[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 2


Even though they’re boys, the Maids of 『Cherry Girls』 just can’t stay away from Valentine’s Day!? Possibly due to the effects of some suspicious “Magic Chocolate,” a classmate pushes himself down on Rio-kun! Furthermore, it seems something serious is also brewing in the store…



★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 9, Chapter 02
February 21, 2009 (Saturday)



Rio-kun received some magic chocolate that will “Make the one you love fall completely in love with you” from Shizuka-san. But, somehow, Kazu-kun is going wild after eating it! He’s pushed down Rio-kun…!!


Kazu: “Rio, I…I……!”


Rio: “K, Kazu-kun calm down! Calm down!!
You know I’m a boy. I’m not a girl…”


Kazu: “……”


Rio: “…Fweh?”


…What’s this?
Kazu-kun, on top of Rio-kun, seems to have completely exhausted himself…


Rio: “Kazu…kun…?”


Kazu: “… …”


Rio: “What…? Are you trying to say something…?”


Forgetting the dire situation, Rio-kun brings his ear closer to Kazu-kun’s mouth.
And then————


Kazu: “…I L….L….


Rio: “….Yes!!!?
You want to lie down?!”


Kazu-kun, when did he start breathing so soundly?


Kazu: “U, uuuunnnngg…
mumble mumble…”


Rio: “Geez what the heck is going on…
Kazu-kun, get a grip!!”


At the same moment, the maid cafe 『Cherry Girls』 is enjoying another day of success today.
The three maids Nao, Yuki, and Tomo are spreading happiness and joy to their Masters…
——Or so they should be, but on the contrary, Tomo-kun is the only person out on the floor.

“Tomo-kun, what happened to your brothers?”

“Tomo-kun’s butt is nice too, but… I think I’m suffering from Lack of Yuki’s Panties Disorder (LYPD for short)…”


Tomo: “——I’m terribly sorry, Master…
They seem to have met with some unexpected difficulties while changing. I’ll call the both of them out now.”

(Damnit those two… How long are they going to take eating their chocolates?
Nao-nii seems to be a bit strange after eating those chocolates… (Please read the previous comic♥). Rio is being Rio and isn’t home after getting out of school——)


Not being used to serving the customers, Tomo-kun is in distress, cursing under his breath.


(Damnit. Every little problem is surrounding me… You guys just wait…I’m going to make you wear some ridiculous clothing——)


Tomo-kun finally begins to lose his cool……


Yuki: “Yaaaaaaa!!
I’m going to wear this~~~!!


Nao: “Aaaaaabsolutely not!!!
You’ll wear this one!!!”


Tomo・Masters: “””…Hah?”””



Yuki: “I don’t wanna I don’t wanna I doooon’t waaannaaaaa!
I like this one betterrrrr!!
If I can’t wear the the frilly one then I don’wannaaaaa!!”



Nao: “I won’ lechuuu!! You’ll definidly look bedder in thiz one! Listen toooo ur big brotherrr!”



Yuki-kun, wearing a loli outfit that he would usually swear off at first sight, is making a ruckus and running around, chased by a mumbling Nao-kun.
…Having just burst into the store, the two have turned it into chaos!
What in the world will happen now?!
Tomo-kun and the boastful HENTAI Masters are certainly in for an exciting show.

“W, what’s with this service time…! I’m so happy today I’m afraid of what will come tomorrow…!!”

“N, No! This excess of NaoYuki is gonna make me spray something from my body…!!”


Tomo: “W, What…what are you two doing…?!
Did you guys lose your minds or what…?!”


Yuki: “But but~~!
Onii-chan is trying to take my clothes…
…wweeeehhhhh~~…. (*stagger*)”


Nao: “No I’m not! Iz becuzz you’re a boyy…hic (*stagger*)
These clothez will look better…they’re kyoot…hic”


Yuki: “Uuu, I’m not a boy!!
I’m, I’m really….uuuu~~ (*stagger*)
…a girl…hic”


Yuki-kun grows timid in a boy’s voice and throws Tomo-kun into a panic.


