[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 8, Chapter 1


December — At the maid cafe where the maids are all boys, 『Cherry Girls』, a special Christmas Event is taking place to thank the Masters and their patronage. A present has been prepared for them and it is…yup, Yuki-kun! Previously, Yuki-kun had pushed Tomo-kun into an incident. Now, he must obey Tomo-kun’s commands.



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 8, Chapter 01
December 6, 2008 (Saturday)



This is an event that happened on a day near Christmas.
At the crossdressing maid cafe 『Cherry Girls』, a little event is taking place.

After normal business hours——
Out on the floor decorated with handmade Christmas ornaments made by Nao-kun and his Mama, the usual group of “Masters” have gathered. Tomo-kun, standing on a stage in the store, gulps as he watches over them.


Tomo: “Thank you for showing up so eagerly, Masters.
Now then——tonight, for those of you who have come back time and time again, you’ll get a special Christmas present from us maids♥
——Yuki, come out here and say hello”


Yuki: “A…alright…”


A boy wearing an incredible outfit appears, illuminated by the light from a lovely candle as he walks along timidly…
It’s Yuki-kun, wearing a specially made Santa Girl outfit just for tonight.

“Y, Yuki-kun is the present…?!”


Yuki: “Umm…ahh….M, Mas…ter…
P…please…do w…what you like…with me…”


Tomo: “——So, Masters. Please command him however you like.
No matter what your command is, Yuki here will perform it.”


“Whatever we want.”

Upon hearing those shocking words, the Masters were bubbling almost to the point of shrieking.

“T, the usually defiant Yuki-kun will do whatever we want…?!”
“C, can anybody order him around?!”


Tomo: “Quiet! The ones who can give their commands are those who have collected 5 point cards for this store——
In other words, it’s limited to those Masters who have graciously saved up 500 points.”


“500 points?!”
“Ku…I’m just barely under…”


Yuki: “H, hey…Tomo… (mumble mumble)”


Tomo: “What’s up?”


Yuki: “Somehow…no matter how you look at it, isn’t this overdoing it…?”


Tomo: “——are you talking back to your “Master”?
As you are now, you’re my exclusive maid you know.”


Yuki: “Da–! I understand, MASTER!”


That’s right…ever since being pushed into a corner by Tomo-kun, Yuki-kun’s suffering has continued. He is the maid of a maid.


Yuki: “Damnit…why did I have to keep saying that I’d do anything…”


Tomo: “Hmm——for one who’s always talking about being more manly, this isn’t very much like you…
Guys never go back on their word, isn’t that right?”


Yuki: “I, I know that!
I’m a guy. I won’t go back on my word…
So what about this? Are there even any guys who look like this??!”


Rio: “That’s great isn’t it?
Look at what I’m wearing!”


Hmm? Why is there a reindeer in the store…
Or so we thought…it is in fact Rio-kun wearing a stuffed reindeer outfit.
Next to him is Nao-kun, who has been staring at Yuki-kun with mouth open.


Rio: “Uuu…I really want to wear something sexy too…
This outfit has zero taste…”



Yuki: “Ahh geez… Nao-nii, don’t just stand there, say something to him for me.”


Nao: “Eh? Ah…s, sorry.
I was just thinking you were so cute I got a little speechless.”


Yuki: “N, Nao-nii~~~!!”


“T, Tomo-kun…can we…make our orders now…”
“I’ve already got so many ideas I can’t wait…so many ideas…”

With that, three Masters stepped forward.
It seems tonight that the Masters rich with points who meet the requirements to order Yuki-kun around are these three.


Tomo: “Now then Yuki, grant them their wishes.
——Don’t worry, our Masters are gentlemen. They won’t go over the top like me.”


Yuki: “……”

(You just wait, I’m gonna beat the crap out of you the moment I get a chance…
I was supposed to go to a Christmas party with the guys from my class, but you’re making me overtime with this hentai stuff~~~!!”)


I might as well just get this over with and meet up with my friends.
Yuki-kun, having made up his mind, stood boldly in front of the point rich Masters, who received fiery stares from the other Masters who didn’t have enough points…


Yuki: “W…what is your wish, Master?”


“L, let’s see…first let’s make a reservation at a nearby hotel…”


Yuki: “Yessir, a hotel right…a hotel!!?”


The Master suddenly lost his common sense. The other Masters started heckling him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with our Yuki-kun?!”
“We never touch maids! We only take pictures till the end! That’s the oath that we low-anglers——no, that we as Masters took!!”


Rio: “M, Masters…!”


Nao: “Wow…everybody wants to protect Yuki…!”


Tomo: “(…Really?)”


“A, alright I got it! Part of me is still a Master. Let’s make a compromise…
Give me your panties!!”


Yuki: “You call that a compromise??!”


