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[Figures] Alter’s 1/6 swimsuit T-elos (sorta)


If you recognize her, she’s actually Alter’s 1/6 swimsuit Kos-mos, but for the upcoming Megahobby Winter Expo event taking place on Feb. 11th, Alter will be selling the same figure but in T-elos’ color scheme, which as you can see above, means dark/tanned skin, a dark bikini, sexy red string ties and beautiful blue eyes. I thought Kos-mos was kinda plain, but somehow the dark look really brings out the beauty in her for me. It’s just too bad that she’s event exclusive :\

Info and image from [Alter]


[Figures] Alpha x Omega Villetta Nu and others

*huffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuffhuffpuff* hnnnnnnnnngggggggg (← so excited I went into minor convulsions). I’m glad I was talked into passing on emotionstyle’s Villeta, also in the mizugi kissa outfit. She is sculpted by Inagaki You, who also did AxO’s upcoming bunny girl Kallen, as well as C.C. Not sure when the release is though. The first is the dreadful wait to see it painted….and second for it to open up for preorders…



Image from the latest Hobby Japan preview scans from Figure / GK. Here are the scans available:

Strike Witches, Nanoha StrikerS, Code Geass


Queen’s Blade and Gate (interesting limited leopard print version Alice)




Spice and Wolf, IdolM@ster, Kannagi, Candy Boy, Penguin Musume, Gurren Lagann


Seto no Hanayome figma, Busou Shinki, some Volks stuff


Queen’s Gate Shiranui Mai







And here’s a little somethin that looked nice. Not sure if this is also from Hobby Japan, but it shows some Macross F prize or trading figures, or some kind of contest or whatever, I dunno. In any case though the Shirley, Klan, and Ranka figures on the left look pretty nice :O Kira☆ lol


So yea…in other news, I’m still kickin, but pretty tired every night these days, so I’ve been seriously lagging behind with Cherry Girls and other updates in general. I’ve been sittin on a work in progress for the Cherry Girls story from two weeks ago, so I’ve not given up on it yet lol. A new story coming out today, so I’m gonna have to pull some double time soon because I don’t want the number of these to build up too much… I’m thankful that they’re breaking from the mini-column while they prepare for various events haha.


[Review] Queen’s Gate – The Gate Opener Alice

Yay, I finally have a full Alice to play around with! She is one of few figures in my collection in which I had no hesitation preordering off the bat, and having her in my hands now, she doesn’t disappoint (except for an initial manufacturer’s mistake which you can read about at the end of this post). This be the opener of the Queen’s Gate, Alice!





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[Figures] Code Geass – Kallen and Viletta from CharaHobby 2008

So I mentioned a little while ago that B-Club’s polystone bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Viletta were going to make the jump to PVC, possibly in a different form/pose, but definitely with the same outfits. Well I guess they ended up pretty much being a direct copy of the B-Club versions, which is what I hoped for when the polystones were first announced…so huzzah! Bandai’s started a new line of figures called “emotion style,” and Kallen and Viletta will be the first to be released. Along with Bandai’s offerings, Alpha x Omega’s own bunny girl Kallen and swimsuit Shirley made a painted appearance as well.



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[Figures] Wonderfest 2008 Summer, Alter’s lineup

Yay some bits of information from WonderFest 2008 Summer. So far, all I’ve been able to find are some of Alter’s impressive looking prototypes on display there. Can’t wait to see what else other makers have got when event reports start rolling in! Photos after the jump courtesy of japanese image board Figure/GK, with a heads up from wcloudx.





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[Figures] Alter impresses again with Nanoha’s Signum

Following Alter’s impressive looking Yagami Hayate from anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s/StrikerS comes word that an equally impressive Signum will be coming not too long afterwards in December. Hmm if Alter’s release schedule for these Nanoha figures are saying something (Vita being released in August, Hayate in October, and Signum in December), could it be that that Hayate’s last guardian Shamal may be coming in February of 2009? Guess we’ll see…




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[Figures] Queen’s Gate Alice boosted ver. available for preorder

Hey there, didn’t think many places would be able to get this, so this is a treat to see! Local toys and figures importer Toys Logic (local to the US that is. They are located in Concord, California, USA; However, they do ship internationally) has been able to procure a number of this Hobby Japan magazine limited mail order figure of Queen’s Gate Alice boosted ver. (adult ver). She is sculpted by Yamachichi of Heavy Gauge, and figure production handled by Alter. You can see some pics of her over at Hobby Japan’s own Hobby Channel.


You can preorder her here
quantities are expected to be very limited, so if you know you want her but can’t get her elsewhere, go for it!


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