Tomo: “A, are you insane, Yuki!!
It’s like you’ve gone back to how you were in kindergarten…”



Yuki: “I’m juss fiiiine.
I wannna serve in the cuuuuuutest clothing here…
I luv alllll my Masters♥♥♥


…The moment those words came out, a squall crashed through the 『Cherry Girls』 store.

“I, I’m at the peak of of my life…! This moment here is my highlight…!!”

“No! This isn’t Yuki-kun! This isn’t Yuki-kun, but……hoooo.”


Tomo: “Eeeei, quiet down!!
I’ll be collecting extra charges from all of you!!”

What’s going on all of a sudden——)


It couldn’t be…
A light bulb just went off in Tomo-kun’s mind.

And just then, dragging Kazu-kun on his shoulder, Rio-kun makes it home.


Rio: “Everybody! Big problem big problem! My friend is…
————wait, what is going on here??!”


Tomo: “You too huh——
You made him eat the chocolates didn’t you.”


Rio: “Eh?
You mean Nao-nii and Yuki-nii also…”


Tomo: “——Don’t worry.
You look after him.”


Giving Rio-kun some words of support, he helps carry Kazu-kun over to the decorative plant next to the counter.
Oh? Somebody seems to be hiding and giggling there…


Tomo: “——Shizuka-san?
How about showing yourself?”


Shizuka: “…Aha ha ha♪
The jig is up♥♥


Rio: “Hoeh?! Shizuka-san?!”


The one who has appeared is Shizuka-san!
Hahaa, it seems this was planned by him all along…


Tomo: “What might you be doing?
——over there.”


Shizuka: “I was thinking things are just about to get really good♥♥
My cute cousins really are the best♥♥♥
Did you enjoy it too? Tomo♥”


Tomo: “Yea, well…
I want to ask you about that——“


So irritated that he couldn’t speak, Tomo-kun takes a deep breath——and has a word with Shizuka-san.


Tomo: “That “magic chocolate” that you brought last time——
Just how much alcohol is in it?”


Shizuka: “Hmm let’s see, it’s just a little weaker than absinthe I suppose?”


Rio: “Hoeeeh?!
T, the chocolate’s magic was….alcohol…?!”


Shizuka: “Aaaan, sorry Rio♥
But the person who sold it to me said you could “enjoy some time with the one you want to have fall in love with you♥,” so what I said wasn’t a lie!”


Tomo: “I knew it…
People like you are…”


Shizuka: “Oh come on♥♥
You wanted to let everybody enjoy this fun too, didn’t you?
I thought you would understand…♥♥”


Tomo: “…Well, I won’t deny that——
But I’m the only one who has the right to mess with my brothers.”


Shizuka: “Wah! So selfish!”


Tomo: “I could say the same thing for you♥”


Tomo-kun continues to watch the still drunk Nao-kun and Yuki-kun. Their dispute is still carrying on.


Nao: “Mumu~ So ur not gonnan lissen to meeee?
Sucha naughty child~~…
needz to be undressssed~~~!”


Yuki: “Kyaaaaaaaa~~~~!!”


Tomo: “(Huhu——♥
This would certainly be a wonderful scene, but this has gone a bit far…
It’s about time I splash some water on them and sober them up.)”


Letting out a quiet chuckle, Tomo-kun grabs a bucket and heads toward the backyard.



A splitting headache——
Twirling vision——
…and a familiar smell.
Kazu-kun comes to in an unknown bed thanks to those three senses.


Kazu: “U…nngh….?”


Rio: “——Are you feeling better? Kazu-kun…”


Kazu: “Rio…?
H, huh? Where…is this…”


Rio: “It’s my room.
Kazu-kun, you ate some chocolate with some craaaaaaazy strong alcohol in it…
You completely lost it.”


Kazu: “A, ahh….”


