[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 10, Chapter 2

Cherry Girls’ “male” maids, Yuki & Tomo, were relaxing in the hot springs when females entered the bath! Faced with a desperate situation and trying to escape, the two act like girls and seem to have completely fooled the others. They try to escape before their true identity is found out, but…just how will they be able to slip out of this?!





★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Story 10, Chapter 02
March 20, 2009 (Saturday)



They thought they were in the men’s bath, but they’re actually in the women’s bath??!

…so it seems, and now Yuki-kun and Tomo-kun have found themselves trapped in a situation they’ve never faced before.
Having played the part of girls for too long, they meant to escape quickly, but now Tomo-kun can’t move because he’s dizzy from the water…?!

Despite their looks they are young teenage boys after all. And they are running out of excuses——!


Yuki: “Just wait…I’ll think of a way to get us out of here…”


Tomo: “……”


Covering his male body with his arms and towel, Yuki-kun presses his head for any bright ideas.
Around them are the drunk women, frolicking in the nude…
If the two were found out to be guys, they might be in for something terrible…!


Yuki: “Alright, I got it!
Tomo, come here…”


Tomo: “??”


Yuki: “…Ok, I’ll look that way and scream ‘A peeping Tom!’
and then the moment those girls get all worked up…”


Tomo: “That won’t work…I don’t think I can move that suddenly.”


Yuki: “R, right…
——Ok, then how about this!
I’ll out drink the girls…”


Tomo: “Idiot!!
Did you forget what happened when you got dead drunk last time?!”


Yuki: “Th, then…!
“I’ll wear my towel on my head and come out from behind that rock and pretend to be a demon ghost…”


Tomo: “……”


Yuki: “…S, sorry.
I’m not that smart, unlike you…”


Tomo: “……”


…That’s right.
In place of Tomo-kun, who can’t think because of his dizziness, Yuki-kun has been desperately trying to think of a plan for the both them.



Tomo-kun himself, on the other hand…
Having never imagined that he would be in this situation, Tomo-kun reflects upon himself while his body squirms.

“What…am I doing…”

The girls speak out to the two.

“Hey hey, what are you two whispering about?”


YukiTomo: …...!!


“You two have been over there for awhile now. Come over and have a drink with us.”

“We’re all here together already so why not. Let’s get to know each other some more. How about it?”


Yuki: “Oh, I…maybe I shouldn’t…ehe (with a disguised voice)”


Tomo: “Me (in a boyish voice)…I mean, me too (in a girlish voice)…
I don’t handle alcohol well… (in a disguised voice)”


In order to escape from the women who have crowded closely around them, the two brothers tried to shrink their presence as much as possible…but the women won’t let them off that easily.

“Oh come on, don’t say that♥ If you don’t learn to at least drink, it’ll be tough for you when you go out with your coworkers you know?”

“That’s right. Now let’s get rid of that towel too♥ Come on come on♥♥”


Yuki: “Wah?! Wah?! Hey wait!!?”


Tomo: “N, noooooo!!”


The two are in a panic as the girls continuously pull at their towels.
Some girly sounds escape their mouths♥

“Whoa, what’s with the reactions lol! They’re kinda moe!”

“Oh come on don’t be so shy♥ Are you that embarassed to show us your breasts?”


Yuki: “Y…yes…”


Tomo: “W, well because…you know…?”


“W, what can we say to mislead them…?!
Their eyes meet just barely amidst the steam.

It’s a little embarassing for a a guy, but——
It looks like they have no other choice but to play “that hand.”


Yuki: “U, umm…I (in a boyish manner)…no.. ah…We (in a girly manner)…
W, w, we’re not, like you…”


Tomo: “Our boobs…
are tiny…”


Yuki: “S, so…
Showing you our boobs is a little embarassing…”


TomoYuki: “”……You know?””




“Gyaaaah! They’re soooooo cute!!”

Ahh…it seems to have the opposite effect.
The girls start to poke Yuki-kun and Tomo-kun’s fair skin from every direction.

“Oh it’s alright, there’s nothing to be embarassed about♥”
“Look at me, I’ve got tiny boobs too, you know?”

And with that, she grabs Tomo-kun’s hand and guides it to her chest——


Tomo: “(Hawww!!)”


Yuki: “………!! (doki!)”


Tomo-kun gets as red as cherry blossoms, and Yuki-kun knows what’s about to happen.
Appearing intoxicated in the misty hot water, Tomo-kun’s legs tremble.
Ahh…Tomo-kun might be at his limits…

“Now then, time for me to find out what I’m up against…”
“Time to strip, Momo-chan!”


Tomo: “Ah…Ahhh…”


Yuki: “T, Tomo…”


“We can’t make any more excuses!”
Yuki-kun readies himself——


Yuki: “Please stop!!
We’re actually…”


???: “U, umm…
‘Ahh…that felt good♥’


Yuki: “!!”



Nao: ” ‘The spring of youth’ was great, wasn’t it, Rio-kun?
Now let’s see, how about we try this one out?”


Rio: “Yea let’s go, Nao-‘nee’ ♥”


A super high class “Bishoujo,” (beautiful girl) whose skin is wet and slender body glossed over from the steam, makes a sudden appearance——
The women from the bath are floored upon seeing such beauty.
Forgetting even Tomo-kun, they stare intensely at her.

“W, who is that… She’s super pretty…”
“She’s a total bishoujo…”


Tomo: “Haa….haa…..
W, what…happened…?”


Yuki: “——It’s Nao-nii. Nao-nii’s come for us.”


