Really…? He’s acting a little strange)”


“What’s wrong, Yuki-kun?”
“You’re not lookin very good…
If you’re gonna make that face, how about I order your panties?”


Yuki: “Shaddap! Just stop it! Don’t flip my skirt up!!
…You know what, I’ve wanted to ask you guys this…does my wearing panties make you happy?
I’m the one wearing them you know? I’m a ‘boy’ you know?!”


“”We’re fine with that.””


Yuki: “…Oh well whatever… I’ll just let it be (sob)”


That’s right, the thing he has to be thinking about is Rio-kun.
Actually, Yuki-kun knows a bit about the reason behind Rio-kun’s weird behavior.


Yuki: “(Crap…Rio…he’s serious about getting his revenge.
He asked me to tell him what Tomo hates and I said ‘He’s very sensitive so he’s not very good with small squirmy things’…”

All right, I’ll tell Rio firmly this time.
He’s got to stop with the revenge——)




Yuki: “Shoot, am I too late?!”


Even as he is about to cry from scurrying about, Tomo-kun bursts onto the floor.
His appearance is completely different from his usual self.


Rio: “I did it!! It was a success!!”


Tomo: “Ss, so, so, somebody!!
Get it off! Get it off…somebody please get it off!!”


Ohh? Underneath his clothes——within the small cloth that wraps around Tomo-kun’s slender body, something seems to be moving around.


Yuki: “Rio, you didn’t——“


Rio: “Uhahahahahaha!! You see that Tomo-nii?!
I borrowed that hamster from Mamoru-kun’s place!!
It’s small and squirms around so it has to be sickening for you!!”


Yuki: “Ahhhh I knew it!!”


Rio: “Ohohohohoho….sooo Tomo-nii. If you want it removed, you’d better bow down to m——


Oh boy…Rio-kun was run over by Tomo-kun, who burst through with awesome speed.
With those legs, he rushes towards Yuki-kun.


Tomo: “Yuki, you…you went and told Rio!!
You just wait. I’ll never forge…”
——fuaaAAAAAH!! T, t, the mouse is on my back…”



Yuki: “C, calm down! I’ll get it for you.
I’m gonna take off your clothes…”


Yuki-kun places his hand on the collar of Tomo-kun’s uniform.
But, before he knew it, the Masters had already completely surrounded them.




Yuki: “Waaahhhhhh!!? Don’t set your cameras up without asking us!!
This is no good. Tomo, get in the house!”


Tomo: “I, it’s fine…
It’s fine so just do it here…”


Yuki: “Hah?”


Tomo: “If that thing moves just 1 millimeter on my body I feel like I’m going to die…
Hurry…just hurry and get this thing off of me…!!”


Yuki: “T, Tomo…”


Yuki-kun’s heart leapt the moment Tomo-kun begged him with his teary eyes…
But, as if to refuse Yuki-kun that moment, Tomo-kun scowls at him.


Tomo: “Are you thinking that I’m begging you because I want to?!
I, I, I don’t want this, but I can’t tak….
ah, haa…!!”


Yuki: “——Ok I got it, you don’t have to say anymore.
…I’ll get it off for you.”


As the Masters look onward, Yuki-kun restrains Tomo-kun’s body firmly and——thrusts his hand inside his clothes♥



The feelings of softness and the tensing of the body comingle together on the boy’s body.
Over the naked body of his younger brother, Yuki-kun’s hand explores for the hamster.


Yuki: (Uwahh…Tomo’s body, it’s totally smooth…
I wonder if this is how a girl feels too…)


Tomo: “Y…You’re not thinking about anything weird are you…!
…Don’t feel around my body so much…”


Yuki: “That’s not what I’m thinking!!
——ooh, I found our little hamster friend…”


squirm squirm…


Tomo: “Hyaah!! Wa..ah…stop….stop it!
Don’t touch me in weird places you pervert…!
My chest, stop…”



Yuki: “Who’s a pervert here…there’s not even anything to touch…
If you don’t hold still I won’t be able to catch it.”


Tomo: “S, shutup…!
Hurry…ahh……hurry up, catch it…!!”


Tomo-kun’s delicate chest——thin waist——
The hamster, tracing a path on that body while being chased, is followed by Yuki-kun’s hand, also creeping along that naked body. Being in that kind of questionable appearance, not just the Masters, but Yuki-kun is also getting a little excited…♥


Yuki: (W, what’s with him, he’s making strange noises even though he’s a boy…
Even I’m kinda…getting a strange feeling…)



Tomo: “EeeeeeeeeeeP!!?


Yuki: “!! What’s wrong?!”


Tomo: “It’s…under… My skirt…..it went under…!!”


W, who would have thought he’d go there…!
Creeping around in an area that couldn’t possibly be drawn here, Tomo-kun’s senses are on the brink of meltdown.


