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[Movies] Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel

Whooooa. Haven’t really been following this, but Sunrise officially announced plans to bring out a live action movie version of the anime series Cowboy Bebop, with Keanu Reeves taking the lead role of Spike Spiegel. It’ll be a collaboration project between Sunrise, 20th Century Fox, and 3 Arts Entertainment. Good news for the fans of the series I guess is that the original director and script supervisor for the series, Shinichiro Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto respectively, as well as the president of Sunrise, Kenji Uchida, will be on hand personally as associate producers to the film. Original series’ producer Masahiko Minami will also act as production consultant.

I’ll reserve my judgments until we actually see some footage lol. After recently seeing the Dragonball and Street Fighter trailers, I hope it won’t end up grouped up with them. With a big name like Keanu attached to the film and many of the people who were responsible for the original series on the film, it may turn out better than most people currently are making it out to be. However it turns out though, I’ll probably still check it out just in support for the fact that anime series are gaining more exposure in some way or another. Another one that I am interested in checking out is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Akira. Despite what most people may be saying blindly in light of the fact that it’ll be produced by Leo’s production company and will have him star in a lead role as well, I think he might actually make a pretty good Kaneda.


from alafista via ANN and image from E! Online


[Cherry Girls] January guest illustration #2 – Chikaya

Number two of the Cherry Girls guest illustrations for the month of January. Here is a very cute Nao-kun being sweet on a customer (or brother ^^). Illustrated by Chikaya (Holiday School).

comment from the artist:

Thank you for letting me participate in such a wonderful feature. The boys from “Otosuki!?” are all so cute, and when I’m reading, I fall for each of the four’s charms. I’ve really enjoyed it. I really look forward to the continued serialization of the story and comic! Good luck to this year as well!



Original page: 『オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!?』応援イラスト第2回

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