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[Figures] Latest Shining Wind figures (niiiice!)

Yay new Shining Wind figures~
Shine na Blog recently updated with nice news for Shining Wind fans as well as progress shots of three new figures to be coming out, two presumably by Kotobukiya and one from Orchid Seed. First off is that the latest Shining Wind artbook from Tony has been selling very well, and merchandise makers who have taken a look at the book have come to the producer of the series (the guy who runs Shine na Blog) asking if they can create some goods based on the artwork found within. No reason for a guy to refuse, right? So it looks like there’ll be quite a bit more Shining Wind goods coming in the future.


So first good news out of the way, next comes the good stuff, the new figures. I think the latest two are based on artwork in the new book from a maker, and the other one is from the Fan Festa software for PC (one of those things that has a collection of desktop themes/wallpapers/screen savers/etc). The third figure is based off a short novel surrounding Shining Wind.


First up is most likely from the artbook, and from the goods makers. According to the site she’s 90% complete and it sure looks like it. She is Celestia, Elven Queen of the Forest Kingdom of Astraea. Xecty was made in her image.



The second figure is a maid version of Clalaclan Philias which is roughly 60% complete and looks like she’s based off the Fan Festa stuff.

hires version at moe imouto


They are both totally :drool: I can’t wait for them to be painted! They may be the best Shining figures yet imo… I especially like Celestia’s flower ornament thing in her hair…


The third figure is Shiina Kanon, and she is from Orchid Seed. The illustration she’s based off of is the Tony illustrated cover of a short novel based on Shining Wind called “Another Link – Onifuuji no Kenshi” (the demon exorcist fencer or something like that, referring to Shiina).


She’s rockin the twin tails for your TT lovers 😛


[Books] Choose your next Queen’s Blade fighter

Sure has been awhile since I last had any other update besides Cherry Girls lol. Anyway a little while ago Hobby Japan held an event where fans could submit their own designs for a Queen’s Blade character. HJ has chosen a design from those submissions and seems will be giving the design her own book, but before that they want fans’ opinions on how to adapt the original design for the Queen’s Blade universe. To this end they’re holding a survey for fans to choose out of three designs, two with alternate colors. Cool stuff.



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[Cherry Girls] Short Comic and Boy’s Diary 9-2

Valentine’s Day. For the classmate that didn’t get any chocolates, Yuki-kun will… The second publication of the “Boy’s Diary” will get a grip on the embarassed Yuki-kun. And then, today’s heartwearming comic will have Tomo-kun show his kindness after having quelled the chaos that was created by Shizuka-san’s “magic chocolate!”


★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Short Comic and Diary 9-2
February 27, 2009 (Friday)


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[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 2


Even though they’re boys, the Maids of 『Cherry Girls』 just can’t stay away from Valentine’s Day!? Possibly due to the effects of some suspicious “Magic Chocolate,” a classmate pushes himself down on Rio-kun! Furthermore, it seems something serious is also brewing in the store…


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[Cherry Girls] Short Comic and Boy’s Diary 9-1

A new corner that takes a peek into the day of the maid boys of 『Cherry Girls』 starts! As Valentine’s Day draws near, it seems there are a lot of guys who are interested in Yuki-kun at school. But how does Yuki-kun feel? In the comic, will…he try some of Shizuka-san’s “Magic Chocolate”!?


★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Short Comic and Diary 9-1
February 13, 2009


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[Cherry Girls] Boys that enjoy maid clothing!? — Story 9, Chapter 1


Sorry for the wait! After one month, 『Cherry Girls』 begins again! Since it’s February, love is in the air as the Valentine mood strikes, and even the cute maids of 『Cherry Girls』 can’t help but get excited! Especially the fourth son Rio-kun, who makes his move against his “beloved person”… In addition, February marks the start of a brand new serialization corner! For details, please check the 『Otosuki!?』 page! (“Otosuki” is short for “Otoko no ko ha Maid Fuku ga Osuki!?”)


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[Cherry Girls] “Ohh I see~” Short Comic 8-2

Behind the scenes with the brothers!? A heartwarming comic about their ordinary day, with “Ohh I see~” minicolumn brought to you by Rio-kun and Tomo-kun!


★ “Boys That Enjoy Maid Clothing!?” Short Comic 8-2
Comic: Nagi Ayame
December 21, 2008


Click on the comic below to see a larger version

Click on the comic above to see a larger version



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