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[Figures] Niθ x Alter x Hobby Japan collabo…!!

Ahh I love it when great people work together! Over at Hobby-Channel, they’ve got a special bit of news announcing a project that parent company Hobby Japan will be working on for their 40th anniversary celebration alongside with awesome illustrator Niθ and also excellent figure company Alter. This dream project (oh they all are, aren’t they? lol ^^) is called “Hyakka Ryoran -Samurai Girls-” (Hyakka Ryoran / 百花繚乱 meaning an abundant blooming of flowers, or a gathering of beautiful women), and the official site just opened today. This will be a somewhat full fledged project along with Hobby Japan’s Queen’s Blade series and Cherry Girls as well. It will encompass so far I think a short novel, as well as the yummy figures that we all want.


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[Figures] Alter’s 1/6 swimsuit T-elos (sorta)


If you recognize her, she’s actually Alter’s 1/6 swimsuit Kos-mos, but for the upcoming Megahobby Winter Expo event taking place on Feb. 11th, Alter will be selling the same figure but in T-elos’ color scheme, which as you can see above, means dark/tanned skin, a dark bikini, sexy red string ties and beautiful blue eyes. I thought Kos-mos was kinda plain, but somehow the dark look really brings out the beauty in her for me. It’s just too bad that she’s event exclusive :\

Info and image from [Alter]


[Figures] Queen’s Gate Iroha


Pshaaww as if there were any doubt :P. So far all of the Queen’s Gate characters have made it to figure form, both general and exclusive releases (and also including both forms of Alice), so I don’t think this should have been any surprise. It was only a matter of time! Anyway, she is of course the lovely and loyal Iroha, from the fighting game series Samurai Spirits, by SNK Playmore (Queen’s Gate game book illustrated by Iidzuki Tasuku). She is open for preorders but she is a magazine exclusive (I’m guessing through the latest issue of Hobby Japan). Whether other stores will be able to get her is up in the air :\

Info and image from [Queen's Gate]


edit: A few more pics of her at Akibablog, along with a nice, clean image (aside from the Akibablog logo) of Queen’s Gate’s newest cast member, Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series:


[Cherry Girls] January guest illustration #3 – Tama-san

The third Cherry Girls guest illustration for the month of January. This time we have the Cherry Girls quartet chilling in uniform. Illustrated by Tama-san (Songe).

comment from the artist:

The boys from “Otosuki?!” are so cute, whenever I look at them my face just melts…
I was wondering who to draw, but in the end I couldn’t decide and drew all four of them.
I excited to see what direction the story is heading, so I’m looking forward to it!
Thank you very much for letting me participate in such a wonderful feature!



Original page: 『オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!?』応援イラスト第3回


[Movies] Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel

Whooooa. Haven’t really been following this, but Sunrise officially announced plans to bring out a live action movie version of the anime series Cowboy Bebop, with Keanu Reeves taking the lead role of Spike Spiegel. It’ll be a collaboration project between Sunrise, 20th Century Fox, and 3 Arts Entertainment. Good news for the fans of the series I guess is that the original director and script supervisor for the series, Shinichiro Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto respectively, as well as the president of Sunrise, Kenji Uchida, will be on hand personally as associate producers to the film. Original series’ producer Masahiko Minami will also act as production consultant.

I’ll reserve my judgments until we actually see some footage lol. After recently seeing the Dragonball and Street Fighter trailers, I hope it won’t end up grouped up with them. With a big name like Keanu attached to the film and many of the people who were responsible for the original series on the film, it may turn out better than most people currently are making it out to be. However it turns out though, I’ll probably still check it out just in support for the fact that anime series are gaining more exposure in some way or another. Another one that I am interested in checking out is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Akira. Despite what most people may be saying blindly in light of the fact that it’ll be produced by Leo’s production company and will have him star in a lead role as well, I think he might actually make a pretty good Kaneda.


from alafista via ANN and image from E! Online


[Cherry Girls] January guest illustration #2 – Chikaya

Number two of the Cherry Girls guest illustrations for the month of January. Here is a very cute Nao-kun being sweet on a customer (or brother ^^). Illustrated by Chikaya (Holiday School).

comment from the artist:

Thank you for letting me participate in such a wonderful feature. The boys from “Otosuki!?” are all so cute, and when I’m reading, I fall for each of the four’s charms. I’ve really enjoyed it. I really look forward to the continued serialization of the story and comic! Good luck to this year as well!



