[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 1


Sorry for the wait! After one month, 『Cherry Girls』 begins again! Since it’s February, love is in the air as the Valentine mood strikes, and even the cute maids of 『Cherry Girls』 can’t help but get excited! Especially the fourth son Rio-kun, who makes his move against his “beloved person”… In addition, February marks the start of a brand new serialization corner! For details, please check the 『Otosuki!?』 page! (“Otosuki” is short for “Otoko no ko ha Maid Fuku ga Osuki!?”)



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 9, Chapter 01
February 6, 2009 (Friday)



Speaking of February, Valentine’s Day comes to mind♥
For a guy it’s a delicate period and a rather troublesome day.
And now, for the boy walking home from school with Cherry Girls’ youngest, Rio-kun, that seems to be the case. That boy is Rio-kun’s friend, Kazu-kun.


Rio: “Funyaaaaaaan♥♥
Oooooh I’m so excited♥
Hey hey Kazu-kun.
Do you think Sensei’s already eaten the chocolates I gave him?”


Kazu: “Ahh….I guess so.”


Kazu-kun is a little tired from hearing Rio-kun ramble on and on about his beloved “Sensei.” Whether Rio-kun realizes this or not, he continues on cheerfully.


Rio: “There were already a lot of chocolates that the girls left on Sensei’s desk…
Do you think I should’ve made my chocolates stand out a little more?
Like a note that said “Eat me or die!” or something…”


Kazu: “That would backfire don’t you think!
…Besides, I didn’t get any chocolates from anybody except for my mom and little sister. I don’t wanna hear it.”


Rio: “Ooohohohoho♥ Don’t be such a downy downer♥
I’ll be sure to give you some chocolates next year.”


Kazu: “I don’t need chocolates from a guy!”


Arara…it seems Kazu-kun is not amused.
Kazu-kun, the one person that understands the eccentric Rio-kun the most in their class, doesn’t seem to want to make any effort to listen.

…Could it be because it’s about Sensei?


Kazu: “(What’s with him? All he says is Sensei Sensei…
I know that he loves Sensei, and I even cheered him on, but…

…but why is he talking about it to me?
If he loves him that much, he should be walking home with him instead…)”


Rio-kun really doesn’t notice Kazu-kun’s wavering feelings.
He continues to speak fondly about his Sensei while fluttering his skirt about.


Rio: “…but still, the girls are all so mean!
Since I’m a boy, they said that even if I gave him chocolates, he still wouldn’t like me!
Are they being cautious since I’m cute even though I’m just a boy? Ooooh I’m so troubled~♥♥”


Kazu: “Uh huh uh huh…
Well, that might be true.”


Rio: “Hu hu hu…Buuu~t♪
I’ve got a trump card♥”


And, Rio-kun grabs something from his bag.
He brings out a weathered cloth pack that looks like it’s got some history to it…


Kazu: “W, what’s this?
Look like it’s full of a pirate’s gold coins…”


Rio: “Kuhuhuhuhu…You wanna know?

YOU, don’t be surprised!!
——This here is magic chocolate that’ll change anybody’s mind!”


Kazu: “….hah?”


Rio: “I got this from my cousin Shizuka-san♥
He told me:



“So Rio I heard you like somebody♥
——Here, try this out.
I took a trip to South America over New Year’s and got this from a local witch doctor there.
If you make the person you like eat this, it’ll make them fall head over heels for you♥♥”

Kuhuhuhu♥ You just wait Sensei♥
You’re gonna be just like the Masters and can’t live without me…♥♥”


Kuhuhuhuhu…while slyly laughing, the virgin Rio-kun becomes lost in his delusional fantasy. Kazu-kun is no longer following him…


Kazu: “…Whatever. I’m going home by myself.”


Rio: “Fweh? …What’s wrong Kazu-kun?”



Without even answering Rio-kun’s calls, Kazu-kun walks away swiftly.
Looking at his backside, Rio-kun feels a little uneasy, but…


Rio: “Ah…♥
Could it be that you’re jealous?”


