[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 8, Chapter 2


At the special Christmas event to thank their Masters for their patronage at 『Cherry Girls』, somehow Nao-kun has become the present?! Much to the bewilderment of Yuki-kun and the others, the Master’s surprising wish is…?!!



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 8, Chapter 02
December 28, 2008 (Sunday)



“N, Nao-kun will be the ‘present’…!!?”

The eldest sibling Nao-kun’s proposal sends the store into a frenzy.
Yuki-kun, the second eldest sibling who was taking orders from the Masters until just a moment ago quit doing so after having lost it.


Yuki: “N, Nao-nii!! You don’t have to.
You don’t know what these perverted idiots will make you do…”


Nao: “Let your big brother handle this, Yuki♥”


As he said that, Nao-kun touches the seemingly cold Yuki-kun on his exposed shoulder.


Nao: “Compared to seeing you in pain——
It’d be much better dealing with them.”


Yuki: “Nao…nii…(doki♥)”


Nao: “Tomo-kun, it’s ok…right?”


Tomo: “……”


Those words spoken from Nao-kun’s troubled face are directed at the second youngest sibling, Tomo-kun.
Propping his glasses up with his hand in a moment of silence————


Tomo: “Kuh———things were just getting good…
(Oh well, if Nao-nii wants to)”



Rio: “Tomo-nii~…?
What you say and what you wanted to do are all mixed up you know~~…??”


Yuki: “I…I can’t put into words the anger I’m feeling…”


Tomo: “A, ahem!!!
Ahh…If Nao-nii wants to do it then I don’t mind.

————What do you think, Master?”


Tomo asked the last “points rich” Master of the day.
However, there was no reason to refuse the Cherry Girls shopgirl that would be hearing his request.

“To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in Yuki-kun…
……I have no problems if it’s you!!”


Tomo: “——Seems he wasn’t interested in you.”


Yuki: “…who gives a crap.”


Now, there is nobody to stop Nao-kun and the Master.
With both hands, Nao-kun hides his exposed body from overflowing out of his skimpy clothing.


Nao: “W, what would you like…?”



Nao-kun’s throat moves along with his determination.


Nao: “If you are ok with me, I’ll do anything…
Anything you want to try, you can do it…”


Pressed on by Nao-kun, the words that come out of the Master’s mouth are——

“Th, then…
……B, be my wife!!!”




YukiTomoRio: Whaaaaaaaaaat!!!??


After a moment of silence, an angry bellow sweeps through 『CherryGirls』 like a violent storm.
The brothers and of course the regular Masters, along with those Masters that had already used up their points all voiced their objections ferociously.

“You bastard~~!!”

Despite that, the Master who made the request didn’t even flinch.

“E, even the guy from before didn’t hold back!
What’s so bad about chasing after your desires! It’s human nature!!”


Yuki: “Human nature…my aaaass!!
W, w, w, what the hell are you thinking!!?
H, h, how dare you…Nao-nii of all people…”


Rio: “Yuki-nii, calm down!!
——Nao-nii, that sort of request is no good, right?
To be a wife so suddenly…? A husband…???
……Anyway, you wouldn’t leave us behind right?!”


Tomo: “Hold it, you two!”


Tomo-kun interrupts the distracted Rio-kun and Yuki-kun.
Nobody knows what he’s planning. His expression is delicate yet serious.


Tomo: “An order is an order——
What Nao-nii does——is up to him to decide.”


The words are spoken while looking ahead at one person——
In the midst of all the commotion, Nao-kun squirms silently.


Nao: “U, umm…”


The points rich Master clings closely to a perplexed Nao-kun.

“Nao-kun, be my wife!”


Nao: “B, b, but……
I’m…a boy you know?
Master…are you ok with that…?”


“Don’t worry. Nobody’s perfect!”


Nao: “! M, Master…”


“Nao-kun…I want you to wear a wedding dress!”


Nao: “!!! …a wedding dress…♥♥♥♥”


Oh? Nao-kun, your eyes seem to have glazed over?
Grievous sighs escape from the lips of Yuki-kun and the brothers at the same time.


Yuki: “N, Nao-nii~~!!!!”


Tomo: “Rather than an order——
That’s a confession of love isn’t it.”


Rio: “…N, Nao-nii will be a new wife…!!”



Nao: “Welcome home, Honey——♥♥”


The newlywed wife Nao-kun flutters his apron skirt as he says that.
The three brothers can see it happening right before their eyes.


Nao: “You’ve come home early today.
I’m so happy…♥♥
Since…I’ve been lonely all day…”


——What’s wrong?
Smiling and being embraced from behind, the newlywed Nao-kun confesses in a painful voice.