Tomo: “a…ah….I can’t take anymore…
I’m gonna die…I’m really gonna die…”


Yuki: “Damn! Just hold on, I’m gonna dive right into the skirt.”


Tomo: “??! I, I, I can’t let you do that! I don’t approve!
If you do anymore I’m…”


Yuki: “Don’t worry, just let me handle it!
——I’ll definitely catch it this time!”


Yuki-kun’s hand brushes over Tomo-kun’s smooth behind, and from there towards his precious area——



Tomo: “~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!”


Yuki: “A, alright, I got it…
Hey come on, stop struggling…”



Hamster: “Chu?”


Tomo: “……(shudder)”


Tomo-kun fainted upong locking eyes with the hamster that Yuki-kun had in his hand.
At that moment, Nao-kun returned from his shopping.


Nao: “W…what are you three dooinnnnnggg!!!!”






Rio: “Gyaaaah!! Nao-nii I’m sorry! I’m soooorrrryyyyyyy!!!”


Nao: “…can’t do that Rio-kun…come have a talk with your Onii-chan over here…”


After closing shop for the day, the daily meeting is once again in stormy weathers.
Rio-kun’s crying voice could be heard all throughout, and Yuki-kun was sincerely apologizing to Tomo-kun, who had curled up into a ball on the sofa.


Yuki: “Tomo…I’m reeeeaaallly sorry…
You can get mad or do whatever you want with me.”


Tomo: “……”


Yuki: “…Tomo?”


Tomo: “…”


…Usually Tomo-kun would exchange a few choice words, but…
Today, his back faces Yuki-kun as his shoulders tremble softly.
Seeing that, Yuki-kun is pierced right through the heart.

That’s right——Tomo-kun is, after all, Yuki-kun’s precious younger brother.


Yuki: “Tomo——I’m sorry.

Today, and the other day when you punished Rio instead of us”


Tomo: “…?”


Yuki: “I’m…I’m really a terrible brother…
Since we were young, I’ve caused nothing but trouble for you…
You’re pretty mature, so Nao-nii and I eventually became too soft…
But seeing how you turned out like this——If you think about it I’m so unreliable.”


Tomo: “……”


Yuki: “——Tomo, if you’re ok with me, I’ll do anything you want.
So…can you give me another chance?”


Tomo: “…Did you say, you’ll do anything?”


Yuki: “Ah, yea? That’s what I said…”


Tomo: “Fufu…I see♥ Remember that.”


Yuki: “——Ah! Bastard, are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?!


Oh boy…it seems it is just what he’s thinking.
Tomo-kun has gone back to normal, and there isn’t even a single droplet of tears in his eyes. Instead, he has his usual bold smile on his face.


Tomo: “If that’s the case, I’ve got many requests in mind.
——Starting today, I’ll have you be my exclusive maid for awhile.”


Yuki: “You…do you enjoy abusing me?”


Tomo: “——Don’t go back on your word.
You were right when you said that it’s your fault that I’ve become like this you know.”


Yuki: “Eh?”


Tomo: “When you cry like that it’s so cute——
I don’t want to give you to anybody else and makes me want to tease you.”


Yuki: “…?! W, what are you, an idiot? What are you talking about…”


Tomo: “Ho——♥ It was just a joke, “Yukiko”-niisan.”


Yuki: “Eh? Ah…
D, Damniiiit!!! (sob)


…Perhaps Tomo-kun is more skilled at being one step ahead?



Original page: [Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 7, Chapter 2

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  1. 1 mewmew
    January 1, 2009 at 5:00 am

    eh?!!!! o_O

  2. 2 anon
    January 1, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Finally, Tomo and Yuki get some focus ♥~
    Am I the only one who has noticed Tomo’s hinted feelings for Yuki?
    Anyway, this melted my heart.
    Thank you very much for the translation! ♥

  3. 3 Celberos
    January 2, 2009 at 2:01 am

    I think I know it too. lol

    Well, this will be my favourite chapter until the 8-2 chapter is translated by suneo. Fufufufu >w<

    Yuki is very fascinating, right? But I like Nao-nii the most. ^^

    Thanks for the translation very much suneo. 😀

  4. 4 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    June 9, 2009 at 6:10 pm

    So….. it looks like Yuki is the one developing a incest relationship with the most brothers!!

    Have to admit this chapter was trully delicious!!

    Just the way he describes all the areas Yuki was searching…..*perverted look*

    Well Tomo is my second fav!! So this was a “BIG” fan service to me!!

  5. 5 mewmew
    July 3, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    my fave is defo rio! >w~ he reminds of ryan ross from the band panic at the disco.

    and i loooove ryan ross! ^^ yes i also love sailor outfits!
    oi! have u noticed that because the boys look like girls both boys AND girls can like them wit out it being weird? aweeeeesome!

  6. 6 Kimiake
    February 27, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Awwww…. the one pic is down….. ;-;

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