Kazu: “……!!”


Rio: “Ohhh come on♥ If you are you should’ve just said so♥”


Kazu: “N, no that’s not it…”


Rio: “Mmhuhuhu♥
Oh Rio you’re so s-c-a-n-d-a-l-o-u-s♥♥”


Kazu: “That’s not iiiiitttt!!!
There’s no way a guy could ever like another guy!”


Rio: “!!

(Uwaa…he said it…)


Looking at Rio-kun’s expression, before he realized what he had said, it was too late. With the momentum that he’d built up, Kazu-kun didn’t have any other choice but to keep going.


Kazu: “Besides, there’s no such thing as magic.
There’s no way that chocolate will E-V-E-R change anybody’s feelings!”


Rio: “Y, Yes it will!
Sensei will definitely like me after eating this!”


Kazu: “No he won’t! There’s no way!!”


Arara…the mood’s turned a little sour for these two good friends.
The two stare at each other silently…


Rio: “…nn”


Kazu: “Eh?”


What’s going on, Rio-kun…
He holds out the chocolate for Kazu-kun..


Rio: “Nnnn”


Kazu: “W…what’s this?”


Rio: “Try eating this.”


Kazu: “Wha…”


Kazu-kun turns crimson red.
He clenches his small fist and yells out.


Kazu: “D, don’t be stupid!
If I eat that, I…I’ll fall in love with…”


Rio: “Why not?
You don’t believe in the magic chocolate, right?
And, and, boys won’t ever fall in love with other boys, right?”


Kazu: “……”


…Though Kazu-kun is feeling the pressure, now that it’s gotten to this point, he can’t just stay silent and snatches the package of chocolates from Rio-kun and says…


Kazu: “Fine then, I’ll eat it!
It’ll never work anyway.”


Rio: “Then hurry up and eat ’em!
Kazu-kun you’re so…bleah! *sticks tongue out*”


Feeling like he’d just been stabbed in the heart, Kazu-kun rips open the package, picks out the biggest piece of chocolate, and in one go——*paku*.


Kazu: “Nng…munch munch…
See, I ate it. Chew chew…”


Rio: “…so…anything?”


Kazu: “Hah! These chocolates are nothi….


Rio: “!!? W…what’s wrong? Kazu-kun…”


Kazu: “Uu….Gah…..ah….!!!”


Falling on one knee, Kazu-kun holds his own slender body as he starts to tremble.
Rio-kun rushes over in a panic.


Rio: “K, Kazu-kun?! What’s wrong…
Hey?! Hold on…??!”


Kazu: “I, I’m fi…ne….”


So Kazu-kun says…
Actually, he is not fine at all.
Deep in his chest he feels a “whooosh” burning sensation getting hotter, his heart beats faster, and his head starts to get dizzy…
It seems like if he misses a step, he’ll completely collapse right there!


Rio: “You’re not fine!
I wonder if maybe it’s the flu…
Hold on, let me take your temperature.”




Kazu: “!!”


Rio: “Wah! You might have a fever…
W, what should I do…”


Rio-kun takes his temperature by placing his forehead against Kazu-kun’s.
Kazu-kun stares blankly at Rio-kun’s tear stained eyes.


Kazu: “W, what…is this…?
I can’t take my eyes off of Rio…
We were just fighting earlier, but he’s really worried about me…”


Memories of his days with Rio-kun flashed through Kazu-kun’s mind.
The day he first met Rio-kun at the entrance ceremony.
The day he folkdanced with Rio-kun at the school athletic festival because he couldn’t find a partner to dance with.
The night he walked handheld with Rio-kun to the bathroom on a camping trip because he was afraid to go alone.


Kazu: “T, this is weird…why is my head full of thoughts of Rio…
Don’t tell me this is because of the chocolate…?!

Waaahhhh idiot idiot idiot, there’s no way!!
I’m Rio’s friend!!”