Tomo: “——Yuki. That was an order.”


Yuki: “I, I got it… I only need to give him my panties right…”


Yuki-kun regained his self control after calming his heaving heart from the sudden proposal to go to a hotel.

“This is nothing…they’re only panties.
They’re the same as my trunks. There’s nothing sexy about them!”

While telling himself that, Yuki-kun heads into his home…and comes out again holding a cute, small, rolled up bundle of cloth in his hands.


Yuki: “Here, take it!
I don’t know what you’re going to use it for, but I’m a boy, ok…
These panties aren’t worth a thing to me at all.”


“Y, Yuki-kun just took these panties off…!!”


Yuki: “Wrong! I just got these out of the dresser!

…Don’t make such a pathetic face…”


“Uuu, don’t worry Yuki-kun…it doesn’t matter where they’re from! They’re mine now!”
Holding Yuk-kun’s panties in his hands, the wealthy Master returns to his seat, choking on his tears.

…At the same moment, a new wealthy Master who doesn’t seem like he’ll be satisfied with just panties comes walking up.

This Master looks as if he is the champion of the century with rippling muscles. He climbs the stage and blocks Yuki-kun’s way with his large frame.

“Hmph, the low angler’s oath…? What a pathetic group of people…”


Yuki: “W, what do you want?”


“I’m not so prudent, Yuki-kun! As your Master, I’m going to give you an unbelievable order!!”


Yuki: “Ah…whatever just hurry up and say it.”


“Step on me!!”


Yuki: “…Eh?”


Before realizing it, Yuki-kun was speechless.
He lines up behind with Nao-kun and the rest, and in a whisper confirms…


Yuki: “What did this guy just say…?”


Tomo: “‘Step on me’, it seems”


Rio: “Yup, ‘Step on me'”


Nao: “He said…’Step on me'”


“That’s right Step all over me!! And talk dirty to me while you’re doing it!!”


Yuki: “Don’t be so excited when ordering me around like that——!!!”


Up on the stage, Yuki-kun immediately started to abuse the Master (though it was inevitable…). The weirdness of it all sent shivers up his spine…


“N, no way…”


The Master lay stretched out and face up, waiting for his foot——
Yuki-kun thought this may be the first step into the world of taboo for him.


“Hmph, to be abused verbally while being stepped on…why would you want that?
Does that somehow make you happy…? Does it feel good…?
On top of that from a guy like me…
Ahhh crap, my mind is going blank…!”


Yuki: “Y, you think I’ll ever accept that kind of world…!!
Fine then. Stay still, I’ll walk all over you…!”


Yuki-kun shakes off his wandering thoughts and raises his leg, and with everything he’s got——





Yuki: “S, So…I’m stepping on you, you pervert…
How is that, are you satisfied…you idiot…”


“H, huuoooooo….!
This is the best, Yuki-kun…!!!”


Yuki: “D, don’t be grateful!!
Stay still, you…you freak! Peeping tom!”


Yelling out every abuse he can think of with everything he’s got, Yuki-kun grinds and feather touches the Master with his shoe.

“Excellent, this is great Yuki-kun…harder…!
Ahhh…even though you’re a boy you’re wearing such cute panties…”


Yuki: “What??! D, dumbass, don’t look!!
Don’t look don’t looook…you disgust me, stupid idiot…”


*Kick! Kick!!*


“Yes! More! Abuse me some more!
Despise me!! Hah….hah…”


Yuki: “D, don’t get excited! Don’t feel good because of me…
I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you…!!”


Nao: “Y, Yuki, are you ok…?”


Tomo: “Even though he’s the one doing the abusing, to think that he’d feel like he’s being teased——
Hoho…that’s Yuki alright…”


Rio: “What is?”


Yuki: “Uuuu, I don’t wanna do this anymore…this is enough, isn’t it Master…?”



“Ahh, I can’t get enough of that face Yuki-kun——~~
Abuse me!! Kick me! Step on my cubes——!!!”


Yuki: “~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
If you want me to step on you that much oh I’ll step on you alright…
Die you freakin pervert—————!!!!!”







Yuki: “Hah…hah…hah… Just one left…!!”


Tears scatter down his face. Are they from anguish or from being pushed to the limit…
Anyway, turning his back on the previous Master who cannot move anymore, and stepping forward with the foot just used to torment him between the legs, Yuki-kun glares strongly at the final Master.

“H, huh??!”


Yuki: “Once I take you down I’m free…!!
Now then, I’ll step all over you so get down on the floor!!”


Nao: “Wait Yuki!!”


Yuki-kun and the Masters twitch to a stop.
Nao-kun forces his way between the two——and calmly has a word with them.


Nao: “I can’t watch you look so painful anymore Yuki…
I’ll listen to the last request. Is that ok?”


Original page: [Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 8, Chapter 1

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