Kazu-kun, in a daze, recalls what happens while being watched by Rio-kun bedside.
Walking home with Rio-kun, having a fight, and being made to eat some weird chocolate…


Kazu: “I sorta, remember now…
uuu, my head hurts…”


Rio: “…I’m sorry.”


Kazu: “Eh?”


Rio: “I thought you were gonna die…
cuz of the weird stuff I made you eat…
Kazu-kun…you’re, my important friend…*sniff*…”


Kazu: “……”


Rio: “I’m sorry…
All because I’m weird…
I’m sorry…!”


Rio-kun clenches his small hands and casts his eyes downward.
Kazu-kun looks at their school uniform’s skirt hanging on the wall with a solitary expression.


Kazu: “Don’t…worry about it.”


Rio: “…Eh?”


Kazu: “You being weird is nothing new…
We’re friends aren’t we?”


Rio: “Kazu-kun…”


Kazu: “You’ll…give me some normal chocolates next year, right?”


Rio: “————!!”


Overcome with emotion, Rio-kun throws his arms around the rejuvenated Kazu-kun.


Rio: “Oh you!!
You know how to make a boy happy…
You little devil!!”


Kazu: “Y, you’re the devil——
hey, how many people’s clothes do you stick your hand into?!”


Rio: “Well since you felt my boobs earlier.
Let me feel yours too♥♥”


Kazu: “Uweh?!!!
W, wah-!! Mommyyyyy!!!”


Rio-kun really is quite interesting.
But——it’s great that he has a good friend♥



Original page: [Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 1

9 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 2”

  1. 1 ExpletiveDeleted
    March 30, 2009 at 5:55 am

    I want to get Yuki drunk… Also, FIRST!

  2. 2 Celberos
    April 2, 2009 at 9:54 am

    You get Yuki and I’ll get Nao, let’s go!! 😆

  3. 3 DaisukeAKASuzumi
    June 11, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    Hey guys wait for me i just don’t wanna miss that!! *laughs*

    Serously magic chocolate….. Oh well… if it can make them drunk and turn them into such a
    nice scene it’s really worth it!!

    Suneo maybe you wanna join in no?? It is going to be fun i guess… *ero eyes looking at Yuki and Nao*

    By the way Shizuka is getting more mystirious!! Now she is a boy?? Dood now i am confused….

    Anyway thank ya Suneo nii!! X3

  4. 4 mewmew
    June 23, 2009 at 2:07 am

    oi! me too! me too! ooowa!!! sounds fuuun!!! *glares at nao with evil grin*

  5. 5 DaisukeAKAChiami
    December 23, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    (sorry for what i am gonna say now but i really need to)!!

    Finnaly i fucking find the so much precious link to Cherry Girls!!!!
    Sorry for this rude entry but i was so sad when my computer was reformated and i forgot how to come here… *sob*
    Now i am so happy to continue to follow Yuki!! I am really sorry but this si really important to me!!

    Continuing then from a long time… yeah mewmew join us!! And remember to take some photos please!! :3

  6. 6 DaisukeAKAChiami
    December 23, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    Oh yeah by the way i think you noticed but i changed Suzumi to Chiami!
    Just to not mess on concuse it! :3

  7. 7 Kimiake
    February 27, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    I wonder what Tomo is like drunk now….Tho I did enjoy seeing Yuki in that pink frilly dress!

  8. 8 Kona-trap
    November 2, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    there´s a place where i can download the entire book, no matter if it´s in japanesse, but i want al the book X3.

  9. November 7, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    There isn’t a book as far as I know for this. The only stuff that’s available right now are the Comiket books, which do collect some of the stories along with special illustrations, as well as the Visual Books which looks like it’s out to Volume 2 right now. Honestly I haven’t followed Cherry Girls much lately (lol…lately. As people can probably tell XD), so I don’t know what other goodies they’ve got out right now. If you would like to follow the story, please visit the Hobby Channel site which I link to at the bottom of each post (for that chapter), or from the main Cherry Girls hub page from my main page!

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