Rio: “WaaAAA, what should I do…this is because of the chocolate!
Kazu-kun I’m sorry, I’m sorry….*sniff sniff*…”


Kazu: “I, I’m fine…
But, my body is trembling…”


Rio: “! Then here I’ll warm you up…ei!”



Kazu: “Heeee?!?!?!?


Kazu-kun’s entire body tensed and heaved with a “Doki♥”.
Rio-kun took Kazu-kun’s hand and guided it inside his own uniform!
Kazu-kun, eyes glazing over, had his hand introduced to the feeling of Rio-kun’s smooth naked body…


Rio: “I’m so sorry Kazu-kun, even though you were feeling sick…
How is it? Am I warm inside?”


Kazu: “W, wah….”


Rio: “Mmm…you can go inside even more if you want.
It’s warmer that way isn’t it?
I’m ok with it…”


And just like that, Kazu-kun’s hands ended up embracing Rio-kun——


Kazu: “Uwa….Uwa….!!”



Rio: “So…
Please…don’t hate me…!




Kazu: “R, Rio!!!


Rio: “Hyaaa!!?”


Hearing something snap within him, in an instant Kazu-kun is on top of Rio-kun.


Kazu: “Rio! I, I……!!!”


Rio: “Eh?! Eh?! No way…”

(Could this be because of the chocolate?!)


Rio-kun asks himself as he is pushed down by Kazu-kun.
But, but…


Rio: “N, not like this~~~~~!!!”


Original page: [Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 1

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  1. March 30, 2009 at 12:02 am

    It’s back! A little late…but…still back! Sorry for having things pile up week after week with no updates, also for those just starting to read it and encountering the bandwidth exceeded images from photobucket -_-. I went ahead and got a pro account, so these images will never go out again….for at least a year anyway lol. (or if they’re too risque haha)

    Anyway I’ll get to work on Story 10 soon and hopefully will have it up in a couple weeks… maybe…MAYBE. With my recent track record I’m in no position to make any guarantees lol.

  2. 2 ExpletiveDeleted
    March 30, 2009 at 5:43 am

    This is really hot.

  3. March 30, 2009 at 8:43 am

    One thing i couldn’t figure out is that near the beginning of this chapter I think Rio was described as fluttering his skirt about, but in the illustration below he’s wearing a boy’s uniform lol. So maybe it was just a metaphor or something that I missed.

  4. March 30, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Happy to se you in activity again Suneo. Four translation of Cherry Girls at one time is what I will call a good start on the week!

  5. 5 Celberos
    April 1, 2009 at 2:29 am

    About the skirt and shorts, if you sure that you are right maybe that there were some mistakes in the writer and the illustrator’s communication so the picture and the text don’t go together, do you think in the sasme way with me? 😕

    Thank you sooooooooo much about the new chapters!!!!! Too bad that now I have something to do so I can read and post only one chapter. I’ll countinue my reading after….:cry:

    Again, thank you very much 😀

  6. 6 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    June 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    God!! Rio wis so cute on this one!! I am almost all burned up!!
    That slim and cute body of Rio’s….. *drools*

    Still i am all for Yuki!!

    And finally we see Shizuka chan!! And wow!! She is so gorgeous!!
    Do want Shizuka chan!!

    Suneo thanks one more time (and maybe a few more that will come) for your blessed translation!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  7. February 10, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    This is this kind of a fantastic resource that you’re offering and also you give it absent free of charge. I adore seeing internet websites that understand the worth of providing a top quality resource free of charge. It?s the outdated what goes around comes about program.

  8. February 6, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    I believe Shizuka is male..^ _ ^;;
    And I know it’s reaaaalllly late but I just found out about Cherry Girls recently and I got really interested! Thanks for the translations~~RIo and Kazu are cute together! ^ – ^

  9. September 14, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    Fine way of describing, and nice article to obtain facts on the
    topic of my presentation topic, which i am going to present in college.

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