It’s Nao-kun, Yuki-kun and Tomo-kun’s “Onii-chan”!
And behind his gracefully covered body is Rio-kun.
It seems that he went to get Nao-kun……but what are they talking about?


Rio: “The spring of youth really is great, huh, Nao-nee♪
Your skin is so smooooooth♥”


Nao: “Y, yes. I am going to be beautiful again. (In a nervous monotone)”


Upon hearing that, the girls draw closer to Nao-kun and Rio-kun with eyes ablaze.

“The spring of youth, you say?!”
“D, does it really exist?! This spring you speak of!!”



Nao: “Wah…
P…please don’t stare at me like that…”


Rio: “Oh it’s fine totally fine Onee-chan♥
The spring of youth really shined us up so our skin is as smooth as an egg’s. Let’s show it off!♥♥”


Nao: “H, hey!
This is embarassing, Rio-kun… (whisper whisper)”



Rio: “Didn’t you guys knoooow?
The springs at the next inn over are called the springs of youth by those in the know (though that’s a lie).

“I was scouted to be a model”
“I was able to marry a man who makes 10 million yen a year”
“I was able to get my hair done in these lovely curls!”

These kinda raving testimonies have been comin in from all over Japan! This would totally be the perfect way to reward yourself!”


“O, over 10 million a year——!!”
“Dangerous…those springs are dangerous…!!”


Rio: “It’s no lie that Nao-nii’s skin is soft and smooth though, huh♥♥”


poke*puni* ♥♥


Nao: “Kyau!!
No meat for you for dinner tonight!”


Rio: “Ouch!!”


“Shit…we can’t let this be!”
“Let’s go too! Eyes on the prize ladies!”

In any case, the women have been completely taken in by Rio’s lies.
They leave Yuki-kun and Tomo-kun and gush their way out of the bath.

…Yup, this is what Nao-kun and Rio-kun have been waiting for!


Nao: “Yuki-kun, Tomo-kun…now’s your chance!!”






Nao-kun and the others immediately escaped, immediately changed, and immediately returned to their room.
Now it’s time for dinner, but…
Hmm? It seems there is somebody here about to cry?


Rio: “Hauuuu Nao-nii~~!
Give me some meat too!
Just a little (T_T)”


Nao: “Nope.
I was really embarassed you know.”


Rio: “Waaaaaahn!! I’m sorrrryyyyyy!!”


Tomo: “…Have mine.
I can’t quite settle myself down.”


Rio: “Uuuu Tomo-nii! My soul brother!!”


Yuki: “Don’t you mean soul mate…?”


So Yuki-kun inserted himself into the mix…
He noticed that “soul brother” Tomo-kun stole glances periodically at him.
It looks like he wants to say something…?


Yuki: “…What’s up Tomo?
You’ve been lookin at me this whole time…”


Tomo: “…N…nothing…”


He blushes a little and says no more.
Soon after, while lightly fixing the collar of his yukata…he slowly breaks the silence.


Tomo: “Sorry…about earlier.
You were the only one that tried to do anything…”


Yuki: “Haha…don’t worry about it.
I may be a fluke but I’m still your big brother♪”


Tomo: “……


Yuki: “Hm? Did you say something?”


Tomo: “N…nothing.”


Nao-kun watches the two with a smile on his face.
They really get along well after all, these two♥

“I’m glad we were able to help them——♥♥” Deep down, he is moved.

But still, Nao-kun seems to be curious about something…


Nao: “By the way, Yuki-kun, Tomo-kun, how come those girls were there?”


Yuki: “Eh? How come…?”


Tomo: “That was the women’s bath, wasn’t it?
It was a completely stupid mistake on my part…”


Nao: “????
That was the men’s bath!
I double checked when we left.
When Rio-kun came to get me that was the women’s bath…”


YukiTomo: …………


Just like before, Yuki-kun and Tomo-kun face each other with the sudden realization.
Then that means……


Yuki: “Y…you mean we weren’t the ones that made the mistake, but the girls…?”


Tomo: “Or are you saying, on top of knowing that we were boys, they got in the bath and continued to play with us…”




YukiTomo: T, they made fun of our manhood~~~~!!!!!


Girls are scary!
The Cherry Girls’ day off at the hot springs turned out to be a rather noisy affair.



Original page: [Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 10, Chapter 2

10 Responses to “[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 10, Chapter 2”

  1. 1 nameless fairy
    June 29, 2009 at 10:20 am

    Great translation as always.

  2. June 29, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I guess I must give you some words of appreciation for awesome translation.

  3. 3 Celberos
    July 1, 2009 at 4:06 am

    I just read it, Nao-nii is the best ever and ever!! 😳

    so those girls didn’t misunderstand but knew that there was a boy’s side and came in?

    I’m jealous 😥

    And yeah, thank you for the translation 😀

  4. 4 CandyCat
    August 13, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    if i was in the bath with Yuki i would have raped him,thanks for translating,keep it up, and i have a question:why does Yuki get flustered over his brothers but has a nose bleed in the Picture over those women is Yuki bisexual?

  5. 5 Celberos
    August 31, 2009 at 7:22 am

    Maybe Nao-nii is hotter and more beautiful than those girls XD

  6. 6 DaisukeAKAChiami
    December 27, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Ahhh what a nice ending?? X3
    Anyways Celberos teory is right!! X3 It’s about brother love that’s all.
    You should have noticed that by earlier chapters!!
    But i really laughed a bit when i saw Yuki’s nose bkleed! X3

    And thanks Suneo-nii for another chapter!
    Hope you put the next one in 2 mounths!!

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