Nao: “Since…a boy as a wife is weird after all…
The whole neighborhood is always looking at me…”



The husband holds Nao-kun up with his hand.
That’s right, it seems as if he’s about to say something like “If they want to see you that much, then I’ll show everybody in the world my wife!”——♥


Nao: “Ahhn, you can’t, dear…♥♥♥

Hey…you’re tired again today, aren’t you?
Would you like to take a bath?
Or have dinner?
Or would you like……me…?”


Yuki: “Uwwaaaahhhhhh!!!
Nao-nii you can’t! You caaaaaan’t!!!

Rio: “Yuki-nii calm down!! Even if you yell out in despair it’s useless!!”


Tomo: “……”


Even the silent Tomo-kun can’t stay calm inside.


Tomo: “(Having it come this far was not how I imagined things were going to be, but——
Even if Nao-nii is like that, he’s still got some common sense.
He shouldn’t agree to is to easily…)”


He shouldn’t, but…
It is a little nervewracking after all.
Before he realized it, the points rich Master as well as the regular Masters and even Yuki-kun and the rest——
Everybody in the store held their breath and watched as they waited for Nao-kun’s reply.


Nao: “……”


It was deathly silent in the store.
And then, after 30 ticks of the second hand on the clock had echoed through the store——


Nao: “Then——ok♥”


Yuki: “Eh?”


Rio: “Eh??”


Tomo: “…Eh???”




The storm roars violently again.
The store shakes with the screams and feelings of grief.


Nao: “I…I’ll become your bride♥”


Yuki: “N, Nao-niiiiii??!”


Rio: “Are you serious?!”


Tomo: “(T, this is bad——this is unexpected…)”


However, Nao-nii looked calm.
He smiles mischievously as he takes a light step towards the Master.


Nao: “B-u-t♪ I have a condition.
Will you hear me out?”


“A, alright!”

The Master lends his hear eagerly.
Nao-kun plucks lightly at his earlobe, and mumbles something into his ear.
And then——


“N, no way…..”

The Master plops down in a chair in a daze.

“Doesn’t that mean I’ll be waiting forever??!!!!”


Rio: “Fweh?! He ran away crying…”

Yuki: “Did…did he give up on Nao-nii?”


Tomo: “Nao-nii————what did you say to him?”






Nao: “Well, here’s what I said to him…
‘I want a wonderful family with lots of kids, so until I can have kids, wait for me.’
Like that♥”


Yuki: “I, I see…
I guess…he had no choice but to give up…”


Safely ending the event, after tidying up——
Putting on his boots at the doorway, Yuki-kun was 70% feeling indifferent and 30% a little shocked while listening to Nao-kun.
Yuki-kun is getting ready to go to the Christmas party with his friends.
However, Nao-kun is dissatisfied with his reaction.


Nao: “Is it really that weird?
Though I did say that to turn him down…
I think to have the child of the person you love is the dream of lots of girls♪”


Yuki: “Ahh! Yea that’s right, they’re girls’ dreams huh.
But Nao-nii, you’re a guy!!


Nao: “Haha, I know I know♥
Your big brother won’t become anybody’s bride.”


Yuki: “(Are you sure…)”


Nao-kun wraps a scarf around Yuki-kun as he watches on. Before he knew it, Yuki-kun’s face turned red.
Really now…how come God made a guy like him?
Seeing that Yuki-kun was troubled by various thoughts, Nao-kun smiles sweetly at him.


Nao: “Go and have fun tonight…
You’ve had it pretty tough all this year.”


Yuki: “No kidding!
You know, unlike everybody else, I actually want to be a normal guy.
If something like tonight keeps happening, I’m seriously gonna quit.”


Nao: “Ok ok♥
I’ll tell Tomo-kun very clearly for you♥”


Yuki: “Promise?
Alright then, I’m taking off…”


Yuki-kun opens the front door.
Suddenly, his hand stops…with a red face full of embarassment, he turns around to face Nao-kun.


Yuki: “U, umm…”


Nao: “Hm?”


Yuki: “Merry…Christmas”


Nao: “——♥ Merry Christmas”


The door closes with a particularly calming sound.
『Cherry Girls』’s first year as a crossdressing maid cafe comes to an end with this sound.
Deeply moved, Nao-kun repeats himself in a quiet voice.


Nao: “……Merry Christmas♥ Yuki♥♥”


Ah, by the way Yuki-kun…
You forgot to change your panties again♥

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  1. February 22, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Christmas comes two months late!! :O
    Merry Christmas! lol

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    Best (belated) Christmas gift EVER!

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