Original page: 『オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!?』応援イラスト第2回


[Cherry Girls] January guest illustration #1 – Makita Masaki

The first of the guest illustrations from fans of Cherry Girls has been put up. Here is Yuki-kun actually doing his job. Illustrated by Makita Masaki (Boku no Kareshi).

comment from the artist:

Everybody from “Otosuki!?” is so darn cute and charming that with every story update I feel so moe.
Here I’ve drawn my favorite character Yuki-kun.
I hope I can see more of the relationship between Yuki-kun and Nao-kun, so I’m praying from the bottom of my heart that the developments with 『Otosuki!?』 will continue!

Makita Masaki


Original page: 『オトコのコはメイド服がお好き!?』応援イラスト第1回


2009 Happy New Years!

wow Nao… o.O


Not quite on the dot, but hey better late than never huh? lol
Anyway hope everybody had a nice 2008, and is lookin forward to a wonderful 2009. I think my blog is just almost a year old now o.O Even though i didn’t really update a whole lot in the past number of months lol. Thanks to all the people who’ve stopped by and checked things out, thanks to all the friends I’ve met through blogging, and thanks to all the people who’ve been coming back week after week in support of my translation efforts of Cherry Girls. Pretty much that’s the only thing that has been keeping people coming back to my site I think…so thanks everybody for that.


And speaking of Cherry Girls, about what Sarumanu pointed out in the comments on the Cherry Girls page. I forgot where I read it and not sure if it’s the same place that Sarumanu saw it at, but NO, Cherry Girls is not ending! Be happy! lol

They will just be taking a break for the month of January, and instead of story and comic updates, every week they will be revealing Cherry Girls illustrations drawn by fan artists of the series. Regular story and comic/column updates will resume once again in February.

And yup as Sarumanu pointed out, a Drama CD has been decided upon. Details will be released sometime later on Hobby-Channel.

As for the yet untranslated portions of the story (Story 8 and the comics), I’ll have those done this month before the next story is released (erm…maybe… lol). Might get started on them this weekend since I’ve finally got more than a couple days away from work -_-


Anyway, make some of them new years resolutions and I’ll see you around in 2009.


[Anime] Queen’s Blade stuff

A new PV for 2009′s Queen’s Blade anime is floatin around. Check it out! Looks good for what most people might see as just a fanservice anime lol. Character designs by Rinshin, who’s done many a hentai series including the class La Blue Girl, Twin Angels, Words Worth, and also worked design and animation for Elfen Lied, To-Love-Ru, and Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (info pulled from wiki..yay). Confirmed characters include the latest characters introduced into the QB universe Arein and Aldora. Joining them will be the sisters Reina, Erina, and Claudette, Tomoe, Nanael, Echidna, Melona, Listy, Nowa, Cattleya, Yuumil, Airi, Menasu and Shizuka. There may be others that weren’t shown in the trailer as well.


In other Queen’s Blade (or rather Gate) news, the latest news to come out from Comiket75 (which just started yesterday or so), is the announcement of a new character in the Queen’s Gate universe. Continuing with the line of characters from fighting games (previously Iroha and Mai from Samurai Spirits), comes the character Dizzy from the Guilty Gear series.

Image from AkibaHobby. More C75 coverage at the link.
Also check out Moeyo’s coverage. Nagi Nendoroid!.
When you’re done with that, you can check out some beautiful sunset shots of the Tokyo Big Sight at AkibaHobby.


Speaking of C75, this is completely random for this post, but I liked it so I wanna post it lol.

Beautiful looking Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica) figure from Kotobukiya and GA. Full sample coverage of her over at GA Graphic.


[Books] Nishi E Da’s first art collection!

Image from AkibaBlog. More pics through the link. Some more also at Moeyo.

Nishi E Da, another one of my favorite artists that I know mainly from his numerous Comic Megastore H covers, is getting his first illustration collection! Just released on the 25th, the title of the collection is “Dendrobium”, which apparently is the name of a large family of orchids. Orchids in the language of flowers relates to love or beauty, and I think it is an appropriate title for the book because in my opinion Nishi E Da’s women are all so very purdy lol. His faces have a touch to them that are quite attractive, and is one of few artists that I’m able to recognize from the distinct style. The book contains a whoppin 270 pages of goodness which collects his cover illustrations and pinups for Comic Megastore H from the very first issue till around the June or July 2008 issue when he switched over to illustrating covers for Comic Megastore (taking over for Sonobe Kazuaki), with Ooyari Ashito of erogame maker LittleWitch taking his place for Megastore H. I will definitely have to either order this from Amazon JP or attempt to find it locally which probably won’t happen for awhile, but it will happen. Oh yes it will… This book will one day sit alongside my collection of favorite artbooks including those by INO, Sano Toshihide, Happoubi Jin, Hyung Tae Kim, and Keiji Gotou.

Availability: J-List | Amazon JP (if you can somehow order through them)

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