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[Games] Street Fighter IV – Aftermath anime trailer

A new anime trailer for Street Fighter IV that briefly tells what’s been goin on after the events of Street Fighter II. Shoot I can’t wait for this game! Oh and also, they should make another SF2 Animated Movie…


Japanese version (no subtitles)


English dubbed version
(is it me or does the guy at the beginning sound kinda like
Fred from the Scooby Doo cartoons? haha)


[Games] Rumor: Cross Edge coming to US?

I would have used crossing over, but the article I’m about to quote already used it in their title lol. Anyway, over at Siliconera, they’ve gotten word from none other than “a trusted inside source” that Cross Edge may be getting a US release. What this means for other english speaking countries I don’t really know, but maybe they will be getting a release as well? I guess it depends on who wants to take the publishing reigns in their region. For a look at the game, Otadesho posted up a large number of screenshots for the game a while back.

Full article here.


[Games] Street Fighter IV anime trailer

Wow. Wish they were makin another anime movie of Street Fighter, cuz this looks awesome. They could even add another Chun Li shower scene *nod nod* lol!

High quality 720p version for download at
Random youtube posting for the purposes of embedding here, cuz it’s the only way I know how lol.



[Games] Speed Racer vs…. Ryu?

Hmm well we don’t know yet, but it could happen! Kotaku has pointed out that Capcom will be making another cross over game a la Marvel vs. Capcom, but this time it’s with anime studio Tatsunoko, who brought to us the likes of Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Macross/Robotech, Casshern and Karas, among others.





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[Games] Sagat and M. Bison join in on the SFIV fun

So I guess I wasn’t too late to the party when I posted back about Vega and Balrog making the SF4 roster. I’d written then that I wasn’t sure whether any of the other “Four Kings” (the main four bosses of the original SF2) had made the cut since I hadn’t been keeping up with it closely, though there was no doubt that they’d be in there for sure. Well here’s definite confirmation now, as these shots show. It seems from various places that the release date for this is sometime in mid summer. Good stuff! More shots after the jump.



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[Games] Cross Edge – RPG collaboration inspired by wet dreams

Saw this via Kotaku, coming this September for the PS3 is an RPG developed by a collaboration of six of the biggest names in gaming on the other side of the Pacific. The game is called Cross Edge (X Edge), and it’s being developed jointly between Capcom, Bandai Namco, Nippon Ichi Software, Gust and Idea Factory with lead development being handled by Compile Heart (who made Agarest Senki for the PS3). As such, the game will feature characters from each of the developers’ biggest games including Darkstalkers/Vampire Hunter, Ar Tonelico, Disgaea, Spectral Souls, Mana Khemia 2 and Atelier Marie, with possibly more to come.



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[Games] Balrog/M. Bison & Vega/Balrog in SFIV

Say what now? lol Oh right Japanese and International character names were changed around (just for those who didn’t know). Just saw this over at Hobby Channel, but it seems a couple of new (old) additions have been made to Street Fighter IV. Two of the original four bosses in the Street Fighter II series (nicknamed the Big Four; Literally “The Four Heavenly Kings” in japanese) Balrog and Vega (M. Bison and Balrog in Japanese version) will be making an appearance in the game. I dunno what new characters have been added since the last time I wrote something about SF4, so I dunno what the count is at now, but of course the more characters the better. I think they need to add more new and original characters though. I also don’t know if the other two bosses Sagat and M. Bison (Sagat and Vega in the Japanese version) have or will be announced yet, but I think if Balrog and Vega are in, they should be following soon after. Some screenshots after jump.


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[figures] Oh Mai…you are my destiny…

Ok story time! After losing an ebay auction a couple days back for a Shiranui Mai figure that I’ve been wanting for awhile but never got due to high price and no stock (got into figure collecting late in the game), I happened to randomly check my own Play-Asia link for the figure down a little on the right side of this page a couple days later, and what do you know, this beauty’s on sale. The ebay auction ended at $55 + $30 shipping. Me, luckily having recently received a $10 off coupon for Play-Asia, managed to nab it for $67. How stoked am I eh? I actually checked Play-Asia to see how bad I should feel about not getting the figure for the final ebay price, and it turns out it was just a few bucks cheaper than what P-A was selling it for, so I didn’t feel too bad. That was just two days ago, so this baby just went on sale today or yesterday. This must be what people call fate. ^^

While I’m at it, I may as well shamelessly attempt to drive more traffic through my links to Play-Asia, and mention that GoodSmile Company‘s dessert time Kazami Mizuho is on sale as well for $40, regularly $55.

You can find links to the figures below on the right hand side.


[games] chun li’s got big….everything :o

New shots have been floatin around for Street Fighter IV, introducing the return of the original 8 world warriors. Joining them as far as I know so far are Crimson Viper and Akuma.

Gamersyde hi-res shots set 1
Gamersyde hi-res shots set 2
IGN’s screenshot gallery




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[Street Fighter] SF OMG?!

So I just read that a company called Daletto, formed by Capcom and Games Arena, will be publishing an online title based around Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise called Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation. As the title may suggest, it’ll be an online game, and the kicker is that all controls are relegated to mouse only. This means movement, jumping, punching, kicking, special moves, and though it’s not mentioned, presumably blocking as well.

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